ICSE Exams Results- Maharashtra State Achieve 100 Percent Success, Four Toppers Among all are from Pune
ICSE Exams Results
ICSE Exams Results

In 2022, two board exams have been conducted, each with a different pattern; however, Maharashtra has been seen emerging with a joint national topper and 100 per cent success in the ICSE, i.e., for class X exams of CISCE. The success rate of the exam on a national level is 99.97 per cent.

Student from Pune’s St Mary’s School- Miss Hargun Matharu scored top rank, i.e., 499 out of 500 (99.8 per cent), along with three Uttar Pradesh (UP) students. The 34 students achieved the second rank, i.e., 99.6 per cent, and nine out of them were from Mumbai.

In the merit list, the 110 students have been seen to make a three-fold jump and compete to get in the top three ranks, compared to 2019, where only 36 students stood in the list. This year, the 37 students from Maharashtra secured the top three ranks, double than the 2019 data, with only 16 students.

The high-scoring results have become a challenge for the students seeking admissions in Mumbai’s top junior colleges, as the state board has seen its elite club of 90 percenters shrink.

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