Ms Nishu Pandey: Believing in Growth, Believing in Education
Ms. Nishu Pandey
Ms. Nishu Pandey

Since ancient times India has been worshipping teachers and has believed them to be the harbingers of reform as well as material social and moral prosperity. This belief continues to date despite all the changes the education system has undergone over the past few centuries.

Teachers today play significant and similar roles in the lives of students, the way they did in the past, if not more! They shape personalities and carve out the best versions of the individual in their students. This core proves that despite all the changes teachers have witnessed over time, they remain equally important as they gracefully embrace the change while staying true to the real purpose of education.

“Indian education is an ever-evolving field, and therein lies its beauty because if things don’t change, there is no growth, and if there is no growth, there isn’t any true meaning to life,” says Ms Nishu Pandey, Senior Headmistress of Venkteshwar International School Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi, who is further enhancing the education system with personalized learning techniques.

Standing as one of the prominent figures in the field of education, Ms Pandey has strong beliefs and remains confident in the changing power of education. She has made notable contributions to the field of education and has a love for students.

Let’s have an insight into the commendable journey of Ms Nishu Pandey.

Inspiring the Potential

Ms Nishu Pandey believes in education’s power of transformation, how it can empower and reshape society and the nation as a whole.

Her love for learning has made her passionate about choosing the field of education. With the belief that the teacher is a lifelong learner, inquisitive, and always seeking opportunities to learn, she has kept her enthusiasm ignited all along. This enthusiasm has been about interacting with young impressionable minds, and these young muses motivate and inspire her further in her quest for knowledge.

Beginning: The Journey

Her journey in the education field started back in the year 1999. And since then, she has donned many hats as she gained experience as a teacher, coordinator, administrator, and headmistress. Moreover, always passionate about being an educator, Ms Pandey has been fortunate to find her idols within the field of education, creating a lasting impression on her noble journey.

She feels rewarded for this journey of hers as she watches young minds blossom.

Maintaining the Pace

Believing that “When your passion becomes your profession, things automatically fall into place,” Ms Pandey has been able to bring quality education to the classroom, which has been the core of her work.

As education is ever-evolving and dynamic, it is imperative to keep oneself updated and evolve with the environment. That, according to her, has been the key to keeping it steady and staying on top of the game.

Securing The Opportunities

The Indian education system has seen a lot of change in the past decade. Each opportunity to learn and imbibe newer pedagogies has helped her make the most of the changes and being able to be a transformational leader.

The past two years were of special importance to her as the pandemic brought about the need to face new challenges, get out of comfort zones and take the challenges head-on. It was a time wherein she helped her team stay focused and motivated them to keep on reinventing themselves.

Walking Through the Challenges

Ms Pandey firmly believes challenges are stepping stones to success, and each challenge faced teaches something new and shapes a person into a better entity. The past two years posed numerous unprecedented challenges for her. Switching affairs from the physical to the virtual world wasn’t easy. But as she says, “I prefer to remember it as an opportunity for learning and accomplishing challenges.”

Achieving the Honor

There are countless achievements that Ms Pandey has witnessed. The positive development of each child and teacher under her care gives her immense satisfaction along with the results of her students, which she considers no less than an award.

Apart from the awards of satisfaction, she has been honoured to receive various awards; here are a few to name:

  • “Excellence Award in Instructional Leadership” by Education Connect Plus
  • “Outstanding Headmistress of the Year Award” by AKS education awards
  • “Recognition as Senior Headmistress” by Universal Mentors Association
  • “Achiever Leader “ by National Preceptor Viva Award 2022

The Dynamic field of Education

Moving towards a competency-based education system wherein each child is taught in the arena of his interest, the pedagogical practices have seen an overhauling for the better, catering to multiple intelligences and skill-based learning. Overall, education is now child-centric and research-oriented, which helps develop thinking individuals who are morally sound and ethically upright.

Since time immemorial, India has been a centre of learning in the true sense. Over the decades’, numerous policies have helped in setting the tone right. One of the key aspects of NEP 2020 focuses on suitable reforms in school curricula and pedagogy.

The shift from Rote learning to ‘Learning by Doing’ is a crucial change. Ms Pandey is sanguine that the Indian education system is the best engrained with the integrity of the highest order. Which she says is the reason Indian minds are at the helm of global corporate leadership.

Balancing the Life

Knowing the demand of the field since joining, she had given it her hundred per cent. Facing a fair share of challenges, her mantra has been to accept, analyze, adjust, accommodate, and adapt, which has helped her maintain a fair balance between her private and professional commitments.

Rubbing the Fragrance

Extending her love for students, Ms Pandey Says, “The overall education system in India is evolving, and that too in the right direction! The present generation of learners needs to be more focused on skill enhancement and application of knowledge. These two qualities are imperative to innovate, solve problems and collaborate. The focus should be on providing opportunities to practice 21st-century skills in the real sense and implement and execute ideas in real-time.”

Furthermore, she emphasizes the inclusion of moral values and life skills in students’ lives believing that the humanitarian aspect of society needs to be nurtured in the present scenario.

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