The 10 Best International Schools in Qatar 2018

There is no denial to the fact that wealth and prosperity are prominent distinctions of countries in 21st century but it is equally correct to claim that the individual inhabitants of the country concerned are the real driving forces for the attainment of such healthy states. Any individual’s worth is primarily determined by their knowledge and any nation is valued only because of the worthy individuals inhabited therein.
Qatar, a peninsular country on the coastal lands of Persian Gulf, is a nation having a small geographical size but a magnanimous reputation of having Highest Per-Capita Income across the globe. The credit surely goes to the people of Qatar. They are known to be one amongst the most adequately educated section of human population across the planet. On having a closer look on the country’s composition one can easily observe a very interesting fact that – Out of 2.6 million people residing in Qatar, only 0.3 million are Qatari citizens and balance 2.3 million populations is composed of expatriates. While accrediting Qatar’s educated inhabitants for the nation’s wealth, development and prosperity; the contributions of expatriates residing in the country are always talked with utmost high regards. And, this clearly hints towards the pristine quality of International Education being provided in Qatar.

International Schools are main sources of education for non-citizens or expatriates in any country. To decode the secret behind Qatar’s prosperous development, to highlight the direct relationship of Qatar’s development and its educational framework, and to elaborate the role of global educational facilities available in Qatar; we have brought our special edition on “The 10 Best International Schools in Qatar 2018”.

ACS Doha International School: A Path-breaking Leader in Educational Excellence

We are a dynamic IB World School for over 900 students and 150 expert faculty and staff from over 70 countries”.

ACS Doha International School has established itself as one of the leading educational establishments in Qatar over the past seven years. Part of the ACS International Schools group, ACS Doha provides a world class international education to boys and girls aged 3-18 (pre-K to Grade 12).

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Founded in 1967 by Gordon E Speed and Emmanuel J Poularas to meet the needs of local and global families; the first ACS school opened in Hampstead, London with one division and 35 students.

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