Online Course Enrollment Increased; BBA, MBA Most Leading: UGC

A total of 25,905 students enrolled in online programs in 2020–21; this number nearly tripled to 72,400 students in 2021–22.

According to official data provided by UGC Chairman M. Jagadesh Kumar, the two most popular online undergraduate courses are bachelor’s degrees in business administration (BBA) and computer applications (BCA). 13,764 students signed up for the BBA program overall, 5,166 for the BCA program, and 4,028 for the Bachelor of Arts program.

With 28,956 students enrolled, the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program continues to be the most popular online program for postgraduate courses. The Masters of Computer Application had a total enrollment of 5,430 students, while the Masters of Commerce had 3300 students. The enrollment data includes both domestic and international applicants.

“Many students who cannot enroll physically in a college or university can take advantage of online programs. The number of students enrolling in online programs is rising steadily. However, once we announce the National Digital University and more accommodating online education regulations, this will pick up even more, UGC Chairman tweeted.

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