Lovely Professional University: A Revolutionary Leader in the Field of Education
Lovely Professional University - The Knowledge Review

The institute seeks to revive the golden-glory of ancient Indian education system and aims to continue preparing students to succeed in a highly competitive professional environment

Providing the Ultimate Educational and Infrastructural Experience

Commenced with the motto to develop a human resource ready to be absorbed by the industry and to play important part in the development of the society and the country, Lovely Professional University spread its wings in 2005 with the tagline– “Transforming Education, Transforming India”. Presently, it is a multi-disciplined university which makes the experience of a student more rewarding as compared to an institution with restricted number of subjects. LPU offers 200+ programmes in 40+ disciplines. It offers various professional courses in the streams of engineering, business, law, architecture, pharmacy, hotel management, journalism and more are enormously popular among aspiring students. One of the biggest reasons for this popularity is the number of technocrats that LPU has produced for the top brands in their respective fields. Moreover, LPU also offers some distinct programmes like mechatronics, automobile, oil & petroleum engineering; bioinformatics, nanotechnology, horticulture and many more.

In addition, LPU’s infrastructure is unparalleled to any other university in India. It is a mini township university with fantastic academic facilities including an eight storied library and research block, hostel and accommodation facilities for over 20,000 students, a shopping mall, numerous eateries, plenty of workshop area, India’s first IMac Lab and various other facilities for students to grow and accomplish their goals.

In fact, LPU offers 200+ programmes in 40+ disciplines, prominently in the streams of engineering, management, biotechnology, agriculture, law, architecture, pharmacy, fashion, journalism and more, which all are most popular with aspiring students. All of these cover time needed varied professional courses with regularly updated curriculum, and carry forward a legacy of excellence. These have been continuously focusing on developing future leaders, who would drive change in the society. They would be either assets to some global corporate giants or established entrepreneurs to create jobs for others. On the above lines, the curriculum and pedagogy followed in LPU are at par with the best of the universities of the world. It is a unique advantage as most of the Indian universities do not update their curriculum at all; however, based on the feedbacks of the industry, academia and students, curriculum is updated every year at LPU. It has one of the most advanced and industry relevant curricula.

The Vigilant Leader of LPU

LPU Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal is the sole dream-merchant in casting ahead regular successes and glories not only for the university but for all the stakeholders also, be it students, staff members, parents or other allied ones. He is driven by the vision and strong belief to transform the way education is delivered in India, and to pay back more to the society than received through it. After entering the education sector in the year 2001, Mr Mittal realized that as an affiliated college there were numerous limitations to the revolutionary thought he imbibed, and opened private university ‘LPU’ for imparting the quality education the way it ought to be delivered. Within a small span of its existence, LPU has established tie-ups with 200+ international universities of the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Poland, Ghana and many more.

Chancellor Mr Mittal shares: “In fact, with the success of sweets and auto dealerships’ businesses, we had thought of giving back to the society and education happened to be one of the best ways for us. The decision to step into education rather than any other sector was based on the strong belief, and it is continuously proving befitting. Many thousands of students not only from whole of the India but also from all prominent continents are getting education at LPU, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, language, religion, nationality or so.

Accomplished Alumni

Since its inception, LPU has produced numerous graduates who have made it big in different walks of life. A large chunk of its alumni are successfully pursuing careers in numerous countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Many among them are working at prominent companies like Google, Yahoo & other big brands with packages of Rs. 1 Crore and more.

From top corporate houses to buzzing start-ups, LPU alumni can be found everywhere. Tons of prestigious recruiters visit LPU every week and hold high opinion about LPU’s industry ready students. Some feel that the energy and knowledge level of students are fantastic, while others say that LPU has the best practices to provide to its students; whereas, many others get amazed by the students’ programming, presentation, solution-providing skills or so. Presently, 50,000+ LPU alumni are working in 150+countries.

Some of the notable alumni of LPU include: Utkarsh Gautam, Wireless Systems Engineer at Google; Neha Mahajan, System Programmer, Yahoo; Navtej Sandhu, Sr. Software Engineer with Apple; Harleen Thind, Tech Lead, Microsoft; Parwinder Singh, Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon; Nikhil Vasudev, Tech Lead with Bank of America; Dishant Sikka, Senior Analyst with Dell, and many more. They credit their success stories to their alma-mater LPU. Navtej shares: “LPU provided me the required knowledge and skills which helped me in refining myself and being eligible for this corporate world”. Taniya Sharma with Cognizant holds: “LPU provides students a policy of discipline, motivation and opportunity to devote time to extra-curricular and various other developmental activities”. Also, Trina at Nestle Ltd says: “LPU helped me in gaining experience at both social and professional levels. I respect all at LPU who helped me gain such a great position in the industry”.

Industrial Collaborations

LPU has a strong academia-industry connect and thus has collaborated with top companies to provide industry immersion to its students. It has partnerships with top industry including Google, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and more for promoting intense industry versatility, rigour & recognition. It also offers various opportunities to the students to work directly with industry on live and entrepreneurial projects, which provide students great insights about the latest trends in the corporate world. Students also gain on-site experiences through industry internships with corporate giants like Cognizant, Infosys, and ISRO to name a few.

Major Achievements and Recognitions

The university has achieved many landmarks on its illustrious journey. Only a few months back, Union Minister of Human Resource Development Prakash Javadekar presented ASSOCHAM’s ‘National Education Excellence Award for Best Private University’ to LPU. It has also won Best Education Brands’ 2017 award from the Economic Times (ET) in recognition of LPU as a symbol of excellence in educating and skilling India’s future. Many of the top publications related to higher education, industry and allied sectors have also accorded coveted ranking and awards to LPU as usual. Former President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee has graced two convocations of the university. Similarly, six other Presidents, Prime Ministers and top religious leaders of different countries have attended other separate LPU convocations, where they were also bestowed upon “Honoris Causa” doctorate degrees of the university, amid thousands of graduating students.

Marching Ahead Confidently Towards a Bright Future

Since its inception, LPU has registered tremendous evolution by achieving almost everything a top university should do. Through its slogan of transforming education, LPU seeks to revive the golden-glory of ancient Indian education system. By providing an academic ambience, innovative pedagogy of global significance, LPU aims to continue preparing students to succeed in a highly competitive professional environment. Now, having created a strong international presence, LPU is poised to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in academics and research, and be listed among top 200 universities of the world by the year 2025.

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