Essential Habits of an Effective Teacher

Teachers are educational leaders who are passionate about their profession and have the desire to inspire others. They focus on shaping the future of every child and building a bright career path for them. For every teacher, it is essential to always maintain a positive attitude and interact with students with the objective of sparking creativity and productivity. They should create such an ambiance, which allows students to learn and explore more. For better educational outcomes, teachers can develop the below-mentioned habits:

Enjoying Teaching

Teaching is a very enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding career option. Although it becomes demanding and exhausting at times, focusing on students’ betterment and genuinely caring for them can reap better results. One cannot expect students to have fun if they are not enjoying the procedure themselves. Simply reading out instructions ad lessons from books can be monotonous and ineffective. However, if teachers pour their heart and soul into classroom sessions, they can become very interactive and engaging. Focusing on the passion of teaching can help in achieving better academic results.

Bringing a Difference

We all might have come across the saying, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’. The same can be applicable in the field of education. Teachers should be well aware of their responsibilities that come with their profession. They should be driven by the objective of making a difference in each student’s life. Teachers should regularly interact with them; make them feel special and safe in the classroom. They should preach about positive things and promote cooperation and mutual respect and understanding among the students. It is of utmost importance to provide enough support to the students so that they can proceed confidently on their educational journey.

Circulate Positivity

Bringing positive energy into the classroom will lead to better outcomes. Teachers should maintain a smile while interacting with students. Every person has to fight their own personal battles. But when a teacher enters the classroom, they should leave all their problems behind and focus on educating the students. No matter how frustrated or how sleep deprived they are, teachers should never vent out their frustrations on students. Rather, they should behave politely and keep a happy face on. With an objective of inculcating positive attitudes among students, they should always come up with innovative strategies in the classroom. It is important to know that positive energy is contagious, and it is up to the teachers to spread it far and wide. Additionally, they should ensure that they are not influenced by other people’s negativity, as it will have adverse impact on their work.

Providing the Personal Touch

The key ingredient towards becoming an effective teacher is to know the students personally‒ their likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. Teachers should find different ways to gather information about the students’ interests and how to connect with them. They should also share their own experiences to make students feel comfortable and at home. This will provide students with the scope of opening up and sharing their problems and issues. Moreover, it is also important to maintain regular interactions with the parents, know them well, and share every information of their wards with them. At the beginning of the session, teachers should gather information regarding different procedures. They should also inform the students that they can consult them about anything at anytime of the year. Teachers should also communicate with their colleagues and develop strong personal relationships with them. This will help in developing better communications with colleagues and strengthen a support network within and outside the school premises.

Delivering the Very Best

Teachers should make sure that they give their 100% at any effort- be it teaching classroom lessons, preparing report cards, or offering support to colleagues. They should realize that they are carrying out these activities for the love of the profession and not because they feel obligated to perform the same. They should perform well not only for self-growth, but also to inspire others and to provide the best possible educational experience to the students. Teachers should develop and maintain the habit of providing the best to themselves, the students, the parents, the school, and everyone else who believes in them.

Maintaining and Open-Minded Perspective

Many times, teachers are observed formally or informally by the authorities, teachers, parents, and even the students. They may feel bitter about various complaints they receive. However, they have to remain unprejudiced when receiving constructive criticism and prepare an action plan accordingly. It is very important to prove it to everyone that they have what it takes to become a successful teacher. Every person has a scope of improvement; sometimes others see it before it comes to the concerned individual’s notice.

Embracing Change

Often times, things do not go according to plan. The same can be said about the profession of teaching. For sure shot success, it is essential that teachers maintain flexibility and go with the flow in case of occurrence of any change. They should be prepared to face any sort of new procedures and methods, learn them, and implement them properly in teaching–learning processes. Instead of stressing about change, teachers should accept it with arms wide open and show that they can overcome every obstacle and march towards growth and educational attainment.

Teachers are harbingers of major transformations in the educational sector. They are responsible for molding a student into successful professionals and dedicated leaders of tomorrow. It is necessary that they treat each student with utmost care, affection, and take dedicated steps towards their overall development. The above-mentioned steps provide a clear picture of essential habits that a successful teacher should nurture to ensure better academic outcomes.

– Ananda Kamal Das


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