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Located in the northernmost part of North America, Canada is spread over an area of 9.98 million square kilometers. Due to its amazing facilities and high-quality living standard, Canada has become a prominent choice of immigration for people from numerous countries. People usually immigrate depending on their needs. Some people might want to immigrate for their business purpose while some may want to immigrate as skilled workers.

Due to some complicated process, immigrating to Canada has been a difficult task for many people. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Visamax Immigration caters to the needs of such people who are willing to start their career and a new life in Canada. To help make the immigration process easier, Visamax was formed in the year 2008.

Visamax offers immigration consulting services and legal representation to businesses and individuals wishing to relocate to Canada either temporarily or permanently. The immigration process often involves complex legal procedures. Although the Canadian government tries to explain everything properly on their websites, the complicated nature of the matters makes the process difficult to understand.

The government often finds that the more they try to clarify the rules, the more confusion they create for the general public. Hence to fill this gap, Visamax provides professional immigration advice. The consultancy focuses on each individual as each person’s needs are different.

Major Personalities of Visamax 

The firm is led by 2 licensed Canadian immigration consultants who are full members of the national regulatory body, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Mr. Randy Boldt is the CEO and Principal Immigration Consultant of the firm. He obtained his MBA in Banking and Finance from the Cass Business School in England. He is extremely well-versed in the application of business knowledge in immigration procedures.

Randy is currently a member of the board of the regulatory body ICCRC. He has also appeared multiple times before the Parliamentary Committee on Immigration as an individual to provide submissions.

Tobey Xiang is the Associate Immigration Consultant at Visamax Immigration. His main practice areas include students, skilled workers, and family sponsorships. He also has experience representing clients before the Canada Border Services Agency and in study permit compliance audit proceedings.

Tobey is extremely well-versed in Canada’s immigration legislation and court decisions at various levels. Aside from advising and representing immigration clients, Tobey also devotes his time to advise fellow immigration consultants in the industry and has been called “the consultant of consultants”. Tobey is bilingual and speaks English and Chinese Mandarin.

Exclusive Services 

The core service of Visamax is to advise and represent its clients in almost all immigration programs and proceedings which also include Provincial Nominee Programs. Visamax offers general business advice exclusively for its business clients. This helps its clients to develop sound and practical business plans and organize their source of funds. 

When it comes to services for international students, Visamax provides easy and convenient services with regards to their visa processing. Visamax Immigration is also the authorized student recruiter for most of the post-secondary schools in Manitoba. For students destined to the province of Manitoba, Visamax Immigration offers school admission services free of charge.

Visamax Immigration stands out from other firms in that it recognizes and appreciates the differences among individuals. “We believe that the same piece of advice would not work well if designed to fit everyone. This puts us in a good position to determine the best-tailored solution or course of actions we recommend to our student clients,” says Randy.

Visamax’s free career counselling for their student clients helps the students to get accustomed better to the labour market environment after their graduation. This would help them with their transition into skilled workers and permanent residency eventually.

Significant Role of Visamax 

As most of the clients desire to eventually immigrate to Canada permanently, Visamax with its careful evaluation makes it possible. The immigration process is tedious and requires a thorough knowledge of all the sections involved in the immigration process. Visamax Immigration is a trusted advisor and advocate during the execution of the entire arrangement, which requires thorough and detailed planning.

Randy adds, “We firmly believe in the importance of giving advice that is competent and ethical. Moreover, student clients are often within the age group that requires extra guidance and support, and these are what we strive to provide as well.” 

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada 

Canadian Government gives great importance to international graduates as they are considered as the most suitable immigration candidates for the country. Most of the economic immigration programs feature facilitative requirements for graduate students.

While on the business side, the immigration program has recently been changed targeting the entrepreneurs in the Hi-Tech industry under what’s called the Start-up Visa Program. It has changed from a temporary pilot project to a permanent immigration program.

This is a reflection of the government’s strong intention to start recruiting more tech entrepreneurs amid the U.S immigration crisis. Visamax Immigration will be pleased to work with clients in both areas. As Randy concludes, “Our mission is to become one of the most well-known and sought-after immigration consulting firms in the country.”

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