Next Education: Creating a Brighter Tomorrow for Today’s Students

In these contemporary times, everything is changing at a rapid pace. But, our Indian education system is still not equipped with methodologies that are necessary to mould the next generation. To set things right, few institutions have risen to educate the young minds with their groundbreaking approaches which not only guide its pupils but also keep their flame of curiosity ignited. These organisations endorse modern methodologies and integrate them into every aspect of their curriculum. In search of such devoted education providers, we have come across one such exceptional organisation that embodies all the above attributes and much more.

We at The Knowledge Review consider this as a privilege to present Next Education; an exemplary end-to-end education solution provider with a mission to bring into practice the best teaching-learning methodologies that will help mould torch-bearers of tomorrow.

Distinct Products

Next Education is the optimal education solutions provider based out of Hyderabad. Touching the lives of 12,000,000+ students and 240,000+ teachers across 12,000+ schools, its solutions serve multiple purposes of both academic and administrative domains. Some of the comprehensive solutions provided by Next Education are TeachNext – a digital classroom solution; NextBooks – a complete textbook series and NextERP – a cloud-based school management system that provides administrative solutions. Alongside these, the organisation has also developed more products and solutions such as LearnNext, NextLearning Platform, MEER, and Creoville etc.

Next Education’s products aim to meet all the academic needs of a learner and make quality education affordable and accessible for every child. The organisation believes in the partnership with its employees, customers, vendors, governing bodies, and other stakeholders to strengthen the educational ecosystem.

The New Arm

On its quest to deliver excellent education and spread its quality solutions across the country, Next Education launched KinderNext on 16th October 2019. It is a fun, innovative, and engaging solution for early education. A combination of expert teachers, hands-on learning and digital classrooms, KinderNext is the preschool and activity centre for 21st-century learners which ensures the holistic development of children.

Next Education has developed the KinderNext curriculum after years of intensive research. KinderNext’s expert strives to follow the NCF guidelines, where children are nurtured in an environment conducive to sociality, is linguistically rich, and engages them mentally and physically. The curriculum is a combination of books, mentor manuals, digital classrooms and hands-on learning activities for schools. The interactive and engaging environment at KinderNext ensures that it grooms a child to enter formal schooling as well as inspire them to be inquisitive learners for life.

The Leader

Beas Dev Ralhan is the CEO of Next Education who, with his grit, relentlessness, and drive, has paved the path for the organization’s success. Though he nurtured a dream of being a storyteller with interest in comedy, Mr Ralhan chose the path of education after his father’s prosperous business crumbled. But his hard work and life lessons charted a course for him in becoming a great leader and successful entrepreneur.

Mr Ralhan holds his graduation degree from IIT Bombay and an MBA from London Business School. During his days in London and later in the USA, he understood how most of the Indian students are deprived of quality education. Thus, he set out on his venture to create a social impact in India through educational products which will not only help students with affordable quality education but will help to transform the overall education scenario in the long run.

Mr Ralhan always brings energy, inspiration, and direction to Next Education’s vision. Under his impeccable leadership, the organisation has transformed from a fast-paced education technology company to one of the most respected educational solutions providers in India. 

Creating a Playful Ambiance

Next Education’s KinderNext has fun-filled activities keeping in mind the psychology of its young learners. These activities ensure the holistic development of children. The organisation believes that pre-primary education should be a joyous experience for children as it lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Furthermore, it should encourage participation and involvement to satiate the inherent curiosity of children and boost their holistic development, facilitating a smooth transition to primary education.

KinderNext aims to create an environment that will ensure the overall development of a child through a play-based approach. The age-appropriate hands-on-activities are designed to hone 21st-century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, gross motor, and fine motor skills. The Kinder Corner comprises a wide number of fun-filled activity spots such as Reading Corner, Puzzle Corner, Blocks Corner, Music and Movement Corner, and Water Area. These Areas allow learners to learn playfully, creating an unquenchable thirst for lifelong learning.

What Sets it Apart?

Committing to age-appropriate teaching, KinderNext prepares the next generation scholars. Alongside the holistic development of children, it promises a safe environment for children and brings all solutions under one roof.

With its innovative approach, KinderNext not only helps students and parents but also school owners. It ensures high ROI through optimal utilization of the premises and resources. Next Education provides continuous marketing support for brand building and implements the best practices in preschool education through expert interventions.

As its tagline says, KinderNext is not only a preschool but also doubles as an after-school activity centre. The well-equipped activity centre offers a wide variety of activities ensuring learning is enjoyable. Marketspace, Science Behind Activities, Fitness Games, Book Reading, Art & Craft, and Robotics are some segments of its after-school activity. The institute claims to be the only preschool solution provider who has come up with this unique approach that favours all the academic stakeholders, i.e., students, parents, and school management.

Next Education’s Accomplishments

Next Education, where sedulousness is embraced has been zealously working to make an impact on the Educational Sphere. For their innovative educational approaches, and their success to uphold the education system, it has been bestowed with many awards as follows:

  • Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy award at World Education Summit 2012
  • Best Multimedia Content for K–12 Education at World Education Summit 2013
  • Excellent Human Resource Management in Education Industry by National HRD Network
  • Best Digital K–12 Multimedia Content for Maharashtra State Board in English and Marathi by Wisitex World Education
  • Best School Books Solution Award at Global Learn Tech Conference and Awards
  • Best Emerging School ERP award at Digital Edge ICT Conclave on Education
  • Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy award at World Education Summit 2015
  • Innovation Excellence Award in Education by ASSOCHAM
  • Innovation in Preschool Pedagogy award at the World Education Summit 2016
  • The 2017 India–Africa ICT Excellence Award at India–Africa ICT summit
  • Most Trusted ERP Software Solution for School Management at Pride of Indian Education Awards 2019
  • Best STEM Product Supplier at AICRA 2019

The RoadMap ahead

The team of KinderNext believes in taking small yet significant steps. They make sure that its first step, however minute or unimportant it may seem, is strong and remarkable. After seeing the immense success and its vision taking the shape of reality, KinderNext wants to take an even greater leap. The institute is planning to associate with 25 schools pan India by March next year. For the 2020-21 session, its target is to collaborate with 100 preschools to embark on its journey of revolutionizing the education for all the days to come.

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