Magic Castle International School & Talent Academy: Helping Pupils unveil their Potential

The early years of any child play a vital role in enhancing their senses, nurturing their curiosities and instilling values that will help them throughout their life. Thus, parents across the globe seek educational institutions that have deeply integrated the above attributes in their curriculum. They are on an endeavor to find schools that will provide guidance to their children and help them explore the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. Therefore, we, at the Knowledge Review, bring forth MAGIC CASTLE International School & Talent Academy, a school in the heart of Moscow, Russia, which is an embodiment of the above aspects.

Since its establishment in 2009, MAGIC CASTLE has been providing quality international education in an accepting, exciting and loving atmosphere. It follows England’s National curriculum, which guarantees the continuity of international study for each of its pupils.

The school believes that a child’s early years are the times when the fundamentals of their personality, self-image and attitude are formed. Hence, it is determined to develop opportunities for each of its children so that these fundamentals can be strengthened. In an atmosphere of love and care, MAGIC CASTLE nurtures every child’s abilities and develops their knowledge, thinking, leadership, and ethics. It strives to develop individuals who will be confident in building relationships, treat people with respect, inspire others, and take responsibility for all they do.

Unlocking Children’s Full Potential

MAGIC CASTLE  staff is devoted to its children. As the school appreciates diversity, its staff consists of qualified teachers and native English speakers from all over the world. The school holds high educational standards, rigorous in-house training, professional exchanges, and clear institutional values that ensure professional growth for all the MAGIC CASTLE staff. They are also provided with opportunities to attend international education fairs, tours, conferences, events, etc.

At the school, each of its members collaborate to create an unforgettable childhood experience. They ensure that every child in MAGIC CASTLE’s care receives the best educational and developmental opportunities while enjoying every day of their lives.

MAGIC CASTLE’s team of experts in childhood psychology has years of practical experience working with children, parents and caretakers. They are available to both children and caretakers for any advice, help and support. To develop the best plan for its children, MAGIC CASTLE works with their parents to meet the child’s educational, emotional and social needs.

Holding The Wand

MAGIC CASTLE was established by a group of educators with a passion for creating developmental opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders. Among them, Natalie Kaminsky, the Founder and Director of MAGIC CASTLE rose to lead the school towards excellence. A scholar since childhood, Natalie holds a Ph.D. in Economics and MA in History, Geography and Languages.

With over 20 years of teaching experience at various levels such as Early years to University, Natalie is developing and maintaining the unique vision of the school which is combining academic achievement, development and care. She inspires her brilliant team who constantly pursue new ideas and opportunities that can be implemented for the holistic development of the school’s pupils.

Diverse Language Programs

Being an international school, MAGIC CASTLE provides a comprehensive language program for every age in six other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, and Arabic. All language classes provide their students to take international exams and continue their studies abroad.

Language Clubs for Children aged 0-6

Language clubs for the youngest children with native speaker teachers helps them to learn a foreign language naturally. The club’s classes include a range of activities that allow for physical movement, exploring interests and effective communication. Storytime, crafts, music and singing, active games, cooking and a snack – all of these keep MAGIC CASTLE’s children, happy, busy, and always learning in a conducive language environment.

Language Clubs for Children aged 6+

MAGIC CASTLE’s language classes are based on a communicative approach to develop speaking and comprehension skills with creative projects and interactive games to reinforce the language. This also helps the pupils to prepare for international exams.

Engaging Extracurricular Activities

Talent Academy

A wide range of sports, music, art, science, math and foreign language classes allows children to discover their talents and their true interests. Therefore, MAGIC CASTLE creates an atmosphere of Love and Care where its students learn to play musical instruments, sing, theatre performance, play chess, solve logic puzzles, create their own masterpieces from various materials, etc

By age five, the school’s students are ready to participate and win national and international contests for chess, choreography or karate.

Every month, MAGIC CASTLE conducts field trips to museums, exhibitions and events around Moscow for its pupils. To explore future opportunities and career options, the school has monthly Meet and Interesting Person events at each school. So far a violin player, an archeologist, a dentist, a yoga instructor and few more professionals have delivered engaging career presentations. REWRITE TO MEAN that these are just some of dozen we have had

Being an international school, MAGIC CASTLE explores culture and nationalities on its monthly Culture Holidays. In this period, the school develops an immersive atmosphere where living a day with food, dance, games, and traditions of a country helps to create open-minded children.

International Summer Camp

During summer, MAGIC CASTLE hosts a seaside summer camp. Every summer has a theme – Ancient Greece, Harvard vs Hogwarts, We are Superheroes! – with exciting quests, puzzles, research, experiments, character building, and emotional intelligence activities. These are offered to children aged 6 to 14.

At the camp, children are engaged in various developmental activities such as; team building, modern dance, kayaking, painting, archery, French and Chinese lessons, field trips, picnics, and expeditions.

Superheroes City Camp

At MAGIC CASTLE, school holidays and summertime are taken seriously. The school’s pupils join the Superheroes city camp in Moscow, age seven and up. In this camp, the children get to live a unique combination of a country, a famous and successful person and the skills they represent.

For e.g., one week, pupils may live in Switzerland – make Swiss breakfast every morning by themselves, learn Swiss banking procedures, study watches, enjoy views of the Swiss Alps, etc.

Every day includes four hours of activities in a park, meals, professional master classes, and creative workshops. There is also a weekly field trip to different places around Moscow to connect to the theme of the week.

All these activities combine with its distinct curriculum and caring staff, help the school to develop children who will live their aspirations and pursuits and make a positive impact on the world for the years to come.

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