Do’s And Don’ts For Your First DUI Case
DUI Case

There is a 90% chance that you will be caught for your first DUI case if you are already licensed to drive. Why am I saying this? Consider the following scenario: you’ve been asked to a formal party at a friend’s modest home. You just finished your shift and are currently going to your friend’s place. It’s a formal occasion, and all of your pals are in attendance. The homeowner raises a glass of red wine for a toast to the announcement he is about to make.

You had no option but to drink the wine because it was toast. You’re driving back to your house after the party when an officer pulls you over to inspect your car. However, the officer smelt wine off you when you spoke with him, and you were arrested for your first DUI.

Given the likelihood that you will be charged for your first DUI offense, knowing the dos and don’ts when you are caught is more practical than learning how to prevent being caught. So, to assist you, here are some do’s and don’ts to follow if you are ever arrested for your first DUI charge.

What to do whenever you get caught with a DUI offense:

1.      Hire an attorney

Regardless of your location, there are many DUI attorneys available to contact for help whenever you get caught with a DUI offense. For example, if you got arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Orange County, Florida, what you should do is hire first DUI lawyers to handle your case. When it comes to a DUI case, DUI attorneys are pretty efficient. When you engage a DUI attorney right away, you can be sure that your case will be in excellent hands.

2.      Stay Calm

The second thing to do is to remain calm at all times. Even if you had caused an accident because you were drunk driving or you were just pulled over because of your suspicious driving, remain calm and wait for your attorney.

3.      Don’t act rashly

Not acting rashly is the most crucial thing that you should do. There is a high possibility that your charges will be added if you don’t act accordingly. Sit down, relax, and again wait for your attorney,

What not to do whenever you got caught for a DUI offense:

1.      Don’t speak; wait for your attorney

When you’re arrested for a DUI, the worst thing you can do is speak freely. Answer the police officer’s query respectfully, but never answer anything that might add to your accusations. Remember that when you’re in court, it’s your word against yours, so only respond when the inquiry isn’t suspicious. You have the right to stay quiet, so don’t worry if the cops become enraged if you refuse to answer their questions.

2.      Don’t agree to anything

Keep calm and politely reject if your detaining officer wants you to sign a paper or agree to any stipulations. After the incident, don’t sign anything since it might be used against you later in court. You might sign a statement admitting that you were caught in the act of drinking and driving by the officer, which is a far more severe offense. Even the most skilled DUI attorney would struggle to defend you against this because you have already signed a document saying that you did.

I guess that’s the basic do’s and don’ts you should know for your first DUI case. Ensure to follow the things mentioned above and consider avoiding the don’ts to prevent making your first DUI case worse. You can try searching for more tips, but rest assured, these are enough to make your first DUI case less stressful.

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