Mr Pravin Biyani: A Man on a Venture of Equal Education
Mr Pravin Biyani
Mr. Pravin Biyani

India is the second largest populated nation with a population of more than 1.38 billion, out of which 66% are youngsters, out of which 40% are children aged 6 to 14. Clearly, the highest number of school-going children belongs to India, around 250 million. It could be said that India has the largest amount of studying classes and hence a large education sector.

With this large of a sector adjoining are innumerable opportunities. The nation has attracted several Ed-Tech companies creating their domain and flourishing businesses in the educational field. This has led to a more aware and better quality of education for those who can afford it, while those with financial restrictions could not compete with them. One of the major reasons for this is the prices of several courses touching the sky. Middle-class and lower-middle-class students might face difficulties handling such situations and are forced to give up better opportunities.

However, this realization is far awake among Indian educators. Many Indian educators have come up with their own platforms providing equal opportunity and education to the students. The aim is to provide equal opportunities and affordable education.

One of such institutions that have initiated the cause of providing education at reasonable rates is Mr Pravin Biyani, Founder of Learnbix and Biyani Group of Education. Mr Biyani is one of the most prominent figures of the Indian education system and has posed as a role model for many.

Let’s have an insightful look at Mr Pravin Balakisan Biyani and his ventures of the education sector.

Seeing the Horizon

Mr Pravin Biyani entered the field of education, inspired by his grandfather’s dream to launch affordable education services. The objective was simple, ‘to create a path of learning without any financial barriers’ and yet tough to achieve.

Where many Ed-Tech giants were catering to the need of the rich crowd, Learnbix stayed true to the root inspiration. Currently, Learnbix provides its services at ₹1 per day, reaching almost every segment of society by providing impartial education. Despite the low cost, the institution provided supreme content and educational services and has continued to do so.

From Dawn

Biyani Group of Education started six years ago on the 2nd of June 2016, with the focus point of changing the way of school education delivery and replacing it with innovative services. The thought worked best, and where the group started with mere two students, today it has reached an enrollment number of 10,000+ students.

After working and creating a successful offline learning model, the institution entered the online learning model 2 years ago. The company has achieved remarkable success with its strong and modern infrastructure in both online and offline modes of education.

Today, Biyani Group of Education has expanded its wings as Biyani Digital Smart Coaching, Biyani Career Institute, Biyani Educational Services, Biyani Eduventure, and Learnbix.

LearnBix: The Rising Sun

Developed by the renowned Biyani Group of Education, Learnbix, ensures all concepts are well learned, revised, practised, and assessed. This type of learning helps to build a strong foundation for various competitive exams.

It is a modern and innovative learning app for CBSE, ICSE & State Board Students catering to the needs of students from 5th to 10th grade. The services are currently offered via various models like android base applications, web applications, and SmartTv content.

The focus of the institution lies in Mathematics, Science, English Grammar, and Competitive Exam Foundation. LearnBix offers thousands of high-quality video lectures from experts from Kota, short notes for revision on the concepts, adaptive assessments and tests for the practice, Concepts Shots, Mind-maps, sample papers, NCERT solutions,24 X 7 Doubts Assistance, and much more.

Currently, the institution is providing educational services which help the students to prepare their school syllabus along with competitive exam preparation. The student can achieve success in various exams like NTSE, Dr Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik Exam, Scholarship, Olympiad, and much more after studying through Learnbix.

The offering services of the institution are for B-2-B and B-2-C segments. In the B-2-B Segment, white-labelled content services are offered for various educational institutions, publication houses, and ed-tech companies.

Mr Biyani plans to launch low-cost and much more effective courses for coding, robotics, and entrepreneurship aligned with the NEP-20 in the future, thus supporting education even more.

Opportunities to Sea

With India’s huge young population, every parent desire quality educational services for their ward. It was the point that Mr Biyani tackled with his quality services. He realized that if quality educational services were provided at an affordable price, it would generate great opportunities in the Indian educational field. So true to his assumption happened the miracle which benefitted numerous students across the nation.

Swimming Through the Challenges

With foreign funds coming in, EdTech has become an extremely competitive industry. India sees new changes in the education sector along with some massive marketing investments from global giants. These large amounts of investments in marketing are hurdles for the new institutions due to excess financial expenditure.

Mr Biyani believes that his major marketing strategy is the results of his organization. Learnbix focuses on its clients and their demands which gradually has earned them infinite positive words of honour, making the work easier.

As Mr Biyani says, “Good feedback shows better results than an advertisement of lakh rupees. We focus on every feedback.”

Recently Collected Pebbles

Recently featured as 100 Influential People in India by Fox Story India, Mr Biyani has also received an award as Asia’s Finest Educator Award from Hummingbird Education Ltd.

Mr Biyani dedicates his success to his core team for proper planning and top results in various exams. It could be assured with his continuous efforts, and many more awards are to come his way.

Opining the Change in Waves

Mr Biyani opines, “As the world, we live in changes to embrace tech futures, the education field is also experiencing the major changeover.”

To his belief, he expresses that prior to COVID-19, hybrid learning was at the seed stage but only after covid hybrid learning has evolved into a new concept. The students and the parents are looking for solutions that would provide them with both online and offline learning benefits. The usage of artificial intelligence is improving the better result analysis and helping in improving learning outcomes.

He very clearly sees the opportunities in the changing waves of education.

Educational Shore of India

As Mr Biyani believes, the overall education system in India is at par with the international standards because what suits America may not apply to India. He, therefore, considers that Indians should better focus on one nation, one board, and one exam. It will help in standardizing the content. And he strongly puts that there should be more focus on the practical way of learning.

Balancing the Heat and Warmth

Being one of the most prominent personalities and in a role of responsibility, the balance between work life and personal life often shakes up; however it is not the case for Mr Biyani. He plans his activities of the week every Monday, utilizing various technology products and services to properly plan the activities.

He proudly expresses, “Every day, our family eats food together, which improves our bonding. With my family, I enjoy outings, movies, and hoteling. I believe in completion of tasks on time so that it won’t hamper my private life.”


For the new and future entrepreneurs, Mr Biyani suggests working in the industry for a few days before starting the business as it would help in building one’s personality with all the traits required for that business.

While advising and adding virtues to the personalities of youngsters, Mr Biyani says, “Look around; there are many problems in society, and you can provide them with innovative and affordable solutions. Another piece of advice would be that stay customer-focused. Solve all their queries. Give them the best services and don’t ignore their complaints. Keep your eyes and ears open and always be quick to adapt to the changing times.”

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