iRobokid: Seamlessly Merging with School Education and Enhancing the Learning Process
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With a vision to be the largest Robotics and STEM Education (Science / Technology / Engineering & Maths) company in the country by the year 2020, iRobokid is an organization specializing in providing the latest in STEM education. The firm is on the mission to “Make our children future-ready”. The firm states that it is a very simple statement with deep meaning ensuring, it remains at the forefront of new age education pedagogy.

iRobokid is dedicated to promoting STEM education amongst children. Its team comprises of over 25 trained instructors and educators with a mix of experience of teaching and background education of engineering. iRobokid has education collaborations with partners in USA, Germany & China offering the latest in STEM education across the world. Further, it has collaborated with over 100 schools and centers across seven cities to run its programs. The firm currently offers six different programs for age group 6 – 14 years and plans to add one new program every year.

The firms’ agenda is to enable schools to introduce such programs to students in a fun and scientific manner. To accomplish the same, it follows a systematic sessions plan and has a well-integrated curriculum that not only encourages children to be more hands-on & mind on, but also promotes practical learning of STEM via Robotics. With a clear focus, iRobokid is able to provide specialization in this field and make the offering cost efficient for schools and students.

iRobokid is at the forefront of new technologies and has a vast range of programs ranging from Robotics / Coding / Game Design / 3D Printing etc. which all are new trends and have the huge potential not only in the world of education but also in the mainstream industry.

A Visionary Leader

Vishal Shah, as Co-Founder and CEO, helms iRobokid. He has an Engineering Degree from Ohio State (USA). While studying for the same and experiencing the wonders of the American University and its education, he dreamed about changing the landscape of Indian education. Since then, it has been Vishal’s passion to bring new age, relevant technical education, and present it in a practical manner for the children of India. Thus, began the encouraging application of rote learning. This has spearheaded iRobokids quest to be at the forefront of new age technology learning for children.


The STEM LAB is envisioned as a place that inspires imagination, learning, and play for all stakeholders in a child’s future – the caretakers: parents and teachers, but most importantly, for the child himself/herself. According to the firm, it allows students the opportunity to express their creative powers while learning about physics, robotics, design, electronics etc. Through STEM education, the firm wants to present learners with engineering, scientific, and mathematical challenges that bring students, parents, and the community together in a competitive problem-solving environment.

The Teaching Methodology

Being a creative and innovative firm, iRobokid has constructed its teaching methodology in 4C method i.e. Connect, Construct, Contemplate, and Continue. The firm uses this methodology to their advantage as it fosters problem-solving abilities and application of skills that are learned in a practical manner. Adding to that, the programs are a perfect mix of well-integrated curriculum, which helps standardized learning over a mass group of children with a streak of independence. Consequently, this encourages individual learning, thinking, and creative thinking by each participant.

The programs at iRobokid are defined in a 26-session program, which happens around the year and involves projects like Mars Orbitor Mission or Swacch Bharat Mission etc. Extracurricular activities include mentoring teams, which participate in competitions like IRO (Indian Robot Olympiad), setting up labs for schools, either privately or under the aegis of ATL (Atal Tinkering Labs) for which, iRobokid is one of the empaneled vendors.

Quick Glance at the Achievements

The firm is spearheading towards success rapidly. Within seven years, it has achieved the success that many other firms only dream about. Some of the major achievements of the institute are:

  • Best Vocational STEM Education – Indian STEM Award 2018
  • Top 10 Robotics Institute in India 2018 – Higher Education Magazine
  • Best Education Startup – The AEONIAN 2018
  • Excellence in Robotics Training Solutions – ELDROK India

Future Roadmap

Since 2011, iRobokid has grown to have a presence in almost seven cities and even at the international presence in Kuwait. In this short period, iRobokid’s programs have trained more than fifteen thousand students. Along with this, the firm has trained and guided more than 100 teachers to run such programs across the whole country. The firm perceives that the future potential with Labs and Franchise solutions for the other cities and schools across the country will be tremendously high. Given the iRobokid’s expertise and experience in running these programs, the firm is looking forward to setting up these labs and training the children effortlessly.

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