Euclea Business School: Making a Mark in Business Education
Euclea Business School: Making a Mark in Business Education

With the backdrop of globalization and a booming world economy in the past decades, the business has become one of the most pursued fields of education worldwide. Today, business has become the common link that connects every aspects of life around the world. Business professionals across the globe have been paving the way to business with high demand. Business education is highly valued in corporate systems as it brings a considerable amount of skill set to lead ahead of an organization in the competitive economic markets.

Business management education prepares students to learn the basics of thinking critically, communicating effectively, and managing small and large enterprises so they can serve society in a successful and socially responsible manner. Hence, business schools all over the world are partnering with the industry and bringing in industry expert faculty and professors to prepare students for real-world exposure.

Euclea Business School in Sharjah, UAE, is one of a kind leading institution that provides education and research programs in business and other related subjects, heading ahead of contemporary Business management.

Propelling professionals to a transformation of international students to international leaders.

The Knowledge Review caught up with Mr. Olivier De Lagarde, President of Euclea Business School & C.D.P. Group France to talk about the school’s journey, its offerings, and vision. 

Stellar Business School and its Legacy

Euclea Business School is a part of the College de Paris Group in France that has more than 20 member schools and universities with campuses spread across the globe. Euclea Business School is a prestigious Private Higher Education degree-granting institution, a leader in research and education in human resources, management, business strategy, marketing, and a wide range of other specializations suitable for all types of profiles and careers. It is recognized by The State and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Apart from the campuses in major cities like Strasbourg,Paris, and Metz in France, Euclea Business School has also marked its presence in the Middle East with a campus in Sharjah, UAE, to offer bachelor’s, master’s, executive master’s, and Doctorate degree programs.

The Executive MBA Degrees awarded by Euclea Business School are integrated with triple additional qualifications like Harvard’s HBS Online certification, a certificate from Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and an American diploma from the American Institute of Professional Studies (AIPS) when studied with our UAE Campus – Britts Imperial University College. The program designed especially for working professionals also gives an option to earn Dual Degrees within the same duration.

Core Value Construct and Outlook

Euclea Business School aims to provide learners a platform to earn globally accredited and acclaimed qualifications in futuristic fields coupled with practical skills that will shape the new world order. The school is on a mission to make these reputable quality Global Degrees, affordable, flexible, and achievable for the learners.

The school values the role of experiential learning and real-world skills to make the learner industry ready. While it also strives to provide Global Diversity for the best peer learning environment and Global Mobility for empowering talented individuals to cross the borders of adversity into the lands of opportunity.

Euclea Business School is also known for its core values like Educational Excellence, Flexibility & Support, Personalized Attention, Global Diversity & Global Mobility.

Seasoned Leadership

Mr. Olivier De Legarde, Doctor in Management Sciences, is the Founder and President of the College de Paris Group, a network of higher education establishments and training organizations for aspiring learners and professionals from across the globe.

Mr. Olivier began his career in Lebanon within the Agence Universitaire de la francophonie. From 2000 to 2005, he was an organizational consultant before becoming Managing Director of Enass-AEA in 2005 and then Deputy Managing Director of IFPASS in 2008. Within the National School of Insurance, he held the functions of Director of Studies (2005- 2008) and then Deputy Director (2008- 2012) with François Ewald.

Since the foundation of the esteemed school, he had made it his mission to promote French excellence through global educational training. To do this, CDP Group has brought together 20+ higher education institutions that are recognized globally, the oldest of which was established in 1949.

Priorities and Outcome

Euclea Business School curriculum is rooted in an enduring, multidisciplinary framework taught by

the world’s best faculty, empowering learners to turn business challenges into opportunities in any industry.

While speaking about the school’s priorities and outcomes for its students, Mr. Olivier expresses, “Our priority is to increase the Employability quotient to hone knowledge they can apply in real life and solve industry problems.”

The enduring problem-solving frameworks help learners make the right decisions in an evolving business landscape. Mr. Olivier adds, “Students not only walk away with a prestigious and globally recognized degrees but also the confidence to take bold but calculated risks and be decisive, datadriven leaders.”

