I Business Institute: Grooming the Business Leaders of Tomorrow by Providing Educational Excellence
I Business Institute

Did you ever wonder how the world would be if the whole business concept did not exist? What if the barter system did not start and the human civilizations went on with whatever they could produce? Everything would be so different then, and the world that we live in today might not even exist in the first place. The business has become the lifeline that connects every dot in the world to keep it alive.

Over the years, the face of business and its administration has evolved, improvised, and taken a completely new look. At the initial stages of exchanging goods for other items, the business space saw a shift in its transaction, leading to exchanging goods and services for precious metals.

Though few businesses still use such means, the primary medium for a transaction has changed to money, and now the world is looking forward to decentralised cash in the form of cryptocurrency. With money, product, services, and people involved in every step, studying business and its nature has been a subject in education since the beginning of early human civilisations. Today, along with other specialised business schools and institutions, mastering business administration is recognised as the face of business.

There are probably thousands of business institutes in this modern world that teach, train, and specialise the young minds for modern business. Since ancient times, the Indian sub-continent has been a center of attraction for trade and business. Today, in troubling times like these, with high inflation and changing business scenarios, the business space demands good business leaders from India.

The responsibility of creating and producing good business leaders falls on the shoulders of business institutes in India. However, many business institutions have made their mark over the years by giving world-class people in business to the modern business ecosystem. Few colleges have taken charge and, in a short time, became a prestigious and one of the most sought after business institutions by the students.

For this edition of The Knowledge Review, we went out on the quest to find India’s Best PGDM and MBA Colleges of the Year; we came across the I Business Institute (IBI). The college, located in Greater Noida, is responsible for producing some of the best business leaders who effectively change the business face.

IBI, in quick time, has made its mark in the business education space and has had a commanding impact on the changing paradigm of the business space.

The Initiation Story of IBI

Most of the prestigious PGDM and MBA colleges have a long history and were started in the 20th century. Surprisingly, I Business Institution was established in 2008, with a unique approach to providing quality education facilities to aspiring business leaders. IBI today has become the knowledge hub of NCR, opening a plethora of opportunities for budding managers.

The business institution has equipped itself with a robust infrastructure and furnished itself with all the latest technology and user-friendly accessories that have simplified learning for the young business minds of the country. The institution has a lavish air-conditioned auditorium with a high seating capacity and advanced classrooms with projectors and AV aids to facilitate smooth classroom learning.

IBI offers a two-year, full-time PGDM program approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The institution has carved a niche for itself in Greater Noida’s academic circuit. The credit for its meteoric growth in the education space is reflected in its core values that laid the foundation of the institute.

This has made IBI an ideal institute of knowledge and producing experts in business management. IBI has brought expertise from various disciplines and diverse backgrounds under one roof with one vision – to enhance the business administration in India.

IBI’s Vision and Mission

The I Business Institute, Greater Noida, has the vision to be a globally recognised premier management institute, and the institution’s unique academic approach backs this vision. IBI has dedicated itself to providing educational excellence to its students and grooming the future leaders of India and the world.

The institution has recognised the need for training along with theoretical knowledge. The institute aims to maintain a perfect balance between the two, committing to bringing out the best in every individual.

The values associated with IBI are to groom the management students in a way that will meet the challenges of a dynamic global business environment. To endorse such values, the institute provides its students high-quality industry-approved curriculum. With this method, the institution takes a step closer to achieving its vision and enhancing students’ career opportunities.

To make their entire model work and give a direction to their students to envision the same vision as the institute, IBI collaborates and partners with various Multinational Corporations (MNCs). They provide a world-class management training program that circumferences corporate exposure and academic detail.

Industry-Based Course Objective and Learning Outcomes

The institute being a walkway to learning resonance, IBI not only focuses on learning but also on the professional development of the students, providing them with a holistic environment.

The course objective of IBI runs parallel with the industry requirement. The institute recognises the loopholes in the industry management and updates its course objective depending on that. This unorthodox approach to academic learning helps the industry in the long term while providing the students with an opportunity for spontaneous and continuous growth.

The institute firmly believes in imparting knowledge through Live Projects with the Industry, Certifications Courses, Summer Internships, Personality Development Classes, and grooming sessions by experts, making IBI one of the country’s finest PGDM and MBA institutes.

An Admiring and Change Initiating Leader

The Managing Director of the Institution, Mr Sujeet Roy, has been keenly involved in bringing and initiating change in IBI. The higher authorities of the institution, including Sujeet Roy, and the Director and Dean of Academics of IBI, have been instrumental in the meteoric success of the institute.

