Impact Of Advanced Technology in Education
Ashwini. R. Madgulkar
Dr. Ashwini. R. Madgulkar | Principal | AISSMS College of Pharmacy

Advancement in science and technology has affected every aspect of our lives. Right from newspapers (e-news) to business to social relations it has shown its presence everywhere globally. