Dr Rabiaah’ Bhatia: Leading Happiness, Peace and Harmony in Other’s Life
Dr Rabiaah' Bhatia

“Inner transformation is key to achieving goals and attaining successful and happy life!”

– Dr Rabiaah’ Bhatia

Humans continuously pursue the developments taking place in their surroundings and strive for achievement, which robs them of tranquilly and happiness in life.

Then one looks for a guide who can point them in the proper direction. A great and inspirational leader lights the spark of hope and spreads joy, peace, and harmony throughout one’s life. A leader motivates and inspires others to support their inner development, which ushers calm and happiness into one’s life in the end in order to sustain these emotions.

In a similar vein, Dr Rabiaah’ Bhatia is an inspirational leader in India who mentors and trains professionals and bright young minds. She has experience across several industries.

Dr Rabiaah’ initially worked as a BPO customer care executive, and after a few years, she became a manager in the banking industry, which helped her to grab the position of HR and PR head in a marketing and consulting firm.

After 18 years in a variety of occupations, she took a two-year vacation during which she assessed and examined herself, changed her perspective completely, and considered leading a more meaningful life.

She entered the education industry in 2015, and two years later, she began her business journey with the sole purpose of enhancing millions of lives and empowering people to become great leaders.

While searching for “Most Inspiring Leaders Making Difference in India, 2023” in The Knowledge Review, we ventured to eD WebStudio Channel and spoke with Dr Rabiaah’ Bhatia, who is an EduModel, Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Expert, HR Professional, Founder, Director, and Author & Mentor of Change where she shared her professional background and future goals.

Let us dive down to learn more about this inspiring leader.

Please tell us about your professional journey since the beginning of your career.

Life is full of challenges; the more challenges you have, the stronger you become, and it changes one’s perspective towards life. This is how and why I started my journey of professional life. My career journey started as a simple BPO customer care executive, then a Manager in the Banking sector that took me to a position I could never dream of as an HR and PR Head in the Marketing and Consulting firm with stakeholders in the Hospitality Industry. Having spent 24 years as a working professional, I have had an enriching experience working on and understanding varied industries.

After working with almost all sectors, there was no mental peace and inner satisfaction. I stopped myself and took a break from my work for two years. There was a 360-degree turnaround in my vision because of this one thought to have a purposeful life, due to which I joined the education sector in 2015 with a mission of touching and nurturing millions and millions of lives and raising them to be leaders who can make this world a better place to live in and then started my entrepreneurial journey in 2017.

Tell us the vision, mission, and core values of the organization/institute.

Our passion is to create a peaceful society, spread happiness and inspire others to lead a life with a purpose. Our vision and mission are to introduce children to the wonders of the world around them and their role as guardians of their environment.

Being a prominent leader, what significant contribution have you made in the Indian education space to uplift society?

She is an Outstanding Academician who is using her skills and Knowledge for the sake of improving society and making each person understand that their happiness lies in their own hands.

What challenges you came across in your career, and how did you overcome them?

Where there is life, there are ‘Ups & Downs.’ Life is not easy, but we can all make our lives beautiful by just one understanding – ‘We are born for a purpose which only we can fulfil.’ Create a mission for yourself and work towards that mission; this is how we can make our lives meaningful and can overcome all obstacles.

As an inspiring leader, what difference you made in your segment, and how did it help the upcoming generation?

She has been providing Corporate Training, Entrepreneurship Skills Training, Branding and PR Skills Training, HR Skills Training, Mentoring sessions for Life skill Topics, Soft Skills, Interview Skills, Career Counselling, counselling sessions and Imp. of Sports, Value Education, and SDG training.

According to you, which activities the Indian education should conduct on the campuses to indulge the necessary skills in students?

Conducting practical skills training on the campuses, project-based learning, peer learning, collaborative learning, life skills and most importantly, compassion is essential. It should always be skills and values that help an individual to become a ‘Humanistic Leader.’

As an inspiring leader, what are the things that keep motivating you to make a difference in the country?

My achievements and appreciation are from youth and other women. I am a person who believes in ‘Never Give up.’ For me, every failure is a learning road to success. My life is based on the Art of ‘Gratitude’ as gratitude changes your life, and gratitude opens the Heart. I am a person who believes in spreading happiness, peace and harmony in society through collaboration and learning from each other.

How do you inspire the youth to become a fearless and inspirational leaders to create innovative changes in the country?

Without a doubt, each person has an innate talent. The question is: How do you discover that talent? The only way is to exert yourself in whatever is before you. Your true potential will emerge when you give everything you have to your studies, sports, extracurricular activities, entrepreneurship or whatever you are engaged in. The important thing is that you get into the habit of challenging yourself to the limit and never giving up.

What advice would you provide to future generations to become inspiring leaders?

I believe in Try, Try, Try until you Succeed! Your Inner Transformation is the key to achieving your goals and attaining a happy life!

How do you envision your future as a successful and inspiring leader?

Learn from your own mistakes and enhance your life. As an inspirer, I aim to empower others and become an inspiring leader.

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