MATRIX COSEC ARGO FACE: Instant Door Controller with Face Recognition

Unifying aesthetics, hygiene standards, and technology, Matrix presents COSEC ARGO FACE that combines all the corporate requirements into one. With top-class processors, a deep learning algorithm, and the best hardware inclusive of two in-built cameras, it acts both as an Access Control device and a surveillance-grade camera.

With the integration of multiple credentials such as Face, PIN, BLE, and Cards, this device stays tech-savvy and future-ready. With advanced connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, PoE, and GSM/VoLTE, this device is future-ready for all your requirements.

A few benefits that you bring into the workplace environment from using COSEC ARGO FACE are contactless authentication, high-speed Identification eliminating grouping, and accurate imaging even in low light conditions, to name a few.

The perfect combination of performance and elegance, COSEC ARGO FACE is the answer for your organization.


  • Multiple Credentials inclusive of Contactless Technology – Face, BLE, and Card
  • Deep Face Learning Algorithm with Adaptive Understanding
  • Live Face Detection Preventing Facial Disguise
  • Weatherproof and Vandal resistant
  • Capacity to store 2,00,000 Face Templates & maintain up to 50,000 Users


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