Lucrative Programming Skills which can be Learnt Online for Free

Programming jobs are often referred as-“jobs where, there is no end in sight”. As most of the  freshers with technical education background look for a job with the flexibility to work from anywhere, so for them programming is the way to go. One of the best things about programming is that most of the programming languages can be learned online for free. Introductory programming courses are available for many languages such as; Java, SQL and C. In addition to free courses there are host websites, dedicated to teach programmers how to code. So here are some of the programming languages that can be learnt online:-


Java is the most sought after programming language all over the world. It tops the latest TIOBE Index as the most popular programming language and it is also the “TIOBE Programming Language Hall of Fame Winner for 2015”. Java is the most popular platform to develop native Android applications, which runs on more than 7 billion devices. So, becoming an expert Java developer increases one’s demand, and yes, it can be learned for free.

Oracle provides extensive documentation, tutorials and learning tracks to help programming students and developers to develop their Java skills. In addition to online documentation and study, they also provide online communities where coders can join to learn more, enhance their skills and find jobs. Their Java development community is immense with more than 9 million developers, and developer meet-ups can be found all over the world.


SQL is the programming language focused on Database Management. Since almost every programming application in existence interacts with data transfer or data storage, it’s understandable that SQL tops the list of the requested skills for high paying jobs.

Microsoft provides self-paced online course in “Transact-SQL”. MySQL tutorials are available for free which helps in learning various operators, functions and much more from expert instructors, it also helps in setting up and interacting with databases. MySQL is an open source database management platform which is very popular among web applications.


C was created by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in 1972, and is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. In “TIOBE Index” it comes second, right after Java in terms of popularity. C is also expanded into C++ and C# which are flexible extensions of the C language, that allows programmers to develop applications that are capable of running on various hardware platforms. Microsoft provides free online courses for C, C++, C# through Microsoft also provides full documentation for C# on their website through developer network.

As all of the above mentioned free online courses are self-paced, so, the coders have the freedom of working at their own pace to complete the course.

                                                                                                                          Sagar Bhattacharjee



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