Our Need to Connect

Have you ever observed Apple’s commercials and website? They do not reveal features, instead, list benefits as to why everyone should use its products. They target the psychology of the customers and connect with them on a subconscious level to get them attracted towards the brand ‘Apple’. Maybe it’s the same reason why we feel connected or in a professional term, experience social identity with others while using the same ‘brand products.’

The ‘Brand’ may be alluded to from the smallest thing you can find in your room to the biggest item that even cannot be named. A brand is ultimately a label and can band in an appropriate way to the right audience. Like lightning, a good brand will not just occur or happen. Instead, a brand is created organically over years of confidence, reputation, and authenticity.

Coming to our industry, Education is always the center of life. Education seeks to nurture an adult holistically, rather than just academically. Branding plays a critical function in giving an educational organization a distinct name and a profitable company.

The brand of your institute is its main calling card. It is how the institute will be known and remembered; to get recognized and deliver a sense of relief among parents and the future generations of our nation. If anyone sees your emblem or even school colors, it evokes an emotion instantly that depends on your image and the manner in which you promoted yourself, whether it’s respect, disdain or anything else.

Your brand is your chance to differentiate your school from the crowd of too many schools to provide top-quality instruction. You must ask yourself how you wish to see your institute, then translate it into a branding of your school.

Lucky for us, we already got the answer in the form of Educational Brands of the Year, 2020. Our exclusive edition highlights the best education brands encompassing more effective, inclusive education frameworks. These brands give every individual a better opportunity for effective education. In addition, they adapt to the changing times, with trends that change, while making a difference in the perceptions of the audience.

V M Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education is our Institute of the Month. A world-class educational institute, it has earned both national and global recognition and is acknowledged as one of the top 10 most promising travel and hospitality institutes in India.

The issue also features Agarkar Centre of Excellence Pvt. Ltd.,  an institute offering a unique blend of sports curriculum in schools and education; JIS Group, an educational conglomerate that wishes to serve society by being the torchbearer of knowledge, education, and employment; and Ryan International Group of Institutions, that has taken initiatives to transform the educational pedagogy and methodology in order to enhance the positive effects of technology in learning.

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