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The advent and rapid progress of technology have generated quite a buzz over online education in India. Numerous professionals and students have signed up for online courses in recent years to hone their relevant skills. While observing such trends, one can say that the number of people taking up online education will rise significantly in the near future. However, with the limitation of acceptance of these technologies, a hybrid solution is expected to gain more popularity in the approaching years wherein online education providers will deploy offline centers to provide classroom-simulated teaching experiences to students. Various other trends such as gamification and video learning are likewise gaining popularity in India and we have already witnessed prominent players gearing up for the same in order to enhance the engagement of learners.
Keeping these technological advancements in education, The Knowledge Review presents this special issue “India’s 10 Best Online Education Providers, 2019”, which features the finest education providers in the online arena that are embracing the modern trends and are providing the simplest access to the education all the while fabricating the next-gen long life learners.

Institute of Real Estate & Finance: Creating Future Real Estate Leaders and Managers

To impart quality education in real estate housing finance sector using technology and partnership with various stake holders

India’s real estate industry is currently around 180 billion $ comprising Real Estate, Construction, and Housing Sector. It is expanding very briskly and generating the second largest employer in the country but at the same time is highly unorganized and full of malpractices. The advent of Real Estate and Regulation Act (RERA) implemented by the Government of India in May 2017 has pushed the real estate sector towards professionalism and strong growth in coming years. Likewise, real estate schools must play a role in getting relieved of such bad methodologies, promote health education, and boost the sector…


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