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“Our holistic education is intended to encourage the development of independent and well-balanced individuals, helping them to become responsible citizens who are aware of global issues.”

Spread across over 80 acres of beautiful Malaysian countryside, Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar is proud to be one of the region’s premier internationals schools for students aged between 3 -19 years. They provide boarding from the age of 11 and enjoy a diverse student population from over 25 different countries spanning across Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

In the Secondary School, they have established themselves for 27 years as one of the leading British-style, co-educational boarding school in Malaysia, with over 700 secondary students aged 11 to 19. In September 2013, they opened their state of the art Primary School, which currently has 200 students. KTJ holistic education is intended to encourage the development of independent and well- balanced individuals, helping them to become responsible citizens who are aware of global issues. They encourage students to be self-disciplined and to maximize their potentials inside the classroom and in a wide range of artistic, sporting and cultural activities.

About the Principal of the College

Dr Glenn Moodie, Principal of KTJ joined Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar in August with a rich experience of being the headmaster of a renowned school in the UK. However, in his role as Deputy Head Academic at Wycombe Abbey School in the UK, he has spent a great deal of time looking at new approaches to teaching and learning and how to ensure that young people are best prepared to face the challenges of the modern world. It is highly likely that this will form a key part of his plans.

He says that “KTJ offers a great experience to young people whose horizons are broadened in such a healthy, supportive and academically-challenging environment. We promote an international outlook that will have a lasting benefit to the students. The commitment to pastoral care and academic progress by the highly experienced boarding staff ensures that all students are supported and encouraged throughout their time here. I hope that your initial interest in KTJ will lead you to visit us soon. I look forward to meeting you.” 

Jovial Campus Atmosphere

Nestled away in the forests of Negeri Sembilan, KTJ is a place like none other – a plethora of contrasting cultures amidst stunning diversity, where lifelong friendships are formed, everlasting memories are made and traditional stereotypes are shattered. With their own values and traditions developed over almost three decades, they take pride in being a school that’s less of a school and more of a home.

With every gentle sunrise that bathes the school grounds, they look forward to seizing each day alongside those they consider as family. The sense of camaraderie and mutual-respect is so ingrained into the culture that an ethos of friendliness and warmth is ever-present. Along with this, KTJ’s approach to education is well-supported by the teachers and House-parents. The classes are filled with an enthusiastic appetite for learning and discovery, encouraging students to think independently and critically.

This is a place where challenges are met with grit and determination – it is rare to find twiddling ones thumbs at KTJ, as time is often taken up by sports, clubs, or school events that keep students engaged and help them to enjoy their time. They understand that this journey of independence and self-discovery will be daunting and that they may be nervous beyond belief, but rest assured, they will be with them at every step of the way as anyone enter to their KTJ family.

An Environment which Foster Learning                                                     

They are a registered charity, so all proceeds are channeled back into the school, which is why they are able to offer outstanding facilities, dedicated teachers and an exceptional education. Students at KTJ achieve superb examination grades, while being able to undertake a wide range of sporting and extra-curricular activities. They are also renowned for their independence and confidence, qualities that stand them in good stead as they progress to higher education anywhere in the world. KTJ also accepts day students, who do not board, and they have a significant number of day students from the surrounding areas.

Beyond the classroom the school offers an extensive program of events and guidance to the students to become a leader at Sixth Form level. Every week there are lectures from the prominent persons in a wide variety of fields, alongside a structured program of university guidance. The majority of their students choose to read degrees at UK universities, but others go on to study in the US, Japan, Ireland, Australia and Canada, as well as in Malaysia. They aim to ensure that every student is fully supported, no matter to where they are making their application and there is a whole team of staff helping to achieve this.

Annual Events

The School believes in a holistic approach to education and as such they aim to educate the whole person. Therefore, there is a full program of events and activities beyond the classroom. They aim to ensure that students achieve academic success alongside pursuing other passions and interests. To support this there are more than 100 extra-curricular activities each week in the Secondary School and more than 50 in the Primary School.

Every day ECA’s are held in the Primary school from 2:30-3:30pm. In the secondary school ECA’s are ran from 4pm until 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. For secondary school they need to take a minimum of 2 ECA’s but can do more if they wish. They offer a variety of ECA’s including plenty of different sport, music, drama, debate and social clubs. They also host annual inter-house competitions. The biggest event of the year is the annual House Singing competition which takes place during the first term. In addition to House Singing, the school also hosts many other sporting inter-house competitions including basketball, athletics, football, cross country and swimming.

Diversified Career Opportunities

At KTJ they are proud of their diverse student population. They participate in marketing fairs across Asia and have several agency contacts across the globe to encourage the growth of international students. As an established school which has been established for over 29 years and has a great reputation, they also receive a lot of international enquiries through word of mouth. To encourage students they offer an academic A Level scholarship for students joining their Sixth Form for the A Level program.

KTJ students usually go on to study at university include engineering courses, medicine, dentistry, law, accounting and finance and economics. Most students undertake these programs at UK universities.

Words of Trust

The student and staff community has a friendly and family-like nature. Debating, Forensics, Rugby, Sustainability Committee, Peer to Peer Support is our extra- curricular activities. I hope to Study Psychology and Philosophy as a degree at university after school.

-Parin Siddhartha

17 Upper Sixth, Malaysia.

I play hockey, football, netball, basketball and I go for runs a lot. I’m also a member in the Model United Nations club. It has to be Ms. Helena, my Geography teacher. Her style of teaching is really engaging and interactive, her class is never boring and she makes the subjects really interesting. If I had the power to change one thing, it’d to change the relative poverty in this world. I hope to further my studies in university and achieve my life time goals.

-Kartika Zayad 18, Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar

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