DataTrained: Helping Youth Hone Skills and Become Employable

In the present era of rapidly-changing IT industry, it is important for students and educators to keep pace with the going-ons. Also, understanding where they stand amid competition, and the skills they need, are crucial to ascend the corporate ladder.

Whereas, in regards to educators, identifying new knowledge and skills to sustain in the IT industry and its applications in the real world requires research. It helps the educators to give the students a more realistic picture of what the industry needs and the newer developments out there. Moreover, it lets them guide the students on how to be effective in newer roles that are necessary to these developments.

Nevertheless, educational institutions are finding it difficult in equipping the students with necessary knowledge and skills, for different reasons. The online Edtech platforms and institutions are not properly equipped, either by way of faculty or proper infrastructure.

Thus, every year, a majority of the workforce released into the job market is mediocre and under-skilled. These underachievers thus face trouble finding the right jobs.

DataTrained, an Edutech company appears to have identified the need to equip the students with necessary skills to traverse the constantly changing industry landscape. The organization, for students and professionals, has navigated its path by emphasizing on enhancing skills and building a good profile.

Inclusive Coverage

Headquartered in Bangalore, DataTrained offers a host of industry-sponsored programs in Management, IT, Banking, HR, Finance, and Artificial Intelligence. The programs are integrated with latest software, real-world scenarios, and case studies, keeping pace with the latest industry requirements.

From offering study material, practice tests, and exciting tie-ups with Universities and Industry Partners, DataTrained helps youngsters to advance themselves in contemporary technologies. It has partnered with the leading universities like Cornell University, Purdue University, DY Patil University, and Open University.

On the modalities of the courses offered at the company, the students can either opt for certificate programs or diplomas. The programs are tailored to meet industry standards, besides being offered for short periods.

Following are the programs offered in collaboration with IIM Jobs and multinational companies like IBM:

  • Two years MBA Program
  • Ten months PG program in Data Science, Machine Learning and Neural Networks
  • Three years Full Stack Development Program for 12th pass students
  • Three years Management Program for 12th pass students
  • Nine months Cloud Computing Program

DataTrained is a leading Analytics company, also specialized in providing Big Data solutions and Artificial Intelligence aided decision making for retail customers.

It has designed such an academic model that imparts international approach into the students’ minds. It helps the students convert themselves into corporate professionals ready to take on the ever-demanding corporate jobs.

Going beyond the traditional focus on data concepts, DataTrained takes a wider approach in introducing students to the real world of data. This includes an immersive development of logical reasoning and an inquiry-based approach tailored towards building data aptitude.

An Eminent Mastermind

Rashid Khan, the Founder & CEO of DataTrained, has a decade of experience in the IT and training field. He believes, skill enhancement is the only way forward whereby India can develop a pool of talented professionals ready to face the inevitable technology revolution.

Mr. Rashid Khan has been instrumental for adding internship to the data science programs. His extensive experience across multiple industries and a deep analysis in the technology and education sector made him realize the loopholes and identify the responsibilities to do more. He regularly interacts with the industry veterans who help him to design and deploy latest programs.

Ever since setting up DataTrained, he has developed an inclination towards technology and its use to drive businesses and firms by inculcating knowledge into students who are going to drive the industry sector.

Live Experiences

DataTrained is the only institute that has added ‘Internship’ as a core part of its curriculum.

It interacts with the analytics industry experts to build a curriculum that is focused more on practical  knowledge and experiences.

Throughout all the programs it caters, it provides students with internship opportunities in a variety of fields, which in turn could keep them in good stead when they start to work. During internships, the students work on various projects or products related to Data Science and AI. A particularly intriguing internship thus makes their CV stand out from the crowd.

The Flagship Program

DataTrained offers a Ten months PG Program in Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Students enrolled for the program undergo four months of live training and six months of online internship with partnered companies.

Most recently, the DataTrained 10 months PG program in Data Science, Machine Learning and Neural Networks topped the ranking of ‘Top 10 Data science/institutes in India’. This ranking was published by Analytics Jobs.

The program, in collaboration with IBM, introduces students to an integrated blended learning, making them experts in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. It leverages comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Data Science such as descriptive, predictive, prescriptive with both Statistical and ML algorithms.

The IBM Watson Cloud Lab

As a part of previously mentioned 10 months course, students get exclusive access to IBM cognitive classes. These classes include self-learning content on Machine learning, Deep Learning, and Building Chatbots using Watson assistant.

Once the AI and Deep learning modules are completed, learners get access to its Cloud Lab which can be then accessed for six months. Students thereafter, can work on hands-on projects on AI, like building Chatbots, NLP systems, Speech to text bots etc.

Upon completion of this Master’s Program, candidates get certified from IBM and DataTrained. The accomplished candidates are recognized with:

  • USD 1200 worth of IBM cloud credits
  • A 24/7 access to IBM cloud platforms featuring IBM Watson and other software
  • Industry-recognized Master’s Certificate from DataTrained Education in collaboration with IBM

A Glance at Career Opportunities and Exposures

In the recent past, DataTrained underwent placement season activities. A total of 134 recruiters had participated to hire 350 students including 25 first time recruiters. The average salary offered to the students of management programs was 4.5 Lacs per annum, whereas the highest salary offered, was 21 lacs per annum. Moreover, students who opted for Data Science programs saw the maximum surge in salary offers. More than 52% of the students were placed with a package of over 10 lacs per annum.

Due to its consecutive recruitment drives and partnerships with national and multi-national companies, students at DataTrained get placed in least time. They start working at the end of the 1st year of the management program itself.

The Way Forward

DataTrained already possesses two campuses in Noida. In the days to come, it is all set to inaugurate five more campuses in the major Indian metro cities, along with expansion plans in UK and US markets.

In the forthcoming months, DataTrained is planning to launch a program called ‘Entrepreneurship Essentials’, which will continue for one month. The one month Classroom based entrepreneurship program aims to kick-start businesses.

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