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Glowworm Academy
Aditya Shah | Founder | Glowworm Academy

With the revolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and data being seen as the greatest assets of any technological organization, training programmes are being designed to meet the present-day requirements.

Glowworm Academy is one such emerging technology training platform focused on training students and professionals in emerging technologies such as data analytics, business intelligence, data science and machine learning, deep learning, AI, python, full stack web app

development. They have designed their training programs from scratch.


To build a learning platform focused on creating a skilled talent supply chain to meet the industry needs in the area of emerging technologies.


To collaborate with like-minded educational and corporate organizations to build, meet their technology training needs through customised training programs for their respective organisations.

Courses Offered

In the past year, Glowworm Academy has trained more than 100 students in a variety of important courses, such as:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Data Science and Machine Learning with Python (Student)
  4. Data Science and Machine Learning with Python (Professional)
  5. Applied Statistics with Python and Excel
  6. Full Stack Web Development
  7. Backend Web Development
  8. Frontend Web Development
  9. Coding For Kids
  10. Creative Visualization for Kids

 Data Analytics Today and in Future

To push the technology and decision making to the next generation one needs to adapt to the industry 4.0 which is the amalgamation of the physical and the digital world. Every industry, to advance in their respective fields, needs to build next generation products/services. Further, to grow in a world of increasing competition they need to optimize and critically evaluate all the decision-making processes and the decisions themselves. One of the essential parts of industry 4.0 is data analytics. Data is considered to be one of the most important assets of any firm today.

There are three types of Data Analytics:

  • Descriptive Analytics (Knowing the existing state of the system)
  • Predictive Analytics (Predicting the future performance of the system)
  • Prescriptive Analytics (Prescribing the solution to problems in the system)

In simple terms, Data Analytics is the process of systematically applying statistical and/or logical techniques to describe, condense, evaluate and draw inference from the data. No industry is immune from the effects brought about by this global health issue, however, recognizing that the data and analytics space is responding well is promising for the future. Optimization will be applied to everything from production to logistics to human resource management, and analytically mature organizations should see an increase in demand for data science services. Even from learner’s standpoint the career in data analytics is one of the most rewarding and remunerative because of high demand and short supply of skilled professionals.

Dynamic Leader

Aditya Shah, Founder of the academy, has an impressive history of industry and training experience. He is the driving force of the academy and leads by example. An alumnus of BITS-Pilani, he has more than six years of industry and training experience and has trained more than 150 students. He is a general electric certified Analytics Engineer, trainer for Data Science and Machine Learning with Python, visiting faculty at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, Technology Consultant at SAVE Public Limited and ex- General Electric, JFWTC Bengaluru.

He also has a number of publications to his credit like A comparative study on heat transfer enhancement using phase change material: High gravity vs. Internal fins and Design and economic analysis of a combined desalination plant using parabolic trough collectors and solar photo voltaic technology.

Career Guidance

  1. Live training on the technology based on industry standards
  2. Interview Preparation
  3. Project-based learning
  4. Resume Preparation
  5. Internship
  6. Live Project
  7. Placement Assistance

Being Different

In today’s time, there are a lot of platforms that are teaching these technologies. Some of them have pre-recorded videos at a $10 US Dollar rate with life-time access, there are so called YouTube bloggers and other blogs who have courses in these technologies. The limitations of these platforms are that they are inaccurate, insufficient and offer no-industry relevant content. Further, low or almost free courses lure the students to buy them which finally adds no value to the learner. As opposed to that Glowworm offers live training from industry professionals and their courses are designed by these professionals on based on their professional experience. The trainers are responsible for hiring for their respective organizations. So, the academy can deliver the latest and the greatest to its students in terms of the industry relevant knowledge. Further, Glowworm’s courses are focused on project- based learning so they do not teach just theory but also make students work on the concepts that they have learnt.

Post-training, Glowworm provides complementary access to the students of all the live training sessions. It also supports its learners for preparation of interviews and resume preparation. With the academy’s connections with the industry, it also supports students in terms of getting an opportunity in the industry through its dedicated placement assistance. Further, universities are launching full time courses on the same, which last from 1-2 year based on the program and are charging unaffordable prices from the students. As opposed to that Glowworm offers an accelerated and affordable learning path to its learners through live training.

Recently, they added a program focused on mental development of kids using coding. In this program the focus is that coding becomes a life skill and not just something you learn for academic purposes. For the coding of kids’ program, Glowworm focuses on developing children’s logical, computational and analytical mindset. Learning how to code at a young age can truly set up your child for a lifetime of success. Even if they do not go into a specifically computer science related field, it gives them an edge in virtually every modern industry. It is wise to say that learning a programming language is the basic literacy in this digital age. The academy’s qualified faculty and carefully designed course ensures that the child builds its own code and there is crystal clear understanding of each line of code.

Coping during the Pandemic

The academy’s online training platform has seen increased interest during the pandemic. Being focused on live online learning, the academy was able to establish relevance during the pandemic. The affordable prices of the academy have allowed it to support many students and professionals in this testing times.

Future Plans

Glowworm plans –

To collaborate with like-minded universities to design and deliver customised courses on various emerging technologies at an academic level. This will allow the students to adapt to these technologies at an early stage for a rewarding and remunerative career.

They also are focusing on strengthening their ties with the industry to provide more industry connect for students in terms of live projects, internships, and job opportunities.

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