Agarkar Centre of Excellence: A Pitch Where You Can Learn and Grow
Agarkar Centre of Excellence
Ajit Agarkar, Founder, Fatema Agarkar, Founder

We, the millennial generation were once told that food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities. But, through time, we’ve witnessed these necessities evolving and today, our survival demands things and surroundings that help in making human life safer, healthier and better.

Education being the most prominent among these necessities, has undergone a revolution in the recent years. The following generation of young learners exhibit innate qualities of curiosity, immersive learning, and an inclination towards exploring their potential in multiple disciplines of education.

In accordance with this change in learning preferences and interests, schools and educational institutions across the globe have refurbished curriculums, infrastructures and teaching approaches. This change, and the efforts taken by the schools to adapt to it, ensures a bright future for the young learners.

Pertaining to this, we at The knowledge Review have been on an endeavour to seek and exhibit schools and institutions that have been on the forefront of delivering improvised and quality education, and Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE) is most certainly one of them.

An Epitome of Excellence

ACE is a unique blend of sports curriculum in schools and education.  This amalgamation of sports and education is visible in ACE’s two prominent verticals:

Sports – with 3 principle formats

  • In-school sports curriculum
  • Specialised Sports Division
  • After school hours academy for sports

Meanwhile, ACE’s Educational vertical caters to the needs of owners and promoters in the k-12 space from consultancy of green field schools (national or international boards) to teacher skilling, curriculum design, school audits and parenting workshops.

This blend roots from two significant personalities being the institute’s founders, Ajit Agarkar – a celebrated sportsman who has represented India in 4 world cups including the inaugural T20 and played all formats of the game for the country, and his wife Fatema Agarkar – an award winning educationalist, who has set up close to 40 educational institutes including pre-schools, high schools (national and international) and a school for special needs’, pan India.

The Guiding Light

Both Ajit and Fatema Agarkar, have close to two decades of experience in their respective fields and bring that vast experience and exposure into a unique offering for school managements. Their individual successes, amassing several national and international awards, contribute to what they have combined as an offering of edu-sports to schools. Moreover, as parents of a middle-schooler, they recognise that with a vastly evolving world, children need key skills sets.

Ajit is a recipient of the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Award and has several national and international world records as a leading cricketer, who represented the country at a young age of 19. Coached by the legendary Late Ramakant Achrekar Ji, Ajit brings his sense of discipline, work ethics and attitude to the curriculum he has curated for schools.

Having made his way through the ranks over Giles, Harris Shield cricket, junior leagues and later Ranji Trophy, Under 19 and India A tours, Ajit has a deep understanding of how to mentor students and parents. His tenure as Chairman of Selectors for Mumbai also saw him nurture talent for the future of the sport, and Ajit also enjoys sharing his expertise as a national commentator.

Fatema, is a veteran of 3 educational start ups, former Managing Trustee and Director of a chain of schools, former Co-Founder of an educational start up focused on teacher training and consultancy, and currently partners with Ajit at the helm of ACE. She has set up close to 40 schools pan India and is currently on several Advisory Boards VIZ., Wockhardt Foundation, Ray Foundation and a key note speaker in many educational conclaves across the country.

She is also the Vice President of the Early Childhood Association (ECA) and Mumbai Territory Head for APER (Association for Primary Education and Research). Parents value her inputs and advice, and is invited to host workshops across the country for her unique understanding of different academic boards in the country. She is a passionate educator and sports fan who leads her team with precision and dedication, adding value to schools that she is associated with.

Fatema has been awarded several national and international recognitions for her outstanding contribution to the field of education. Her love for creating 21st century teaching and learning approaches makes her a one-stop-shop for owners, managements, school leaders, teachers, students and parents.

Redefining Excellence

“As a start up, ACE’s launch with Education World’s pre-school awards was a fitting initiation as the response was overwhelming,” the founders express. The institute believes that owners and school leaders have recognised that sports and education go hand in hand and that the emergence of life skills with this combined offering is what holds for the future of their children.

For both of ACE’s verticals, the idea is to capitalise on the existing facilities that the owner and the school leaders have designed – a combination of indoor and outdoor facilities. The flexibility of the programs is the best part wherein, ACE keeps the costs limited and concise and emphasizes on the use of human capital effectively. Technology is key aspect of all that ACE does and deploys, making this offering truly world class and futuristic.

“We are currently focused on a presence in Western Indian and slowly looking to branch out. High schools and preschools, the programs are customised to the age groups and facilities available,” states the team at ACE.

The team also believes that research and development is an important aspect of how a company defines itself, and that this has been a key feature of ACE. The ability to be ahead of the curve given this experience and expertise, and innovating and creating several pilots that are then implemented with feedback and timely revisions, enables the team to plan ahead.

The team at ACE also comprehends that manpower is an area that will post challenges and therefore a structured training and skilling program that relies on processes and systems will help with contingencies. “Change is constant and must be welcomed as it constantly enables the industry to innovate and move ahead and we work with that. Being aware, participating in national and international trade fairs and working with ancillary service providers is also a way of staying ahead. Ultimately it is the vision and the passion that generates solutions or pre-empts, and the experience of the Founders comes in very handy with their top-down vision,” the team expresses.

ACE also places a profound focus on being connected with the audience, be it teachers, students or parents. It is also quality control, innovations and use of resources and technology that makes ACE a power house and a valued brand as the founders bring a personal touch to every association that add values to their brands.

Success at the Horizon

“The future is exciting and promising,” say the founders and the team. “With the innovations around and consolidation at the same time, and the surge of new technologies, educational and co-curricular programs, this is a promising time. Yes, we are faced with some economic slowdown trends and health scares but those who have thought well of a quality offering which is value for money and enhancing skills, will always ride the storms. We want to be able to build numbers by being accessible and flexible and this is a part of our long term strategy,” they conclude.

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