Mr Vineet Ashish: Encouraging and Exploring Different Standards of Teaching
Mr Vineet Ashish
MR. Vineet Ashish

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

  • Brad Henry

In the technological era, the world is evolving through various advancements. Apart from other sectors, the education system has always been in the limelight. With many educational system flaws, it has still been evolving and adapting rapidly to technological changes.

And coping with the changes and meeting the emerging needs of the learning system, teachers play a vital role. They help the students understand the concept and make learning more accessible and easier.

A teacher ignites the light in one’s life. From birth, there are many blood relations like mother, father, siblings, relatives and many more all these relations also help us to learn many things in life. Apart from all these, teachers are the people who guide and inspire children toward their passion and dreams. The guidance that we get from a teacher always encourages us in our life.

Being in the teaching profession, one has to face enormous challenges in their career journey, as it is not easy for a teacher to understand each student’s capabilities and make them understand every concept of the subjects. But, with the changing landscape of the education system, providing proper training to teachers about changing education system helps the teachers to control and guide the students towards a bright future.

Teachers possess the attitude of perseverance, passion, and love for every subject they teach to the students. A great mentor is always a great listener and reader; these skills help them understand the students with love and passion and solve their problems.

Abiding with the truth, we always strive for guidance in every difficult life situation, and a great teacher always unveils the right direction and helps their students make the right decision.

Being in such a noble profession, Mr Vineet Ashish is a great mentor and teacher at Sunbeam English School, Bhagwanpur, Varanasi. Moreover, he is also a PGT (Postgraduate Trained Teacher) in history. Igniting a zeal inside him, he is always an avid reader of history, which helps him use new ways of teaching that make learning fun and enjoyable for children.

Let’s know detailed information about a great reader Mr Vineet Ashish.

Journey- from the Beginning

The journey of Mr Vineet Ashish has been very evolving and enterprising. He has mammoth experience now, but when he started his career in teaching in 2002. It was a roller coaster ride for him in the initial years.

Mr Vineet started teaching in middle school classes as a history teacher; he has been there for almost five years. His learning attitude always inspired him toward reading, and because of his attitude, he got promoted to senior school, where his expertise capitalized properly.

Consistency and Steadiness throughout Journey

When we inquire Mr Vineet about the consistency and steadiness in his whole career journey, asserting the answer, he says, “As I have already stated above, I love exploring. History is not just a subject by a living account of incidents of the past. My consistency in reading and deciphering the facts as per the past scenario helps me come up with amazingly brilliant concepts that my students enjoy the most. Perseverance, passion and love for the subject keep me going without any stumbling.”

Cultivating Learning and Knowledge

After mentioning their passion, we ask him about the opportunities which help him cultivate knowledge and learning; stating about the query, he notes, “The beauty of the Indian Education System is that its evolving every day. New policies are being launched every now and then, which helps in fostering our learning which is an amazing experience for any knowledge cultivator. The concepts launched and the paradigm shift brought by NEP 2020 is amazing and has changed the mindset, also changing the pedagogical framework.”

Honing the Biggest Challenges

Teaching has always been very challenging, as its dynamics are not static. The most difficult challenge was during the pandemic when a subject needing physical space was to be dealt in virtual space where most students were turning reluctant.

Devising a new plan for the new normal classes was very challenging. But as it aptly quoted, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, he stood tall and overcame all the adversities.

A Feather- In Mr Vineet Cap

While mentioning the list of accoladed Mr Vineet received in his career, he asserts, “Hard work pays you off, and this turned true which fetched me the following accolades:

  • Indian Prime Teachers Award- 2020.
  • Awarded by Lions Club Varanasi Chapter 3 times- 2010, 2012, 2013.
  • Mindful Educator of the year- 2020, 2021.
  • Best teacher of the year Award by Wiz Craft- 2021.
  • The Most Empathetic Teacher Award by Sunbeam English School, 2021.
  • Got a letter of Appreciation from HRD Minister Smt. Smriti Irani consecutive two years for contribution to Indian Education.
  • Bharatjyoti Guru Samman in 2020, 2021 by MVLA TRUST.”
  • Recently honoured by prestigious Oswaal Books as ‘ Incredible  Teachers ‘  for  Class  XII,  in subject – History.  (2022)

The horizon of Hybrid Learning

Mr Vineet postulates, “Yes, it’s true that a lot has changed in our education system over the years. The concept of rote learning is taking its last breath, and a new horizon of experiential learning is taking place. The concept of hybrid learning and online teaching has brought a breakthrough in learning pedagogy. It has broken all the shackles and barriers for acquiring knowledge.”

Evolving Different Learning Standards

As stated earlier, the Indian education system is evolving; hence, it still has a tinge of flaws. Further mentioning it, Mr Vineet asserts, “we seriously need to work over our primary education system and need to incorporate the concept of vocation education that is different standards as per the capability of the kids.”

Special Mantra for Balancing the Life

When we question Mr Vineet about his mantra to balance his professional and personal life, he says, “The mantra is simple, prioritize what’s on your task list and respect the people. Never go to the workplace with tension and never come to the home with work frustration, do give time in proper planning and focus on its execution.”

Words of Wisdom

While advising the young generation, Mr Vineet mentions, “My sincere advice to the young generation would be that they first need to be passionate about the work at hand, and vision alignment is very important for bringing a worthy change. For achieving something, you need perseverance, perfect planning and bang-on execution.”

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