Unique Offerings and their Impact

While speaking about the school’s unique offerings and its impact in the education domain, Mr. Olivier asserts, “At Euclea Business School, students can integrate their education into a busy work and home life by customizing where, how, and what they study with the highly flexible Global Executive Master’s Programs.” UAE’s first truly global three-country MBA program designed specifically for professionals, with personalized oncein-a-month learning options. Three days networking symposiums in cities like Dubai, Paris, and Hong Kong make it a truly global educational experience for all learners.

Students at Euclea Business School can also benefit from the triple gem accreditations wherein the students can

earn the most prestigious European Degree, a British Certification, an American Diploma, and Harvard’s HBS Online certificate that is not only affordable but also achievable given the Case Study based assessments as well as the easy monthly installments options.

With an integrated twelve-month curriculum-driven structured Career Development Program, the school

enables students to transform their employability with various resources and a job search engine to apply to desired job openings across 35 countries. The students can also seek guidance from three Global Mentors and knowledge enhancement programs from a pool of around 1300 professionals.

Advanced Methodology and Support

Mr. Olivier explains that the needs of working professionals are taken into account at Euclea Business School. He asserts, “We understand that experienced working professionals do not want just another MBA. Thus, we have tailored an Executive MBA Degree Program specifically for the professionals which is not only awarded by a prestigious European university but also recognized all over the world and is of high repute.”

The course is tailored to the industry requirements, and the delivery is well balanced to suit the busy schedule of a working professional. The degree is such that the students can afford to earn with their busy schedules, which is also fully integrated with three additional qualifications without having to invest more time, effort, or resources. Euclea Business School strives to provide affordable quality global education, achievable by giving the students one-day-in-a-month lecture delivery, examination by openbook case study format, and a flexible installment payment structure.

To make it a truly global experience, the school provides its students a chance to travel to the school’s other campuses in countries like France, Hong Kong, and UAE each quarter for a minimum of three days, wherein they can network with global peers, mentor others and be mentored by global CXO’s. These Networking Symposiums are also broadcasted live online for those who are not able to attend physically.

To make it a personalized learning journey for the students, the school provides case studies, video lectures, books, and research papers on the LMS by the MBA Program Director tailored for each individual based on their past work experience, knowledge, and background.

At Euclea Business School, the students can also benefit from the best of both worlds with our flexibility of learning live online or at their own pace. With the Synchronous model, if a lecture is missed, recordings of the same are shared with the students. Whereas videos, research papers, magazines, study material, monthly quizzes, etc., are provided beforehand with the Asynchronous model.

That’s not all! With a unique technology-driven mentor-mentee program at Euclea Business School, students are provided with the relevant services and tools to do resume checks across 50 points and mock interview preparations using Artificial Intelligence. AI is also used to assess each individual’s strengths and

leadership style.

As part of the Career Development Program, technology-driven personality assessment tests like sound decision making, customer focus, assertiveness, stress management, personality skills, etc., are also conducted.

Creating Future Business Leaders

As Mr. Olivier says, “When you add graduate study to an already busy life, flexibility is a must“, Euclea’s

Executive MBA programs are designed to help learners balance studies with other commitments. The degree adapts to learners’ needs and is flexible enough to change if their lives do.

Mr. Olivier further adds, “Euclea Business School has adopted both Synchronous and Asynchronous learning models, which gives our students the liberty to learn live online or at their own pace without missing out on anything.

The truly global three-country MBA program at Euclea Business School also gives an opportunity to all its students to attend the lectures physically at our global campuses in France, Hong Kong, and UAE and network with peer professionals from across the globe.

Euclea Business School provides its students with a completely new learning experience, expertly designed for executives ready to step up into strategic leadership and drive organizations forward in the global digital environment with unprecedented impact.

The Executive MBA at Euclea is a transformative and intensive journey in leadership development, tailored

exclusively to the learners’ needs and objectives wherein they are empowered with the knowledge, the insights into their personal style of leadership, the skills, and the strategic vision to lead their organization with clarity, confidence, and integrity.

Delivered in the UAE campus at Britts Imperial University College in Sharjah and Online, this program connects the learners to a global network of peers, thought leaders, and change agents. The students experience all the dynamics of international leadership and business, where it happens, as it happens.

A glimpse of the Future

While sharing the school’s vision, Mr. Olivier says, “Our vision is to grow our student diversity by taking Euclea

Business School to more geographies, making it a truly Glocal Management University. By making the global programs available within local reach using technology, our aim is to transform Euclea from a Global Business School to a Glocal Business School.”

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