Mr Sujeet Roy has given IBI a new direction, changing the perspective of academics for PGDM and MBA students in India. “The Institute has always been running on the right path with more emphasis to academics – in terms of curriculum designing (vetting with the industry experts); pedagogy (including practical-case study-based approach); emphasis to the curricular and extracurricular activities (panel discussion, parliamentary debate, marketing fest, etc.), mentoring students, etc. All these have been instrumental in bringing a new change and has been welcomed and appreciated by students,” says the institute’s Managing Director.

Various programs like The Faculty Development Programme (FDP), Staff Development Programme (SDP), Employee Development Programme (EDP) are organised by the institute for the development of policy framework of the organisation. This is done and organised for the betterment of the institute.

“IBI has also organised and conducted Management Development Programmes (MDP) for the professionals. These have helped enhance the outreach of our institution,” added Mr Roy.

A Home Away from Home

The institution organizes numerous extracurricular and co-curricular activities for PGDM and MBA students to make IBI a place filled with happiness and provide students with a lively atmosphere.

“We have good intention and a core belief that through extracurricular activities we can impart learning in different ways to make a student grow and practice the management theories by applying the theory into practice. IBI always encourages students to organize and manage the events and trust us, the outcome is always satisfying and filled with learning,” emphasizes the Managing Director.

IBI organises various activities on the campus like Marketing Fest, Debate Competition, Panel Discussion, Business Quiz, etc., for the overall development of the upcoming managers and business leaders. “We at IBI celebrate all the cultural events to maintain the religious vibes among the students. We have high diversity, and therefore the institute considers its responsibility to give a home away from home to the students,” added Mr Roy.

Notable Achievements and Accreditations

I Business Institute is approved by AICTE, Ministry of Human Resource Development. IBI being the only institute in India associated with IFRA, Canada, is a significant achievement in itself. Along with that IBI is a proud member of the Association of Universities of Asia & Pacific (AUAP), which allowed the institute to extend tie-ups with established brands for the development of its students. Along with that, IBI has also signed MoUs with corporates for industrial exposure for its students.


  • Best Private Institute with Industry Interface and Scale of Operations, Global Leadership Award 2020
  • Best Private Institute of India for Excellence in Education and Entrepreneurship by Global Leadership Award 2020
  • Best Management College in UP for industry interface 2020 by CEGR
  • Best Institute in Industry Linages by Education Excellence 2019
  • Top Institute of India by Education Excellence 2019

Overcoming the Challenges Put Forth by COVID-19

IBI saw COVID-19 Pandemic as an excellent opportunity for students to grow and get exposure to the online business paradigm. The institute invited more than 100 companies to conduct an internship drive (an internship program started by IBI in March 2021). IBI has provided multiple internships and placement opportunities to the students that helped them keep themselves busy and safe during uncertain times.

“A complete Corporate Week was organised wherein more than 20+ corporates were invited to give sessions to the students. Coming to academics, we do not believe in online classes. We call them virtual classes as there is a high point of interaction that takes place, which makes the student connect with the subject and their mentors, to give a strong feeling of relativity to our students,” said the institute management.

“I Business Institute is a highly responsible Institute that holds the responsibility of not only students but for every individual entering our premises. We take all the necessary precautions starting from the entrance to the entire campus. The college administration keeps a strong eye on sanitization, and all safety measures are taken care of. We maintain social distancing norms in the entire premises to safeguard everyone from this deadly virus. The institute has designed its infrastructure considering the social distancing norms and keeps on altering the same for the safety of all,” says Mr Roy addressing the COVID-19 challenges and the prevention methods used by the institute.

Towards a Visionary Future

The higher authorities at the institute are confident about the vision they have for the institute in the future. Keeping the core envision, the institute focuses on developing and binding the students for high growth opportunities.

“I Business Institute has corporate Tie-Ups with brands to provide strong support in terms of training and consultations. Recently, a workshop was organized by E-Cell of IIM Calcutta and Make Intern on leading topics of Digital Marketing and Campus to Corporate. The institute has its own Incubation Centre to support student ideas by encouraging them for start-up ventures,” added Mr Roy.

“Various Live Projects are given to the students in their core specialization domain that helps in understanding academic concepts better. We, as an Institute, see things as positive and blooming. The entire fraternity of I Business Institute is working towards holistic development and has strong plans to take IBI to new heights,” says Mr Roy, envisioning a bring future for the institute.

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