Importance of a Morning Routine in a Student’s Life
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Importance of a Morning Routine in a Student’s Life

“Early to bed, early to rise”, as this proverbs goes, getting up in morning can only happen if a student sleeps early the previous night. Many a times, waking the kids up in the morning is a task for their parents, as students tend to be lazy in morning and may be running short on sleep. This happens because of irregular sleep patterns, staying awake late night, and also due to the use of entertainment sources like the television and tablets.

The importance of a morning routine is essential in order to make each day more productive and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle among students. Inculcating these habits at a young age is beneficial for the longer run, as kids at a tender age grasp quickly and learn more. Hence, waking up at the right hour is necessary for the development of the student in many ways.

Mornings are considered to be a good kick-start and an excellent sign for the rest of the day. Early risers often feel fresh and bright and get a little extra time for themselves, when they become a part of the 6 am group. For kids, going to school early in the morning is a must as they get the rest of the day to themselves, where they can proceed with their extra-curricular activities. For students, who enjoy sports or our actively pursuing sports as their career, getting up early can be an advantage. During this hour, their energy levels are accelerated and they can deliver the results at their best form.

An early riser has a great source of energy then a normal riser who tends to wake up around 8 or 9 am. This is because the body is highly energetic and enlightened in the morning and as the hours pass, it starts to feel lethargic. This happens because once you get up at an odd hour that is around 9 or 10, it tends to push your other activities and habits. It affects the eating, playing, and studying routine and hampers the time management in many ways.

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Students need to plan their day or understand the importance of time management at an early age. This way, they can decide a fixed morning routine and waking time and implement it for better results. The significance of exercise in this modern time is immense and to make this a habit in the student’s life, parents should conduct some sort of playful activities like running, skipping, gymnastics or any sport that their kid enjoys. Simply playing in the park will also enhance the morning routine as playing makes students happy and ensures a better learning process.

A morning start is valuable for a student and can help the students gain a momentum of their morning and elevate their life by helping them grow to their true potential. By practicing the art of morning ritual, one can definitely imbibe excellent qualities and perform to their best abilities.

-Apurwa Bhosale

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