Dr. Mary Scott: An Exemplary Leader with A Zeal to Serve
Dr. Mary Scott | The Knowledge Review
Dr. Mary Scott, Head of School at Concordia International School, Shanghai

Every teacher aims to foster his/her student with the best tutoring. They pour their hearts out for students as they see it as their utmost responsibility to inculcate values that will help them become the best at what their heart desires. Such teachers with their pre-eminent resilience, compassion, minds filled with creative ideas, and yearning to prepare their students for the unknown challenges in the society, set to make a difference in the world. These passionate people taking the leadership role are being admired by the world for their vivaciousness. One such leader who has nurtured her pupils throughout her life with her stupendous devotion is Dr. Mary Scott.

Dr. Mary Scott, Head of School at Concordia International School, Shanghai, is one of the most influential educational leaders in China. Dr. Scott has a stunning academic background that includes a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Concordia University Chicago, a Master’s degree in Athletic Administration from Adelphi University, and a Doctorate of Education in Institutional Management from Pepperdine University. She began her journey as a high school teacher and athletic coach, moving onto become a college professor while also serving in administration. She has also held a position as an Executive Vice President, Provost. And eventually found her way to Concordia Shanghai, a place she strives to make a home for her students and faculty. Dr. Scott’s diverse experience has been helping Concordia Shanghai to strengthen its values, develop an earnest interest of students in China, through academic exploration, educational travel, language studies, and service to the community.

Dedicated Leadership

Dr. Scott’s most admirable trait has always been her ambition to serve. She finds her greatest accomplishment, in the achievements, accolades and recognitions in the lives of students, faculty, and staff that she serves.

In her own words, “Their growth and success have been my rewards.”

Such a dynamic personality has had a huge impact to boost the school’s overall learning experience. She inspires her students to be the nation’s future building figures and is being admired for it. Since becoming the Head of Concordia, she has taken steps that have transformed the institute to a greater extent. Her zeal for students’ excellence, helping them to discover themselves, and creating a respect for community and the nation is remarkable. Throughout her expedition of spreading the gleam of knowledge, Mary has always strived to bring about positive change and improve the educational experience for students irrespective of how big or small that change is.

Her contribution to the Educational systems

Being a teacher first, she loves to teach. She enjoys working with teachers and principals, discussing new ideas that can improve the student learning experience. To make sure that students understand properly, she continually encourages the Concordia faculty to further develop a curriculum that revolves around concepts of service and deeper learning. As a school leader, Mary strives for building a culture, constructing values, and morals, which can unequivocally impact the entire school community, creating a sense of security where everyone (teachers, students, and families) can flourish.

About Concordia International

 Concordia International School Shanghai is situated in one of Shanghai’s largest expat communities. It offers a comprehensive American curriculum and is recognized for its commitment towards academic excellence and for providing well-developed sports, art, service, and applied to learn programs.

The mission of Concordia reads as, “At Concordia, we view every student as a gift from God, entrusted to us by parents and are committed in Christian stewardship to educate students holistically in a nurturing environment that includes comprehensive and challenging opportunities in academic, creative arts, spirituality, athletics, co-curricular activities, and service.”

Over the past 20 years, the institution has educated over 5500 students from more than 50 countries. Concordia is honored to play a part in the strong global commitment that Shanghai has demonstrated to the world. With the location in Shanghai and the world at its fingertips, Concordia still places special focus on the host country, China. It believes that the high cultural context of China’s location enriches each student’s daily life. The curriculum is designed in a way that allows students to go through intimate experiences and improved understanding of the host country.

At Concordia, applied learning is another point of focus and it has been integrated into all the areas of its curriculum, from science to visual arts and reaches all grade levels. These experiences for authentic application encourage academic vitality by providing students with opportunities to build unique connections between academic studies and real-world endeavors. Concordia focuses on providing professional development opportunities to its teachers and to explore the world of education to help them continue to learn and grow. This, in turn, helps the teachers to deliver the most effective education to the students, who are challenged, encouraged, and supported as they develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

By utilizing intentional communication and effective teaching and learning, the school aims to transform the lives of students and its community. E.g., a student goes home talking about “green initiatives” and the next day they are devising a plan for eliminating single-use containers throughout the school, or a student is taught to play a musical instrument which fosters a love for music and performing, perhaps leading them to compose their own music. The handpicked faculties of Concordia pioneer educational, cultural, and service programs that inspire its students to pursue their passions.

Inspired by Children

 Being seen as one of the influential educational figures in China is both rewarding and tempting. When times are hard and challenges arise, Dr. Scott still finds time to get out of the office and head out with students. Listening to their cheerful voices, talking to them about their daily life in school, about their ongoing projects, what they want to become in their life, having fun with them, the joy that emanates on their faces is just energizing and encouraging to her. A little time spent with her pupils strengthens her and keeps her motivated.

Her love for education and students has made her cross borders. It encouraged her to come to a nation where her experience and knowledge can truly help to serve. Since, taking charge of Concordia, Dr. Scott has had time to explore China. She finds China to be a beautiful country filled with tremendous history and yet undergoing exciting changes. In her exploration of the Chinese  she has discovered that it provides a rich balance between the concept of history and change.

 “The richness of tradition and formation are highlighted in the Chinese educational system.”– Dr. Mary Scott.

Mary finds the balance concept of history and change to be a pillar that enables China to expand and grow its educational footprint with confidence. Dr. Scott and Concordia find themselves to be blessed to take part in this new-fangled upsurge.

Future Prospects of Dr. Scott and her Esteemed Institution

Dr. Scott is playing a compelling role in the overall educational environment of China. Her love for learning, education, teachers and students can be seen through her various actions at Concordia. Her every plan will comprise of the above-mentioned elements.

Concordia will strive to remain an outstanding educational institution committed to holistic education. It is on the lookout for more ways to serve people within the fascinating country of China. It embraces positive change and continually seeks out new and greater possibilities to transform lives.

 “We want to be a global platform that welcomes people from around the world; a place of community and caring…A place that sends people into the world with an intention to serve and benefit others in so many ways.” – Concordia International School Shanghai

Dr. Scott and Concordia want to integrate the practice of deeper learning, a learning that goes beyond memorization and opens up the creative inquiry, curiosity, expression, and aptitude. It is learning that is measured in more than test scores and college acceptances but also in student passion, humility, and a burning desire towards the service of the community.

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