IH Brisbane – ALS: Delivering Reformative English Language Education
Queensland| Neil G. Preston

Language is a bridge towards understanding cultures; it creates identities and a sense of belonging.

To possess knowledge of any language means to assure one’s survival in a world that runs on communication. We wouldn’t have had great books, record breaking lyrical masterpieces, or even the basic technological developments for that matter, if there weren’t any languages. Maybe humans without language would’ve apparently been just walking mannequins.

It is probably safe to say that up to a certain point of time, the human evolution was on the right path. The development of verbal communication since ancient times to post modern era, has been quite powerful and has asserted prominence on certain languages. The emphasis being laid on the global usage of these languages primarily for trade, and other relations as well.

English is one of those languages in significance since the advent of globalization. It is the first language of approximately 50 countries around the world. Learning English gives an individual seamless amount of opportunities across the global market. Apart from formal education and entailing syllabi, English is also taught private institutes as a certificate course for students who haven’t had access to the language in their respective regions.

In an endeavor to seek and exhibit institutes that provide exceptional educational value, The Knowledge Review, introduces a captivating list of The 10 Best Diploma and Certificate Providers in Australia, 2019.

A profound name among the featuring institutes in this edition is IH Brisbane – ALS, Queensland, which is the largest single-location private-owned institution which provides English language courses for international students.

Since its foundation in 2007, the institute has achieved four-digit growth over last ten years and anticipates continued double-digit year-on-year growth in the forthcoming years. Recognized among the best quality schools in Brisbane, IH Brisbane – ALS provides English languages intensive courses to overseas students (ELICOS) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses with an innovative approach and advanced technologies while meeting strong regulatory frameworks and accreditation.

For IH Brisbane – ALS, targeting education markets such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China in Asia and Brazil and Colombia in South America, with individualized marketing strategies, and capturing students’ need from initial contact through strong supply chains has enabled sustainability and exceptional growth in these markets.

The average number of students was 1,683 in the academic year 2018-19 with 7% year-on-year growth. Whereas in 2019, we the institute has launched its modern and new campus located in 116 Adelaide street, Brisbane.

The Driving Force

“IH Brisbane – ALS constantly strives to provide excellence in education using teaching practices that are based on real world experiences,” says Neil G. Preston, the Principal of Administration. “It actively promotes personal understanding within its international community through quality learning,” he adds.

Neil has been contributing towards the unfaltering growth of IH Brisbane – ALS for the past 10 years. He started as a teacher, was promoted to an assistant DOS, then later became the DOS.

It’s been 5 years since he became the Principal of Administration and he is fully in charge of whole organization. Neil’s strategic leadership provides a concrete vision for the organization and helps the company to create well-trained and well-equipped team members.

Instilling Value and Expertise

IH Brisbane – ALS’s constant aim is to also ensure that all students feel a sense of accomplishment. In order to fulfill these goals, the institute feels it is essential that everyone is aware of, and adheres to, the following fundamental principles:

Service/attitude: ‘We will strive to provide outstanding services to our clients at all times.’

Enthusiasm/energy: ‘We will be enthusiastic and energetic and strive to help our clients have an enjoyable and fruitful experience.’

People: ‘We will be good team players and will work well with others to provide an excellent educational experience.’

Learning: ‘We are constantly improving and developing new and existing skills so as to maximize the level of service we provide.’

Uniqueness: ‘We are individuals in an individual environment, and by remaining flexible and adaptable, are able to effectively utilize our strengths to ensure that we provide outstanding services.’

Skills: ‘We will ensure our job skills are up to date so as to provide outstanding service to our clients.’

Reliability/responsibility: ‘We will be reliable and try to get the job done right the first time.’

Vision: ‘We will always look ahead and try to anticipate our clients’ needs to help them achieve their goals.’

Image: ‘We will always be neatly and appropriately attired.’

Communication: ‘We will communicate well, listen carefully, and ask questions appropriately to ensure successful achievement of goals.’

Excellence in performance: ‘We will work to a high standard and try to show good judgment in difficult situations.’

Based on careers choices students are exposed to certain academic backgrounds and trainers’ know how. It is a valuable opportunity for students to access their own learning and feel confident to apply it in real world.

IH Brisbane – ALS students’ successful stories has become everyday news. Mr. Jean, Rafael, Paola and Victor are just a few names of alumnus who became work colleagues at the institute. There are former students such as Pedro who is soon to be a QUT graduated nurse, and many more students returning home to work as pilots, doctors, teachers, carpenters, etc.

In Foresight

IH Brisbane – ALS’s goal is to create the best learning environment for its students. “Our ‘PRIDE policy’ can been seen as a tool to enable this environment to be created,” Neil expresses.

The sense of belonging, and respect is the main idea behind the policy that was created to enhance the student’s overall learning experience.

The institute expects further expansion of scope of programs and an additional campus to be open within 2 years.

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