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Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences aspires to be the premier university of choice in Asia for student centric professional education and services with a strong focus on applied research whilst maintaining the highest academic and ethical standards in a creative and innovative environment.

The role of management, be it a company or an educational institution is to guide people to attain goals using accessible methodologies competently and effectively. Instilling the same solid foundation of operations and management concepts in students is the focus of Faculty of Hospitality Management & Catering Technology, (FHMCT) Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) (www.msruas.ac.in)

The Faculty was established in 1993 under the alias of M. S Ramaiah College of Hotel Management (MSRCHM) (www.msrchm.edu) Later in 2014, it was renamed as FHMCT, as a constituent of RUAS. Since its inception, the college has focused on the contemporary technological approach to hotel operations coupled with a strong foundation in management concepts. It also emphasizes proficiency in English and French, holistic personality development, ethical values, and development of an inquiring mind.

The university’s mission is to create and disseminate powerful knowledge. It is dedicated to creativity, innovation, learning, and study quality. In all its’ endeavours, the university integrates and appreciates performance and teamwork. It also believes that personal development, critical thinking ability and an enthusiasm for lifelong learning are very important. The university attempts to inculcate values to bring out the best in its students as responsible Indian citizens. Community service and environmental initiatives are also a part of the university’s value system.

The Torchbearer of FHMCT

The driving force behind this successful institute as its Dean is Prof. Abby Mathew. His main interests lie in ‘Food and Beverage Production and Management’. With many certifications to his credit, he has nearly four decades of industrial and academic experience. Having held senior positions in the industry, his proficiency in ‘Hospitality Management and Catering Technology’ has played a pivotal role in his success as ‘Principal of MSRCHM’ and now as ‘Dean of FHMCT’. He leads his team at FHMCT from the front and believes that every individual deserves an education regardless of his or her intellectual capabilities. He has ensured that the academic atmosphere at FHMCT is very cosmopolitan and all stakeholders are given opportunities to grow and excel. His vast professional and academic experience has enabled him to be instrumental in keeping excellent rapport with the hotel industry resulting in many academic and operational interactions between the executives of hotels and students and faculty members. Additionally, he has been ‘The Chairman of the Board of Examination’, (Bangalore University) and ‘Peer Team Member’ for the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. He is also Member of Academic Council (Bangalore University) and Local Inspection Committee (Mysore University).

Programmes offered by FHMCT

According to the faculty, the combination of core education and general education provides a broad base of knowledge and skills essential for the hospitality industry. Using this combination, the faculty cultivates enhanced quality operational and management skills in scholars via the following robust undergraduate programmes:

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • Bachelor of Vocational Degree (BVoc-Culinary Operations)

The Faculty offers a 4-year undergraduate program leading to the ‘Bachelor of Hotel Management’ (BHM) degree. It also offers a 3-year ‘Bachelor in Vocational Degree – Culinary Operations’ (BVoc) programme. This integrates theoretical, practical, and innovative aspects of culinary operations.

In terms of ancillary subjects, FHMCT offers Computer Fundamentals, Professional English, Business Communication, Environmental Studies, Food Science and Nutrition, Culinary and Hospitality French, Organizational Behavior, Hospitality Law, and Personality Development.

In an ever changing professional environment where there is a need for constant up-gradation, the college delivers the above-mentioned programmes in a well-appointed faculty that has state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. These comprise of well – equipped kitchens, restaurants, guest rooms, and front office areas. It also has language laboratories, computer laboratories, classrooms with audio-visual aids and a library with an exhaustive collection of resources complementing the above facilities.

Beyond Education

The college goes beyond education and provides excellent job placement to all its students transforming them into competent professionals. The students have job opportunities in many exciting and rewarding domains like hotels, catering, restaurants, facilities management, tourism, destination marketing, education, event management, airlines, cruise lines, sales and marketing and BPO’s. The placement cell has been successful in consistently achieving 100% placement over the years. More than 50 companies including hotels, stand-alone restaurants, facility management companies, airlines, retailers, banks and multi-national companies visit the college for campus recruitments. The alumni hold key positions in the hospitality industry world over.

Industry Exposure

  • Industrial Exposure Training- The students undergo 16 weeks of ‘Industrial Exposure Training’ in the second year. The students are placed in the best hotels by the ‘Placement Cell’ of the faculty
  • International Internships- Students are placed by the faculty’s placement cell abroad for ‘On the Job’ internships during and after their graduation. Some of the places include the USA, France, Thailand, Mauritius, and Malaysia
  • Part-Time Job Opportunities- Students are given opportunities to work during the semester to gain value-added knowledge and skills
  • Seminars and Workshops with Industry Professionals- Seminars and workshops in all operational areas are held periodically with industry experts as resource persons to give the students an insight into the latest trends and concepts
  • Participation in Local and National Competitions- Students of the faculty are encouraged to participate in technical and cultural competitions held by institutions in any city of India

Research and Innovation

RUAS aspires to grow as a modern innovative university with a greater emphasis on ‘Applied Research’. The University believes, that through its applied research agenda, the faculties can significantly contribute to the economic and social development of communities. The university actively encourages its members to spend their considerable time in research and innovation and has created a conducive atmosphere to make research as part of university culture. ‘Research and Innovation’ is part of the curriculum at the undergrad level which develops the students’ critical thinking and creative abilities.

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