KinderKrippe and Kindergarten Sorgenlos: Keeping the Young ones’ Curiosity Ignited

Overcoming challenges fill children with an unexplainable delight. For them accomplishing even something as little as writing a correct letter ‘a’ and being able to pronounce it correctly is similar to euphoria. And in the world where everything seems to change at a rapid pace, children’s curiosity needs to be keep kindled at every step of the way.

Hence, we at The Knowledge Review have found KinderKrippe and Kindergarten Sorgenlos, a kindergarten that not only keeps on igniting its young minds’ curiosity but also make sure to develop a strong foundation for them to become a better and responsible individual.

Sorgenlos was founded in 2014, through the desire of the kindergarten’s Chairman Lady Tamara to provide a better upbringing for her children. She wanted to feel confident in knowing her kids were properly taken care of and in the best way possible.

I wanted to go to work and do whatever I want, carefree, but I also wanted my kids to learn and play in a carefree manner!” says Tamara with a smile. This is how ‘Sorgenlos’ began, although, sorgenlos is not considered a positive word, she knew it fitted perfectly with what she had in mind.

The kindergarten infrastructure is unique due to its modern smart approach. It also focuses on having plenty of space in all the rooms needed for the most optimal experience for the children.

In the following interview, the modern school’s chairman Tamara has taken us through Sorgenlos’s journey and explained to us its many endeavors which have transformed it into the exemplary kindergarten that it is today.

  1. Help us understand the Sorgenlos’s Vision and its Mission. Also, provide us with its accreditation and few of its notable comprehensive programs.

Our Kindergarten’s mission is about raising children in an open-minded, unified community, where children can freely express themselves and grow up being their own individuals. We focus on enhancing our little ones’ qualities so they can enter the World as better learners, due to the strong ground we provide for them.

The reason why we are lingually oriented is another way we believe our children will be better equipped for their future endeavors that await them. We envision a world where we build bridges instead of walls, and what better way to do so than to drop the language barrier in their future.

All of our teachers are certified professionals not only by working with children, but also in their professionalism towards their lingual capabilities. Apart from this, we have a variety of extracurricular activities we do on a regular basis that help our little ones advance their knowledge in different spheres.

  1. Enlighten us about the extracurricular activities that are held in School which creates a vibrant learning environment. 

We organize many educational trips and different courses, parents and children can choose from to attend if interested. It is of importance to us to raise the future generation with awareness of the world around us, which is why we try to stay up-to-date with all the latest ways of how to properly educate and look after the children.

We try to do as many trips, and do as many educational things as possible, as it is important for us to have the children experience valuable life situations through experience.

Some of our trips include; going to different parks around town, visiting the Zoo, going to the countryside, visiting museums, attending children-related events. Some of our extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to; tennis practice, drama classes, School-ready classes, etc.

About the Chairman

Lady Tamara is the founder and chairman of the kindergarten since 2009. Tamara’s three sons inspired the drive behind the creation of Sorgenlos. Niki, her oldest son, born 2004, was the one who sparked a desire in mama Tamara to consider how she wants her little one to be raised, while away from them.

Not being fond of the private kindergartens on the market at the time, she wanted to take things in her own hands. Hence, after the birth of her second son Vini, she started Sorgenlos with a vision she has for her’ children’s future.

Since the kindergarten was founded, it has not only served Tamara excellently with the upbringing of her sons, but also many other international families, who find its programs to be a great fit for them as well.

  1. How your school’s presence has enhanced the region’s educational environment? How the community of the different cities where your school has presence has benefitted and contributed to them? 

We have a wide contribution on the region’s educational environment, mainly through our multilingual approach, our variety of programs that you can choose from, and our up to date modern space infrastructure. 

  1. Along with preparing children academically, what other values do you instill in them?

Preparing children academically is of huge importance, but helping shape them as fully functioning individuals that can think and operate on their own is our biggest asset.

one of the qualities we value a lot at our Kindergarten is open communication, we achieve this primarily through parent feedback.

We try our best to keep track of who the child is, how it shapes itself, what foods help with its optimal health, and everything else that could be further articulated and communicated to the parents, for us to nurture their children better together. We try to inspire children to find their voice and articulate how they feel, what their wants are, and how to meet their needs with themselves and others, through communication in all forms.

Another big quality we focus on is learning how to properly rest and take time-outs. as we all know, today we face a lot of difficulties with our fast-paced oriented society, which is not always optimal for our health. We encourage kids to learn how to find what works for them in resting properly, take time to step back, breathe, and be mindful.

We encourage nap/quiet time for all ages. Our chef makes sure children are well-fed, with only high-quality, nutrient-rich foods as we really want the young ones to make better food choices by having given a better example from an early start. With a healthy gut, proper rest, and the right way to communicate, there are no academic challenges that cannot be easily overcome. 

  1. What are the future prospects of the School in terms of international expansion and/or upgrading the current infrastructure?

 Our plan is to maintain our high standards and demands in the spaces we own. So far we have expanded further by opening a second Kindergarten in Vienna across from our main building with additional groups. We are not currently interested in opening more venues anywhere else, but we will stay open for opportunities in the future.

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