Communication-The Key in Today’s World
Communication-The Key
Communication-The Key

“The art of communication is the language of leadership”- James Humes

Communication is an expression in its own form. As it is said, words are the most powerful weapons hence, one should use it wisely as that’s the kind of impact it leaves once said. To be precise, the way one speaks is the way his/her personality is sculpted, the talkative one, the silent one, the spiritual one or the intellectual one. In this manner, there are many more to describe, but the point here occurs is all of these individuals are given these particular titles on the basis of/based on/ because of their communication.

Be it in school, college or universities, the students are encouraged to participate in debates, open discussions, reciting competition and many more such extra-curricular activities. By pushing the students to actively participate in such competitions helps them to speak-up and come face-to-face with an audience and also indulge in one-to-one communication. Coming in contact with such competitions will help boost a student’s confidence and conquer stage-fear, nervousness and anxiety if any. During school, students are in their young and tender age, hence inculcating the habit of narrating stories, speech is very important for them to imbibe these qualities in future.

Growing up, when students are in their early teens they start to feel shy and are constantly under the thought of what others think and react. This in turn is putting a full stop of merely even participating in any competition. Hence, starting at an early age and being consistent builds up a strong personality and character, which does not seems to dissolve anytime soon.

As its said “you are what you speak”, being true to this everyone around you is going to make an opinion in terms of how you frame and portray your words. Todays’ generation will represent upcoming generation, who will turn to be professional in diverse fields and setups. The corporate world setup, the startup setup, the business setup be it any of these job profiles in a wide-ranging setups, all of them requires good communication skills. The different and “out-of-the-box” job profiles and ideas present today, the common thing among all is to be able to convey and convince an audience to come across a start. Communication is a platform and a medium and acts as an initial step for an overall project success.

Talking of the different job profiles, there are a lot of innovative and creative jobs based out of communication like a communication specialist,  influencer, radio jockey, event host, voice over artists and many more. These types of jobs are lot of fun and bring out the zest of creativeness, which requires hands-on communication talent and expertise. This kind of opportunity to experience and to be able to build an audience through such mediums of radio, television and social media sources is a boon to the communication professionals.

The field of communication is a significant career option and in the upcoming time will have widespread scope. Good, clear, and effective communication is the need of the hour and considering the present time, being actively involved and smartly working will prove beneficial in the longer run.  


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