Asian School of Architecture and Design Innovations: Building a New Breed of Architects
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The School aims to provide quality education, primarily in architecture to the meritorious students, as per government norms and fee structure, and to galvanize the students to grow as a class apart, as architects committed to sustainability, who would be role models for thinking out of the box,  dreaming, conceptualizing and accomplishing  projects with unparalleled perfection.

Asian School of Architecture and Design Innovations (ASADI) is a unit of ABR Foundation, Kochi, initiated by the leading Architect, Prof. B.R. Ajit. It is a dream project of Ar. B.R. Ajit established in 2013 and approved by the Council of Architecture (COA) which is the statutory organization in the country for the education and practice of architecture. ASADI is also affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The school offers a five year course after which the students are qualified as architects with Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) Degree. Presently, ASADI conducts every year one batch of 40 students each.

Creating Responsible Citizens

ASADI, from its inception, has considered education in architecture, not just a qualification for employment or self-employment but more as an institution to create worthwhile and responsible citizens of the country.

Towards this objective, ASADI had implemented various programs and projects for the students from the first year onwards. Some of the projects that ASADI has already implemented and which are lauded highly by the public at large and educationists in particular, include: the Gurukula System; hands on training; sustainable living; learning from true masters; green campus; the College as a learning station; a free environment; and the campus with a rhythm.

ASADI marches forward with a vision to create a new breed of architects who will be social scientists deeply committed to the social needs of the day, who will fully honor the sustainability commitment and who will have the ability to change the way the world thinks and behaves by creating a better and more responsible environment and especially to house the unfortunate billions.

ASADI is proud that each and every student contributes significantly to this noble cause; the telling example is their low cost housing project intended to provide shelter for the billions of homeless people in the world. Similarly, ASADI strongly believes that the students should be involved in R& D work from the early stages itself. The project “Home and Hope for the Billion” is a major project envisaged after a great deal of thought process.

The project is proposed as a10 year-long program wherein the students of 2nd year and 3rd year B.Arch course are first exposed to R & D work, undertaking as six teams. The various subjects dealt by the teams are: technology, materials, social acceptance, budget, services, and sustainability aspects.

ASADI has excellent infrastructure and academic facilities that include a well-stocked library, central computing facilities, workshops and labs, conference rooms, separate hostels for boys and girls, riverfront cafeteria, conveyance etc.

An Exceptional Leader

ASADI marches ahead on its successful journey under the percipient leadership of Ar. Prof. B.R Ajit, the Chairman & Director of ASADI.  He is a consultant and architect to various prestigious governmental and non-governmental organizations. He has also ventured into the fields of real estate, tourism, IT and publishing. He holds a plethora of posts including Chairman of Cochin Chapter of The Indian green Building Council, Chairman for the National Committee for Green Interior Ratings, Resource person and expert architect to The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Department Of Power, Government of India. He has received several awards including Rajiv Gandhi National unity Award, the Udyog Excellence Award, the highest award of Rotary International – ‘The Service above Self’ award in 1999-2000.

Accolades and Achievements

ASADI has received numerous awards and recognitions on its glorious journey to success. It received the Global Leaders Foundation: Institutional Awards Category- South Asian Excellence Award for “MOST INNOVATIVE INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AWARD-2017” for excellent performance, splendid achievement & outstanding contribution towards the designs innovations & architectural development for the upliftment of higher education in India. Higher Education Review magazine featured ASADI in its August 2017 issue -Top 10 Most Promising Architecture Colleges in India. It has also received the Best School of Architecture & Design in South India award at a function held in New Delhi on 23rd April 2017. The award was presented to CEO of ASADI, Mrs. Ammu Ajit by Prof. Chandra Bhushan Sharma Chairman, National Institute of Open Schooling, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and Mr. Amar Singh, Hon’ble MP at a function held in Delhi. ASADI’s Green Studio Complex was given Platinum Rating with highest points of 86 under IGBC Green Interiors rating system. Designer + Builder Magazine will be covering ASADI in its upcoming issue.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

ASADI aims to create “ready architects” who will be able to go with the flow competently at any architecture consultancy. Through ASADI’s “hands-on” approach on projects, students gain sizeable experience in the management of projects right from conceptualizing stage to designing stage and implementation stage. Deserving students will be provided with start-up facilities by the Consultancy Wing of ASADI.

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