Institute of Creative Excellence: Offering World-class Quality Education to Media and Entertainment Aspirants
Institute of Creative Excellence

The Institute of Creative Excellence now popularly called as ICE was launched by Balaji Telefilms with an aim of providing world class quality education to the aspirants of the entire Media & Entertainment industry related courses. It offers specialization in Acting, Modeling, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Production, Scriptwriting, Sound, and VFX. ICE has 11 centers across India supposedly the largest network of center in the country.

Mass media is a significant force in the modern culture. In the recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented growth in the world of communication. With the increase in the number of television sets, news channels, radio stations, advertising and so much more, the field seems to be transcending into an unmatched growth and along with it the option of its pursuers to have a dynamic career.

With the changing norms of economy, media is now diverse in form and ownership. The rise of new media has created a whole new range of possibilities. A degree in media and entertainment related courses opens up career opportunities in various domains like Acting, Modeling, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Production, Scriptwriting, Sound, and VFX.

Boasting a rich legacy in quality Indian cinema, Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE) offers a quality experience through their infrastructure and teaching. Having a full-fledged studio setup, and industry experts to deliver lessons, knowledge no longer remains theoretical. In today’s competitive world, the power to identify industry trends and keeping pace with them is a critical factor which differentiates ICE from the rest.

Since inception, ICE has aimed towards creating an institution that continuously sets international standards, and even surpasses them. This constant focus has indeed paid them handsomely in the form of an ISO 9001:2015 Certification, the final authority on world-class management processes and procedures.

Latest Cutting-edge Facilities

While ICE has a host of facilities, a few very important ones which make them different compared to other players in the same segment are:

Live Environment: ICE is housed in a campus that has 13 studios of Balaji Teleflims, thereby exposing students to live environment on a regular basis throughout the duration of the course.

Prefereed Partner: ICE is Preferred Partner  of Balaji Telefilm, Balaji Motion Pictures & ALT Balaji for sourcing fresh talents-

Projects and Assignments: Most of the programs include extensive five projects giving students a strong command on their subject as they implement practically what they learn in class. Most importantly projects are shot in a professional environment including property, camera and other necessary equipment and finally edited. Thus students, through the medium of a project, implement what has been learned giving them the necessary confidence and finesse.

Infrastructure: ICE is furnished with state-of-the-art fully equipped classrooms and studios, where students are trained with the latest software and equipment.

ICE Academic Council

Jeetendra Kapoor, Chairman, ICE Academic Council, was, is and will always be one of India’s most beloved leading men. Since the inception of ICE, Jitendra’s extensive network and relationship within the entertainment industry have proven to be extremely beneficial for the organization. He continues to lead ICE continuously pushing boundaries and opening new frontiers.

A creative force, a dynamic personality and an insightful content creator, Ekta Kapoor is the Member of the ICE Academic Council. She has an uncanny understanding of the Indian viewers and aims to convey her unmatched creative vision through ICE.

Unique Initiatives to Facilitate Quality Education

Considering the fact that the major aspirants for Mass Media studies are in the age group of 17 to 24 years, ICE primarily focuses on conducting regular seminars and workshops across colleges and other educational institutes across the country. The workshops are conducted with the objective of giving students a broader perspective of the Media & Entertainment Industry and all the career opportunities that are available to them.

Besides this ICE also has a strong presence on the Digital Platform as today’s youth is majorly hooked to the internet for possibly any kind of information. Lastly, ICE also invite parents along with students to educate them about career opportunities in the Media & Entertainment Industry and how a common man aspiring to have a career in this field can get started and be successful.

Words of Trust

“I learned Acting methods, camera facing and how to emote in any situation from ICE. And because of these learning I could perform best out of me in my serial.” _ Chahat pandey, Lead Actor, Pavitra Bandhan

“ICE is the best place for an aspiring Actor where you can shape up your personality. I learnt about camera, lights and the characterization which helped me in shoot while I was working in KASAM” _ Ravi Naval, Actor, Kasam

“I don’t have any background in this industry, but because of the handholding by ICE, I immediately after passing out, got the opportunity to work as an assistant director at Saavdhan India”_ Rajat Mahajan, Assistant Director, Saavdhan India.

“Film Making is all about experience; and the experience a film aspirant gets from ICE is invaluable. It tunes your mind and body to work relentlessly towards your dreams. The placement cell of ICE has been held together well and is doing a magnificent job” _ Vishnu Udayan, Direction.

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