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The Indian animation industry is booming and is expanding at a higher rate, which has never been expected before. The employment of multimedia artists and animators is projected to grow at around 10% from 2016. If observed, one would find that this rate is much quicker than the average of all other occupations. This growth is the direct result of the hyperbolic demand for animation and visual effects in video games, movies, and television. CreatFX is one such studio, which is serving the industry’s need as one of the most creative digital studios producing groundbreaking animation, visual effects, and design firm. Situated in the heart of Mumbai, the hustling bustling city of India, the firm offers all the accessories of the world to its clients and brings their dreams and visions to reality with a fine touch of creativity and loads of love and emotions encrypted in it.

Creativity is the foundation of CreatFX Studio, which flows 24/7 in each team member’s mind. The studio believes in the uniqueness of each project and emphasizes even on the smallest details to deliver the satisfaction of clients along with their projects. The studio serves for effects, graphics, and provides the artistic and technical support to accomplish the visions of its esteemed clientele.

The firm started with just a number of two people and now has become one of the world’s most prolific digital studios. Describing its identity, the studio states, “we are a boutique of creative innovative technology and everything, every morning, starts here with creativity and innovation, to give something new to the world, to our clients”.

The Visual Master Himself

The creative personality behind CreatFX is Hari Pandit, the Managing Director of the studio. Hari provides creative oversight across all of the studio’s projects and works in close collaboration with all the junior artists to get his vision across. His career has shone through companies like Network 18, Rajtaru Studios (Imaging Lab), Kaycom studios, After Studios and Teamwork Studios, etc. After becoming a leading talent in the VFX community in India, he fulfilled his dream of starting his own studio and thus CreatFX was born. He has developed an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and has a strong working relationship in the television and advertising sectors. His goal is to deliver a quality, which becomes an industry standard, further to which others look up to and aspire to achieve. With this in mind, he wants to take CreatFX to the international stage.

Services at a Glance

The all-rounder animation service provider is known for feature films, TVCs 3D animation and avant-garde visual effects for live action and hybrid films, short-form media, special venue attractions, and live streaming. The studio provides its expertise in the following services:

  • Pre-visualization – 3D, Motion Graphics, Storyboarding
  • VFX – Composition, Matte painting, Rotoscoping
  • CGI – 3D modeling, 3D texturing, 3D lighting, Clean-up
  • Editing
  • Animation – Keyframe animation, 3D animation, Camera animation

Imagery that Astonishes Audience and Clients

CreatFX’s pipeline works around a team of senior CGI artists, which has allowed the studio to master every phase of 3D animation including modeling, look development, shading, lighting, and animation for any given object, vehicle, crowd or character. ‘We can create anything the imagination envisions’.

While talking about its initial success, the studio states, “After our early success with leading advertising agencies and television commercial directors, we made the leap into feature films, getting a start on films such as Tera Intezaar. Since then, we have continued to attract audiences with our visual effects and animated feature. Our team comprises of highly qualified, talented & passionate people. So, every member has a sense of responsibility towards their respective projects. It’s safe to say we’re pretty good at animating just about anything now”.

There are a number of projects; the studio has catered to the big brands in the industry. Some of them are; Lava, Panasonic, Samsung, Aquasafe, Hindware Atlantic Water Heater Tvc, Oppo, Combiflam Icy Hot, Colgate, iball, McDonald’s, Knorr, Palava, Lumair, Livia, Castrol Oil, Archies.

During the research, The Knowledge Review team find out that the studio’s clients are found more than to be satisfied and they have gained much more than the just doing business; They earn a better profit; get project done within the given time; get the best quality work.

Compositing the Future

CreatFX will continue to deliver mind-blowing animation and VFX that keeps surprising the audience with its inventiveness and creativeness. It will continue to cover a large range of needs for client’s film, commercial, and television productions, and even wants to explore and conceptual any ideas that the future holds. As quoted by the studio, “CreatFX Studio’s VFX division incorporates the wealth of talent and creativity that is abundant in our studio. With a deep talent pool and monumental technical expertise, the future is bright, and we’re excited”.

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