Kalorex Preschool: Offering a Holistic and Nurturing Environment for the Balanced Growth of Children

Kalorex Preschool (KPrS), the professionally managed autonomous institution, aims at achieving excellence in K-12 education through a sound vision, innovation, and professionalism in its various endeavors. It believes in empowering children by helping them succeed in all spheres of life, and laying a strong foundation in early years of education.

The first five years of life is the founding period of a child’s overall growth. Today’s young parents consider preschool education as an integral part of their child’s holistic growth. They go to great lengths in selecting the correct Preschool for their child. One such preschool that keeps no stone unturned since its inception in 1995, in the overall development of its children, is the Kalorex Preschool (KPrS).

KPrS works towards being the first choice for all possible target groups in providing quality education. The core values of Kalorex are widely practiced by all the team members across all the branches of Preschools.

KPrS, not only nurtures the educational needs of children, but also inculcates in them the best of global practices, combining the elements of global attributes including 21st  century skills, life skills, people and communication skills, local values and traditions. The global quality of education within the local environment and culture, shapes the child as a GLOCAL learner, which is the Kalorex Mantra.

Activity Based Learning @ KPrS

The Academic Curriculum Framework comprises of the inbuilt Kalorex Preschool Taxonomy which is blended with different teaching – learning methodologies and pedagogies. To name a few – Multiple Intelligence, Piaget’s Theory, Regio Emilia Method and Montessori Methods are practiced as part of the curriculum. The KPrS team believes that children are explorers and innovators by nature and flourish with ample exposure and resources provided.

Kalorex lays most importance to activity based integrated learning. At KPrS, experiential and inquiry based learning is encouraged, making learning a wonderful experience for every child. At this stage, emphasis is also laid on developing language, visual, and listening skills. The classrooms in all preschools are colourfully set which attracts the interest of the little ones and also to suit their learning styles.

The Experienced Guide @ KPrS

KPrS believes in team work and hence each team member has an important contribution towards the success of the Preschool projects. The Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Ms. Nilima Shah, leads the Preschool projects and the preschool team to put their best foot forward. Her experience of more than 30 years across India and abroad in the schooling segment enables her to guide the teams in all the KPrS projects. Her vision for updating the Preschool curriculum as per the changing needs of the children and bringing in innovations in the academic field has added a distinguished flavor to the curriculum and classroom practices introduced at Kalorex Preschools.

Ms. Shah advocates use of technology and tablet based learning along with a balanced plan for experiential learning of children. Her active participation in the development of the Preschool curriculum, teaching aids, Yali Mascot stories, collection of rhymes and stories, teacher training modules through the Excellent Teacher Programmme (ETP) as well as Building Based Learning has helped the Kalorex Preschools create an environment conducive to learning.

A Unique Experience @ KPrS

KPrS provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for all branches, which includes well defined labs, zones and areas for learning. The entire infrastructure is child-friendly, supplemented with technology driven classrooms. The Preschools also provide day care facility for children up to eight years of age with well-planned after-school activities.

Kalorex believes change is constant and hence the KPrS curriculum is undergoing a makeover with a balanced use of technology as well as plans for physical and mental development as per the new age requirements. KPrS has launched its new curriculum called Early Childhood Development Stage– which blends the requirements for current and future developments. Parachute games are an integral part of the curriculum, which enhances gross and fine motor skills as well as analytical and logical skills of a preschool child.

Kalorex believes in nurturing a “Happy Confident Social Child”. It is important as a parent to encourage similar methods of learning once the child is home. Hence, Kalorex Preschools have mothers’ workshops where teachers share the past and future activities. It is a treat to watch when Preschool children make a presentation about their learning to their own parents during these workshops. Communication between parents and children plays a vital role in the child’s education, hence parents are involved in Preschool activities, celebrations and events by volunteering and participation.

 Health and Hygiene @ KPrS

Guidelines are formed to ensure quarterly health check-ups for children by registered medical practitioners. A periodic pest control is undertaken at regular intervals to ensure a pest free environment.

Sessions and various activities are conducted in order to educate children regarding importance of health and hygiene. Health check-up camps, dental check-up and eye check-up are an integral part of the KPrS routine. Pediatricians and nutritionists are invited to guide the parents as well. Children are trained to wash hands and use hand sanitizers and explained reasons for the same. They are encouraged to bring healthy food to inculcate good eating habits. Outdoor sports and physical activities are always encouraged for children’s health, including fun with parachute games.

Achievements @ KPrS

Digital learning 2017 Awards Western India:

  • No 1 in Preferred Franchise chain
  • No 1 in Innovation & Pedagogy
  • No 2 in quality Assurance
  • No 3 in success in franchise
  • No 4 in infrastructure

Southern in Awards:

  • No 1 in quality assurance
  • No 2 in infrastructure
  • No 3 in Innovation in Pedagogy
  • No 3 in Preferred Franchise Chain
  • No 5 in success in Franchise

Kalorex Preschool, Isanpur

  • No 1preschool in Ahmedabad.
  • No 1 Preschool in Gujarat
  • No 9 Preschool in India
  • Top 21 Preschool Chains of the 21st century Award– 2018

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