Paari School of Business, SRM University-AP: Excellence Through Learning
Paari School of Business
Paari School of Business, SRM University-AP

Having a clear vision, thinking creatively, and adding value to the product or service are the three pillars of business success. Employers are now looking for young professionals who can demonstrate profound knowledge and familiarity in the more specialised fields of business administration and management in addition to having mastered the fundamentals.

By launching ‘Action Learning Programmes’ (or ALPs) for its BBA (Honours) undergraduates, SRM University-AP has created a unique methodology that offers numerous opportunities for the actual application of business concepts.

The University’s distinctive curriculum teaches students to understand the complicated and dynamic commercial workplace, to think critically, to analyse complex qualitative and quantitative problems, and to display organisational leadership. The use of technology, including machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), to improve organisational effectiveness and develop novel business solutions is also taught to students. Additionally, they develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary to launch and run their own unique firm successfully.

Paari School of Business strives to be a globally relevant Business School that generates innovative knowledge and designs socially sensitive and business-ready leaders of tomorrow.

Excellence through learning is the motto of the Paari School of Business. Innovative curricula, customer-centricity, and research focus of the new-age B-School have raised the bar high for the other emerging B-Schools in India.

First of its Kind

SRM University-AP was established in 2017, the first of its kind in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh. In 2018, the three years BBA Programme was started under the aegis of the School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences (SLABS) at the varsity.

In 2020, an independent school of Business was created as the School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies (SEAMS) with a BBA (Honours) Programme, MBA Programme in Data Science and Banking and Finance and the PhD Programme.

In 2021, SEAMS launched a new MBA Programme specialising in Marketing, Finance and HR. SEAMS was rechristened as the Paari School of Business with a BBA (Honours) Programme and MBA in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Business Analytics, Family Business and Operations & Logistics Management in 2023.

Excellent, top-notch, and state-of-the-art business curricula are available through the Paari School of Business. It has BBA, MBA, and PhD options available. Depending on their potential and inclination, its BBA programme successfully shapes young school pupils to become executives, entrepreneurs, or students in post-graduate studies.

The modern manager/leader or entrepreneur, with the abilities required to succeed in the corporate world, is what the MBA degree is designed to produce. Finally, the PhD programme produces outstanding researchers and faculty who will shape the brains of young people in other reputed institutions and universities.

Emphasising Knowledge Generation

The Paari School of Business adheres to the University’s goal by emphasising knowledge generation as well as knowledge distribution. Its curriculum is created using the most up-to-date methods, and regular updates guarantee this. The school’s guiding principles are consistent with the University’s overall mission. It is founded on values, innovation, client-centricity, and quality.

The academic rigour, business relevance, and application-focused learning define the programmes at the Paari School of Business. The curricula are created taking into account academic requirements, industrial needs, and student objectives.

Striving for Bigger Ambitions

Paari School of Business envisions being a world-class Business School that creates cutting-edge knowledge and socially sensitive, competent, innovative, and business-ready entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. The school’s mission is to develop and disseminate management knowledge that results in socially sensitive, competent, innovative, and business-ready entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. The school preserves core values such as commitment to excellence, innovation, customer centricity and ethics.

Dr P Sathyanarayanan, Pro-Chancellor of SRM University-AP, is a great inspiration and guiding force in shaping the emerging B-School. Vice Chancellor of SRM University-AP, Prof. Manoj K Arora, is instrumental in strategising its future goals. Paari School of Business is being moulded and shaped under the leadership of Dean Prof. Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, with the support of dedicated faculty and staff who contribute to making this B-School a globally recognised education centre and a force to reckon with.

Bringing Regional Transformation

The Paari School of Business has developed innovative curricula in line with the new education policy. It has launched new programmes like the Executive MBA (EMBA) for working professionals that are potentially regionally transformative. The school has introduced innovative courses like Samaj Seva, Industry Analysis and SME Consulting to greatly benefit students’ learning outcomes.

The school offers a three-year BBA (Honours) programme with an optional fourth year. If students wish, they can opt for the fourth year and get a BBA (Honours by Research) degree, which is in line with NEP 2020.

Furthermore, the school provides immersive or experiential learning (e.g., simulations), innovative courses (e.g., Samaj Seva, Mind and Soul Training), highly experienced, qualified, and dedicated faculty, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The Paari School of Business believes in being a top-tier business school that produces cutting-edge knowledge and entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers that are socially conscious, knowledgeable, creative, and business-ready.

The school is on a mission to develop and spread management knowledge that produces entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers that are socially conscious, skilled, creative, and business-ready.

Some of the school’s USPs include the following:

  • Experiential/immersive learning
  • Courses that are cutting edge (like Samaj Seva and Mind and Soul Training)
  • Exceptionally skilled, trained, and committed faculty
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Students can also enrol in optional classes at allied institutions and attend seminars and symposiums that are hosted by both the school and the allied schools.

Expanding the Roots with Innovative Curricula

The Paari School of Business is young and not situated in a major metropolis of India. Despite this, it has emerged as a B-School of choice for students. This has happened as a result of innovative curricula, customer-centricity and research focus. New courses like Samaj Seva, Mind and Soul Training and SME Consulting have given students an excellent experience.

