Sharemarketstudies- Spreading Financial Literacy with Dedicated Efforts

“Our aim is to provide stock market knowledge to millions and to promote the importance of investing at an early age to the youth of India.”

This is the sole motto of Sharemarketstudies, which drives it to provide excellent services to its clients and spread financial literacy with dedication and efficiency. The company provides valuable information about the stock market, economy, and business. It updates news and important updates on various social media platforms.

The Journey

Sharemarketstudies was started on March 9, 2018, through an Instagram page with the dream of helping people start their stock market journey and to give them directions.

When it began operating, the company used to share basic educational information to start the stock market journey. Today Sharemarketstudies is a media-plus education platform. The company has partnered with four brokers throughout its journey, and it also acts as a sub-broker. “We don’t just educate and spread financial awareness, but we update (news) related to finance, business and especially about the stock market,” expresses the management.

The company has established a strong footprint on Instagram as a leading financial influencer in India. In this context, it reaches around six lakh people every week. Sharemarketstudies has 1,70,000+ followers (as of June 16, 2020) and good engagement and strong influence.

Updating the Students’ Knowledge Continuously

The company always focuses on enhancing the knowledge of the students and improving their academic performance. With this perspective, it conducts quizzes and MCQs frequently to check how students are learning. Team Sharemarketstudies urges them to take their first step of investing. It encourages them to go practical in the live market to understand things more practically and resolve their queries. As per the management, the more queries the students have, the more they will make efforts to resolve the same and learn effectively in the process. In order to motivate the students, the company posts success stories of big investors along with various inspirational and encouraging quotes.

Delivering Vibrant Services

Sharemarketstudies ensures that the students are offered excellent services. It currently provides two courses on stock market – one is basic course and the other one is an advanced course. The company also has a complete course on the stock market.

It provides the service of Demat account opening. “Anyone who wants to start investing in the stock market needs a Demat; we have partnered with four brokers, so we suggest a suitable broker as per student’s need and requirements,” expresses the management. The company is also a subbroker registered with NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Sharemarketstudies currently offers two e-books on the stock market, namely, Share Market Basics and Fundamental Analysis. It has started working on its next ebook, which will focus on technical analysis.

The company also has a paid membership on Telegram. One can get many updates, important data, important analysis, educational/economical/financial data, company news, daily e-newspapers, and much more.

Furthermore, it has planned to launch specially-focused courses that will cover the respective topics’ deep study. For example, the Fundamental Analysis course will cover how we can analyse a company fundamentally.

Sharemarketstudies also provides the options of paid promotions on its platform (as a media platform/influencer). However, it only promotes high value and trustable relevant brands and can help the students and audience.

Nurturing a Culture Conducive to Learning

In order to achieve better results, team Sharemarketstudies focuses on creating an environment that supports learning and cooperation. It is working on an app that will be launched soon. The company intends to provide all its offerings at once in its app. Accordingly, it is focusing on providing massive value in its app.

Sharemarketstudies has a community group where the students can interact with each other, discuss, and help each other. This is also beneficial for those members who do not actively participate as they view the live sessions taking place and candidates participating voluntarily. This encourages many people to start participating, which in turn, enhances their learning. “We organise giveaways to energise our audience, and it creates a healthy environment,” asserts the management.

The Career Landscape

After enrolling in the courses offered by Sharemarketstudies, the students get to know the importance of financial knowledge within a short time. They acquire in-depth knowledge about how important it is to have financial knowledge. They get to know how to manage money, how much to invest, where to invest, and more on financials.

Speaking about the various career opportunities, the management states, “There are many opportunities in the stock market; our students have lot of career opportunities in the stock market.” Students can immediately start their stock market investing business; they can become investors, sub-brokers, financial advisors, research analysts, fundamental analysts, technical analysts, and a lot more.

Opinions on Technological Innovations

Team Sharemarketstudies believes that technological innovations have impacted overall stock market. Initially, it was all about physical paper shares. But today, we can buy shares online through smartphones. Technology has changed a lot, and things got easier and convenient. The company opines that we can reach any point of the world and teach any person in the world digitally because of technology. Advanced innovations have created lot of opportunities in the stock market. It has given us the power to reach wherever the internet is and to educate people not only in India but also all over the world.

Leadership’s Mettle

The personality responsible for the success of Sharemarketstudies is the one and only Mr. Pratik Bhor. He is the founder and owner of the company. Mr. Pratik established this media and education company at the age of 19. He single-handedly started, scaled, and built a platform for financial education.

Mr. Pratik zealously leads his team, consisting of web developers, content creators, voice-over artists, article writers, video editors, social media managers, research analysts, and sales managers.

Feathers in the Cap

Owing to its dedicated endeavours of providing excellent services to its clients, Sharemarketstudies has won many laurels. It has achieved a milestone of reaching around a million people in a week; it usually reaches 5-6 lakh people every week. The company has 1,70,000 followers as of June 16 on its Instagram platform, following 13,000 on Telegram. It also has a massive presence across different platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Google through its website. A newspaper also recently published an article about the company.

The Future Horizon

Sharemarketstudies aims to have all solutions for the stock market aspirants from beginning to expert level. It has built a platform to provide all the financial news and updates at once. The company plans to reach millions digitally by increasing its online presence. It is working to provide everything related to the stock market and finance. Sharemarketstudies will soon be starting one-on-one consultations/call consultations (related to stock market and personal finance), seminars in major cities, spreading awareness through college campaigns (offline), and much more. It also intends to start an advisory platform and to provide the same service in the future. Furthermore, the company is looking forward to organizing workshops in various cities and collaborating with major media platforms to spread financial literacy among the youth.

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