SocialPrachar: Delivering Quality Education at Every Step of Learning Process

India, one of the biggest startup hubs on the planet is seen as one of the desirous places when it comes to investing. In today’s startup buzz, data science has become an essential skill, due to the crucial nature of data and information. It attracts many professionals from all industries because of their interest and handsome salaries. However, many students and professionals struggle to harness the subjects’ necessary attributes.

Hence, organizations across India are taking initiatives to fill the massive employment gap in the Data Science sector. They are devising ways to equip the youth of the country with the required skills. Among them, SocialPrachar is a prominent name when it comes to delivering quality education and training in terms of Data Science. It is India’s full-service Digital Agency and Professional Courses Training Partner.

The Enthusiastic Duo

SocialPrachar started its journey back in 2014 from a small 2BHK house in Kukatpally, Hyderabad with a team of three people. The members included the tech and marketing enthusiasts, Divya Channa & Mahesh Babu Channa. The couple started SocialPrachar with a mission of providing quality education to students who are looking for job-oriented courses.

To ensure their goal is achieved, both of them invested all of their savings for office infrastructure and built a small team for operations. The goal was to use top-notch talent, state-of-the-art technology, and infrastructure to deliver a pleasant and premium experience of learning to its students.

Uplifting Students’ Confidence and Spirit

With great investments in its infrastructure, SocialPrachar has created a productive learning ambiance for all its learners. It has an AI Lab for students to work on real-world projects with mentor’s guidance. It uses high-end GPU systems which helps students to work on Heavy Projects.

The institute’s advanced industry-ready curriculum helps students to master the job-ready concepts. SocialPrachar conducts one-on-one personal sessions with expert trainers & mentors for its students to ensure they master the concepts. It has an assessment type portal, DIGITAL LEARNING PORTAL which helps students to check their knowledge with short and simple questionnaires.

By regularly conducting Hackathons, the institute rewards its students for their efforts and helps students to re-discover their inner strength and abilities.

For its remarkable work, SocialPrachar received ‘Academy of the Year 2019’ at 7th Asian Education Summit 2019, Mumbai.

Creating Opportunities

SocialPrachar believes that its success depends on its students’ success. To achieve the same, it has a dedicated HR team for all job support. The institute has trained over 5000+ students in the last five years with 100% job placements after successful completion of the course. It has served over 100+ clients on Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).

It has corporate tie-ups with around 1000+ companies that offer internship opportunities for all its students.

The institute has formed alumni of 3000+ people for a daily dose of job updates. They also refer to SocialPrachar’s students for opportunities in their respective organizations.

Making Learning Affordable

The high demand for quality coaching for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence means that fees are always high. Students have to pay a huge sum between 45,000 to 1 lakh to enroll into these coaching classes which makes things unpredictable for them and their guardians.

Herein, SocialPrachar comes and makes learning affordable. Its fees depend on its costs in thoroughly screening, onboarding and training Expert trainers, and providing the students with a pleasant learning experience. Its course prices deliver the maximum value to its students. The institute states that it did not want to get into competitive pricing and at the same time, not want to double or triple the prices with no rationale.

Views on Data Science Sector

According to SocialPrachar, Data Science disruption is taking place in diverse industries like Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, and Transportation where it is growing at a minimum of 2X year-to-year.

The institute believes that companies in consumer lending are redefining how to assess creditworthiness using Machine Learning algorithms. Healthcare startups are using data science to move ever-closer to personalized medicine. They are using artificial intelligence to examine images like X-rays and MRIs to diagnose problems quickly and accurately.

In transportation, traffic management agencies are able to use real-time traffic and weather data to predict traffic flows and manage emergency response. As the utilization of data science in these industries matures, SocialPrachar believes other industries will also emerges with new applications for data science.

A Dream for the Nation

SocialPrachar claims to be a pioneer in providing Data Science & Artificial Intelligence courses with a perfect in-house team of experts and mentors from IITs & IIMs. It has been constantly rated 5 by all of its 5000+ students and clients.

SocialPrachar wants to continue its mission of delivering the same quality of education to reach its mission of training 10,000+ job-worthy candidates by 2025, ensuring India progresses and achieves the zeniths of success.

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