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Selecting a desired school or college is the most crucial decision a student has to take. With the plethora of colleges and courses now present in the world, making an informed decision might be difficult not only for the parents but also for the students. This is where educational consultants show their presence felt. Experienced in educational consulting and having extensive resources and knowledge regarding educational and therapeutic program options, such educational consultants help both the students and the parents make the right choice.

Recognizing the same thought, we had the opportunity to talk with Mr. P. Sreedharan, the Managing Director of Mancomp Overseas Education. The below conversation centers around why consulting an experienced education consultant is important and how his team and consultancy is helping students achieve their dreams.

IS Team:  Kindly provide us the detailed information about your firm.

Mr.  Sreedharan : Incorporated in the year 1988, Mancomp Overseas Education (previously known as Mancomp Professional Services Pvt. Ltd.) is a 32-year-old organization promoting overseas Education in India. A pioneer in the field of Education Consultancy in India, Mancomp represents many leading universities across the globe. We started long before any multi-national company opened offices in India. Mancomp was the first educational consultancy to operate in India, under a corporate banner. We have experienced counsellors who have completed relevant counselling, training for Australia, UK and Singapore. We provide personalized attention and care to all our students. We look back over the thirty two years we have left behind, with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. We have lived up to the rigorous standards we have set for ourselves. Whenever we receive a former student at our office or talk to their parents or read a mail from them, we know we have taken the right decision by starting Mancomp. The happiness and confidence on their faces gives us the strength to better ourselves in future. 

IS Team: What efforts do you take to consult about the best institutes and schools or courses for the students to pursue?

Mr. Sreedharan: First and foremost, we look at the history of the university in terms of age and recognition. We also look at the ranking of the university in various courses they offer, how the university ranks among world’s most international universities, where do they stand among Asia’s most innovative university, QS world university rankings, Times Higher Education World University rankings and many other significant rankings. We also see what life changing research; the university has contributed in making a positive impact in local communities around the world. We also look at how welcoming and friendly they are toward international students. We also look at the tuition fee structure, scholarships offered and the liveability and friendliness of the city the university is present in.

IS Team: In what way do you provide overseas boarding, financial assistance and insurance assistance to the students?

Mr. Sreedharan : We keep our students well informed about the on-campus accommodation facilities offered by universities and even help them with the application process. We are also tied up with international student accommodation provider “Urban Nest” who offer accommodation at competitive rates at their properties in Australia. We also help students to network with existing students who we have sent in finding accommodation before travelling.

We also help in arranging educational loans for our students by tying up with banks like Bank of Baroda and Axis Bank whose loan processing is faster and more convenient to the students and parents.

We recommend good overseas health covers to the students and help in the application of the same. We recommend insurances that provide a good cover at a competitive price without keeping any commissions in mind. We put the student and parents first always.

IS Team: What support do you provide in acquiring visa services in minimum time or other immigration services, and aid in further settlements?

Mr. Sreedhara:  Visa and immigration rules cannot be influenced in any manner from an organisational aspect. We aid in preparation of the necessary documentation for the visa submission and submit to the concerned embassy on behalf of the student and engage in constant follow-up. If legitimate documents are presented and the student meets the visa requirements, the student shall receive the visa in reasonable mentioned time. Mancomp has a very high visa success rate with all embassies considering the meticulous and genuine submissions made by the organisation.

IS Team: How according to you is consultation important before admitting into an overseas school or institute?

Mr. Sreedharan:  Consultation is important to determine the class and type of visa that the student is applying for. One can also determine the duration of the visa and the fee to be paid. The student also gets to know the living expenses the student should have in his or her account in India to aid in visa approval. Consultation enables us to educate the student about the country they are moving to from an all-round aspect without leaving out any details so that the transition becomes easier for the student as they are temporarily stepping out of their comfort zone. We highly appreciate the students for taking this decision and want to make things from our side as comfortable as possible.

IS Team: State about the awards and accreditations your firm has achieved?

Mr. Sreedharan: We have not received any awards as such. The best award and reward to us is when we hear from a student or their parent the news about the successful completion of the course. We are happy that we were able to aid the student in their journey and we at Mancomp always wish them best of luck. We also are awarded with a greater number of students coming to us from the referrals of our earlier students and their parents. We are extremely grateful to them for this.

Accreditations: Member since the inception of AAERI (Association of Australian Educational Representatives in India)

Member of the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce

Certificate of appreciation and support from QUT International (Queensland University of Technology) from then Vice-Chancellor RD Gibson in the year 1993.

IS Team: What is the outreach of the firm globally in terms educational consultancy?

Mr. Sreedharan : We have reached all over India. We have sent students hailing from different students across India despite not having a physical office elsewhere. Being a 32-year-old organisation, Mancomp is well known amongst most reputed universities in countries like Australia, Singapore, UK and Ireland. This is because we were here before anyone else and have represented and been associated with them for long.

IS Team: What are the future prospects of your firm in terms of expansion?

Mr. Sreedharan : Over these 32 years we have helped in transforming the lives of over 5000 students and we wish to continue with our service and help many more students in the years to come. We plan on expanding and reaching out to more students by opening satellite offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Cochin in the coming years.

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