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Vikas Puri| HeadWest Migration

With enormous benefits, people willing to move to Canada are offered flexible immigration programs. Canada aims to draw a very huge international crowd. Currently, Canada is looking to invite 1 million immigrants. As the Canadian market is booming for the students, it is the right time to plan for immigration.

Keeping upbeat with the trend, HeadWest Migration provides various immigration services to Canada and other countries. It is a new age education and immigration startup established in 2015. Through various strategies, HeadWest offers permanent residency services, abroad education placements, investments in businesses overseas and assistance.

The aim of HeadWest Migration is to be the consultant of choice for the customer in providing immigration solutions in a legal and comprehensive manner. The consultancy currently is working in almost all segments of the international visa market. The services range from skilled migration visas, business migration visas, study visas to tourist visas.

An Experienced Advisor 

Behind the inception of HeadWest Migration, there is a very unique purpose. The Founder, Vikas Puri an Australian Citizen, had moved to Australia in 2008 as an offshore skilled migrant. In 2014, due to family commitments, he had to move back to India.

After returning to India, his friends and family started asking him for advice and tips about all the international immigration as well as the educational process. This is when Vikas came up with the idea of immigration consultancy.

Excellence Throughout the Journey 

Since the beginning of the journey, the clients of HeadWest consultancy have been very satisfied with services. This is why the clients have immense faith in the company and its practices. The consultancy follows an assessment process of the customer’s profile.

For HeadWest consultancy, it is very important, to be honest with its customers. The team at HeadWest doesn’t give false hope to its clients if the profile does not meet the requirement prescribed by the country.

Vikas says, “Given the fact that we do not accept every client like many others irrespective of their eligibility, neither do we promote to fabricate documents and aim towards a 100% success rate. A lot of clients were surprised when we didn’t accept their case and told them that they didn’t qualify as compared to other companies who were signing them up.” 

Honesty, Integrity and Trust  

HeadWest Migration stands strong on its core values of honesty, integrity and trust. With a 100% transparency in all the processes, the company provides a roadmap to the customers. Through genuine solutions, students are helped to choose their dream university.

As most of the clients do not have in-depth knowledge about the overall process, HeadWest makes it their aim to make the client aware of it. From choosing the right course to filing the visa document, HeadWest provides a comprehensive service.

HeadWest has strategic partnerships in the industry and works directly and indirectly through highly curated service providers in the visa industry.

Unmatched Assistance to Students 

Indian students have immense potential. Hence, to direct such talents to the ever-rising education destination, HeadWest has struck alliances across Australia, Canada and Europe. Through its network, the consultancy offers a range of courses to its student clients for diploma, bachelor’s, postgraduate diploma and master’s programs.

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) process ensures that the students get a streamlined visa process. Genuine students have a great opportunity to study abroad on an as low budget as Rs 15-16 lacs including living expenses per year.

Canada currently has immense potential for students, skilled professionals, and businessmen alike. There are numerous choices across different sectors to start with study and become a permanent resident or set up a business and then become a permanent resident.

HeadWest, with its expertise in the immigration sector, is the only company in the market that is seamlessly aiming to benefit students. It does so by giving them an end-to-end solution. The students are directed in a study course depending on their liking which will further make a pathway to PR Visa.

Vikas says, “Canada is at the forefront of the International education sector with the innovative SDS admission process and pro-student part-time work opportunities, Co-op options and finally the post-study work right of up to 3 years which gives an opportunity to convert the study status to permanent residency and a pathway to Canadian Citizenship.”

Noteworthy Awards 

  • “10 Most promising Immigration Consultants in India 2018” by a Review Magazine
  • “Most Promising Immigration Consultants in India” by India Business Awards 2018 organized by Blind Wink
  • Nominated by The Entrepreneur Magazine in 2018.

Success Stories

 Vikas has mentioned a few stories that have changed the lives of his clients. He mentions, “Mr.Raj chose to join an MBA program through the foundation pathway and has been highly impacted by our service. His Visa was rejected in the first attempt, however, our team worked relentlessly on his case and worked on his SOP document and made it really impactful and he was able to Join University Canada West.”

Vikas adds, “Mr. Kumar wanted to pursue Supply and chain management course. We found such an option at Yorkville University and were able to place him in their Bachelor program. He got a Scholarship of $10000 and got his Visa approval in a quick time. He is well settled in his course and has further referred his sister who has started her admission process with us for the Business Management program at Vancouver Community College.”

Vikas’ and the team’s dedication and honesty have helped shape various lives. There are many opportunities for people in Canada and lead a peaceful life. Through HeadWest’s assistance, the dream of immigration can be made true.

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