Further, the infrastructure is world-class, and the student-faculty bonding is fantastic. Being part of a large multi-disciplinary University has also helped the school. These have helped Paari School of Business overcome all hurdles in its way.

The Paari School of Business is among the few B-Schools to give credits for all event and club activities and mind and soul training. Participating and organising the events and club activities like the B-School fest, Analytics Club/Finance club etc., enable the students to get practical experience, learn the current trends and showcase their talent.

In addition, students participate in the Research Day of SRM University-AP by presenting a paper, intra and inter-sports activities of the University, debates, quizzes and so on.

Inter and Multidisciplinary Learning

SRM University-AP consistently supports inter and multidisciplinary research and learning methods, and the students at each school are benefitted from this unique opportunity. MBA and BBA students can take courses in Economics, Communication and Psychology and other related subjects from the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS). They can attend Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning classes at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, a part of the School of Engineering and Sciences (SEAS). Students can access specialised courses on aspects combining Engineering/Technology and Management, such as the Geospatial Issues in Technology and Management. Furthermore, they can attend guest lectures by eminent industry personnel, which all three schools of the varsity host.

Introduction to 21st-Century Skills

The Paari School of Business has many STEM-based courses in its curriculum. Mathematics-oriented courses like Statistics, Operations Management, Operations Research, Business Analytics, and Business Research are all core courses.

Many analytics courses like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Advanced Data Analytics are offered to students. These courses have a solid engineering-oriented component in them. It is a part of almost every course. Languages/software packages like Advanced Excel, JMP, R, Tableau and Python form a significant component of the curriculum.

Better Career Assistance

Paari School of Business has a transfer programme with Rennes School of Business, France, for its BBA programme. Students spend the first two years at the Paari School of Business, SRM University-AP campus and the third year at the Rennes School of Business, France, a leading B-School in France, and get a degree from the Rennes School of Business, France. BBA students from Paari School of Business (on completion) can also obtain a master’s from Rennes School of Business in just one year.

The Paari School of Business has a Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) with several leading universities worldwide. Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, The State University of New York Oswego, the University of Kentucky and the University of Dundee are some global universities where students do their SAP.

In addition, students can go for short immersion programmes in high-ranking Universities in foreign countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Japan etc.

Impeccable Facilities

The Paari School of Business has over 45 Publications in ABDC and Scopus-indexed Journals. The school’s faculty has published numerous papers in ABDC A* and A publications. Dean of the School, Dr Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, has been nominated as an assessor in the Australian Research Council, Australia’s highest research funding agency.

Students at the Paari School of Business have incubated companies and have won prizes at competitions, besides getting placed at foreign companies. Lakshman Thatikonda, a 3rd year BBA student of SRM University-AP, has started his business venture (TalentCrew), incubated at the Hatchlab Research Centre-The technology and livelihood business incubator of SRM University-AP. Jaswanth Sai Idupulapati, a 3rd year BBA student, has successfully started his own food-tech company, Open Cafe, a cloud kitchen enterprise. Cloud kitchens are centralised, and his monthly turnover is more than INR 20L for a business started just three months ago. Febin, a second-year MBA Student at SRM University-AP, has demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial skills by successfully launching his cafeteria named ‘Total Fresh’ in 2022. With his astute business acumen and dedication, he has achieved an annual turnover of more than INR 1 Crore. The university’s Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation plays a crucial role in such innovative ventures of students.

Initiating these startups from the ground up and transforming them into profitable ventures within a short time demands enormous hard work, persistence, and strategic foresight. The triumph of these enterprises not only showcases the exceptional entrepreneurial abilities of the students but also underscores the exceptional standard of education and training offered by the Paari School of Business at SRM University-AP. The initiative and diligence exhibited by students are genuinely praiseworthy and serve as a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

Diverse and Experienced Faculty

Paari School of Business is an academic abode with a diverse and experienced faculty pool. The faculty exhibit expert in-depth knowledge of their domains and extensive research experience in their areas of expertise. Faculty have access to university funds through Professional Development Allowances (PDA), seed grants, patent filing fees, Start-up research grants, faculty spin-off companies and the like. The varsity also has an excellent Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC). This enables faculty to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge, which translates to enhanced student learning.

Providing International Exposure

Foreign placements are another commendable achievement of the school. Sree Harsha, an MBA (Data Science) student, was placed in Human Resocia, Japan, with a salary package of 28 lakhs per annum. Students at the school prove their extracurricular prowess in the various contests held nationwide. Pragati Gupta and Anishka of the school won the gold medal in the Volleyball competition held at BITS University, Hyderabad. Shilpi Devi and Rupali won the Second prize in a basketball competition held at Vignan University in Guntur.

Paari School of Business nurtures a welcoming environment for international students. An impressive learning experience and excellent exposure are assured at the school. Students need to have an international stint and learn from a new culture.

Further, Paari School of Business is in the fast-growing state of Andhra Pradesh, with a high per capita income and excellent infrastructure. A stint at the school will help the international student tremendously in all respects, including academic, personality development, exposure and so on.

The Paari School of Business has a bright future. It has launched new programmes like the EMBA and the part-time MBA and will launch innovative new programmes combining engineering and management. Its faculty base will increase, and research productivity will improve dramatically. Further, its industry outreach will be significant in the coming years, with executive education and consulting activities forming a critical part of its overall thrust.

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