MAAGNA College of Hotel Management & Tourism– Transforming Aspirants of Diverse Backgrounds into Dedicated Professionals
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The college aims to set the perfect base for the students whereby, they become the most sought after professionals of the hospitality industry.

MAAGNA College of Hotel Management & Tourism was established under Telangana Education and Employment Forum to provide hospitality education, training, and placement to the students. It follows Gandhiji’s saying, “The future depends on what you do today”, with strong commitment. The premier educational college provides the platform for student’s development to make an effective contribution to society in a dynamic environment.

Dedicated Educational and Infrastructural Facilities

The college offers a plethora of diploma courses including diploma/advanced diploma/ P.G. diploma/ master diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism. Its other educational offerings include diploma/advanced diploma/ tourism and event programs. Additionally, the college conducts regular and distance university bachelor programs. Major subjects like front office, housekeeping, food and beverage service, and production are covered in the course.

MAAGNA has received affiliation and is the Authorized Training Centre of Jawaharlal Nehru Vocational Education and Training from New Delhi India. Students are awarded certificates after completing their examinations with online certificate verification. It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified college with branches in Karimnagar, Warangal, Nizamabad, and Khammam.

The huge campus in a central location provides the convenience of arranging interviews, workshops and has accommodation facilities for recruiters. Students are trained in the college and in various hotels prior to a placement, which equips them with the ability to excel in this highly contentious world. MAAGNA’s prime objective is to provide excellent employment and educational opportunities to each student, giving wings to their dreams of excelling in the field of Hotel and Tourism.

MAAGNA focuses on updating itself to the current standards of the hotel and tourism industry. It equips itself with updated technology for its betterment, all the while, benefiting the students. The college continuously trains and upgrades the skills of all the faculty members and updates various practical programs so that the students are well equipped to meet the industry demands.

The Adroit Frontrunners

Mr. Remidi Sunil Kumar Reddy and Mr. Praveen Reddy Singireddy are spearheading Maagana towards the peak of educational excellence. They both have tremendous national and international experience in the hotel and hospitality industry. Being young and dynamic entrepreneurs, they started the college together to empower the youth with employable skills at affordable fees with a shorter duration of the courses. Both of them have established a very good rapport with the industry. This helps them to provide the students with excellent placement assistance in renowned companies, with a good track of employment.

Focus on Students’ Development

MAAGNA College of Hospitality Management and Tourism provides the students very enhanced and efficient platform for emphasizing on training and placement. Many renowned companies offer employment opportunities to the graduates of the college. Also, the pre-placement training has helped the students a lot for campus placements.

With the focus on achieving excellence in educational facilities, the college conducts EQ development program, Personality Development Program (PDP), Skill Development Program (SDP), and Communication Development Program (CDP). It also maintains a low fee structure for the students.

On the Career Front

The college has a Training & Placement Department, which organizes numerous training programs for the students with the help of industry experts. It conducts campus interviews by domestic organizations and offers the students placement opportunities in leading hotels across the world. It also assists the students by providing international internship overseas. After completion of the same, students get the opportunity to bag a job in star hotels throughout the globe. Additionally, the college has multiple tie-ups with hotels, cruise lines, job recruiting agencies, and resorts, which opens doors for a plethora of opportunities for the students, through which, they can explore their potential.

The Future Pathway

The college is of the opinion that there is a rising demand for motivated and experienced professionals in the hospitality sector. MAAGNA believes that its unmatched combination of top quality lectures and experience from the best hotels around the world provides students an edge over others. This knowledge helps them to excel in academics and obtain jobs in the best companies.

Hospitality is a people business and we work with you to develop people skills, through activities, such as presentation and project work, and by giving our students the training and encouragement to build their social expertise. We will express industry requirements through the provision of hospitality skills development, operational exposure, managerial competence, and a strategic outlook” it asserts.

The institute believes that the hotel and hospitality industry has evolved dramatically across the world. Tourism has emerged with numerous branches including health tourism, education tourism, eco-tourism, and many more. These requirements call for gathering sufficient knowledge about the industry and excel in communication skills. Considering these factors, MAAGNA College regularly conducts personality development classes with eminent personalities and industry experts from respective departments. Additionally, it has also introduced in the courses, compulsory on-job training in the industry.


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