Top 5 Applications to Aid College Students
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The smartphone has become the official replacement of daily planners for many people. However, application developers have taken it a step further by developing apps that can be used specifically by college students as the vast majority own smartphone devices. These apps serve different functions and cater to different problem areas for each student. Below are five of the most popular smartphone applications for college students.


This nifty app has been dubbed the world’s best way to learn languages and offers lessons to students in more than 35 languages. Duolingo aims to assist users in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, listening, and grammar. The application comes in a paid and free version, with the free version only allowing lessons to be taken online and contains adverts. However, for most students who live on campus, the 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity allows them to enjoy the free version despite the usual adverts.

Google Calendar

Considering that Google is a very well-known application, most students are probably familiar with Google Calendar. This application allows students to schedule events, create reminders, and share availability with friends and lecturers. It has become a handy way for college students to ensure that they are managing their time correctly and have scheduled playing on this great site in moments when they are free. Speaking of which, this slots casino site only ensures that only those who are of legal age are permitted to play. The site has strict rules about responsible gaming policies and requirements. It’s always best to check out the terms and conditions before committing to play.


Evernote is a system that allows note-taking and taskmanagement. The software allows the data to be synced across devices which is great for sharing notes for group assignments and tasks. Evernote also allows users to create lists, save important webpages, and create digital copies of hard copies with the device’s camera. Evernote is free to use but there is a paid version that offers more useful features.


Mendeley is one of the most important tools for students who often struggle with the particulars of academic writing. This application serves as a reference manager as well as a PDF viewer that allows users to make notes and highlight information on PDF documents. The application also generates references and citations to take all the stress out of academic writing. Students can also sync work across their devices and search the online library. The first 2GB of storage are free. However, following this initial data allocation, students will be expected to pay to use this application.


MindMeister is one of the most useful tools for students who often forget their ideas. MindMeister is a tool that is used to visually represent ideas and allows users to create idea maps or mind maps. This application can be used for taking notes, planning a project, or managing a meeting. The basic version of MindMeister is free for students to use but the paid versions vary in price according to the package that is chosen. The application currently offers personal, business, and pro accounts.

It is important to remember that not all students have the same challenges. While the applications in this list are aimed at issues that the majority of students have, it does not mean that there isn’t something out there for everyone.

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