Emerging Markets for International Student Recruitment

While India, South Korea and China still account for more than a quarter of all the International student enrollments, universities worldwide are seeking to diversify their international intakes, to keep pace with the changing trends in student mobility. Brazil, Nigeria and Turkey account for the list of countries which have large and young population, and has the potential to send an increasing number of students abroad in the coming years.As most of the students from these countries move abroad to pursue their master’s degree or PhD in different disciplines, so universities are seeking to boost student recruitment with two different approaches depending on the educational market scenario with academic and professional track.

There are numerous applicants across the world, mostly they are influenced by a desire to stay and work when choosing a study destination.  Among the emerging market, post-study work opportunities appear to have a stronger impact on the destination choices for the applicants.

Students who are profiled in Latin American markets are more likely to be attracted by- a strong reputation based on their own subject when choosing a study destination. Overall institutional reputation impacts a stronger pull in the profiled African markets, as well as in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Meanwhile outcomes based on employment are most often prioritized by Turkish, Nigerian and Indonesian applicants, while cultural interest and lifestyle are particularly high priorities for those who are profiled in Latin American countries.

Mostly students tend to overlook the “culture shock” factor, while culture shock may put someone off, pursuing an overseas education, and it is important to be prepared for it. Culture shock becomes a great concern if the chosen destination’s culture varies greatly from the home culture.

But experiencing different cultures is one of the most exciting experiences for an overseas student, thus proving to be both personally and professionally rewarding.

                                                                                                                        Sagar Bhattacharjee

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