MILCOM Institute – Transforming Students into Experts of Telecommunications Industry
MILCOM Institute| Ashish Chadha

With four branches spread across Australia, MILCOM Institute is a leading registered training organization. It is renowned for providing comprehensive training facilities to aspirants of the Australian telecommunications industry.

The institute is also endeavoring to expand its offerings into various disciplines with the objective of providing the clients with a wide spectrum of courses.

MILCOM has built a strong reputation in over two decades of being a specialist training provider for the telecommunication industry. The high recommendation of its students and their employers is a testimony of the quality of courses this institute provides and their relevance to the workplace.

Exhibiting Expertise

The institute embraces a practical approach towards education, delivering industry-relevant training programs in business, management, and engineering. It also focuses on training individuals and transforming them into able professionals of the Australian telecommunications industry.

Its goals also revolve around delivering approved programs for Telstra, NBNCo, and Optus and helping people in the industry to up-skill and assist in the development of their career in telecommunications.

The institute also specializes in the delivery of a broad range of communications courses including product specific training and course content specially designed for various corporate needs.

MILCOM is committed to designing and delivering a curriculum which connects students to the workplace or corporate world. Accordingly, students are trained and prepared for current or eventual employment in their respective fields of choice. It works closely with a number of partner organizations while designing any of its programs.

Exceptional Facilities

 The hands-on and detailed educational and training procedures are the hallmarks of the institute. Another added advantage of MILCOM is the conveniently located training centers in all the major capital cities of the country. The state-of-the-art training equipment provides students the ultimate educational experience.

The institute’s trainers are industry experts and masters of their craft. With the required depth of current knowledge and industry experience, these instructors allow participants to practice new skills in a supervised simulated work environment or at the workplace. Students and employers can be confident that the acquired skills can be directly applied on the job.

Percipient Leadership

 MILCOM has stood out to be a strong pillar in terms providingemployment in the telecommunication industry. The road to success wasn’t easy. It faced challenges along the way, and when time was tough, its leaders, with a devotion to create the perfect product have faced many challenges, but even through  tough times they never lost their vision.

One such individual, who with his commitment to materialize MILCOM’s excellence in adversities and its incredible vision to take the shape of reality, is Ashish Chadha, the Chief Executive Officer.

Ashish’s decisions have always led to major accomplishment of MILCOM. He closely works with the Board of Management to develop strategies for future growth and expansion opportunities.

He brings with him a diverse range of industry experience from hospitality, marketing, and education. Being an entrepreneurial spirit, Ashish’s expertise has transformed the institute into a growth-focused company. With his experience in overseas markets, he has been able to provide unique insights into potential opportunities in foreign markets.

Another individual leading MILCOM, alongside Ashish, is Steve Cunliff, the National Business Development Manager. Before entering the world of training and education, he gathered almost two decades of experience in the recruitment management and human resources space. A dedicated mindset and positive attitude has helped Steve to mentor and guide many students onto the pathway of success, working within the full spectrum of students which includes school students, trainees, technicians, veterans, and international students.

Plethora of Courses Offered

 The institute offers the students a wide array of excellent courses which provide in-depth knowledge about the subject matter. It focuses on clarifying all their doubts and queries and preparing them for all the challenges of the industry. Telecommunication is a booming industry in Australia. This industry has become extremely popular within the country and is on high demand. Mobile and wireless services are on the rise; there has been a growth in mobile data consumption volumes and enhanced mobile connectivity. Keeping this fact in perspective, MILCOM offers full-time Telecommunications Courses, with pre-selected electives tailored to specific industry outcomes. Whether an individual is working inside customer premises, or on the external carrier network, it has an option to suit their needs.

The institute offers an Advance Diploma in Telecommunications Network Engineering, a unique course of its kind. This qualification does not require 1 year paid experience, which is the reason why this course has a distinct power and popularity in Australia, as compared to other trade courses.

MILCOM is committed to delivering high-quality safety awareness course & training to ensure that all members of the telecommunications and technical security industries are working to the correct standards and requirements, and are qualified to perform their tasks in the various work environments they will encounter. These principles are applied across the design of all the courses to ensure students are learning in a supportive environment and one that keeps them safe and reinforces the importance of workplace safety.

Most of the international students are only interested in those courses, which assists them to get an Australian residency. The institute provides them with this opportunity to attain residency of the country, while pursuing education at the same time.

Delivering Tailored Solutions

MILCOM has been associating itself with employers, leading companies, and government bodies for over a decade. It works towards adopting the standard training programs to suit various bespoke requirements. The institute has been the top pick for many companies who aim to improve their operating performance and profitability.

MILCOM offers the perfect solution for many companies who intend to improve their operating performance and profitability. It pays detailed attention to various specific features like developing and delivering design cadetship programs that train students to become trained professionals, to identifying solutions to solve quality issues in specific field installation practices, and so on.

The institute offers training to the students to ensure their overall development. It offers them the opportunity to work for and receive training in the 3 major Telcos in Australia. This training provides the students with job ready skills to help them gain valuable employment with both the organization directly or the large network of second and third tier providers.

Major Awards and Accreditations

 Throughout its journey of imparting excellent educational facilities, the institution has achieved many landmark feats. It is listed as an approved training provider for NBN Co and is regularly delivering accreditations like NBN Safety & Awareness which are mandatory for working on an NBN Site.

Recently, MILCOM has also been running training sessions for NBN Co employees to up-skill them for copper network installations and maintenance as part of the NBN Rollout. MILCOM were nominated for the 2015 Telstra Business Awards based on its exceptional customer service and telecommunications training for Telstra Technicians and Contractors across the country.

MILCOM not only has brilliant industry links, but is also a member of various associations and organizations that are committed to delivery and improvement of quality training outcomes. The institute is able to properly utilize this opportunity by ensuring the training programs developed are in line with current knowledge and trends, while making sure that the students are getting access to the most up to date information possible.

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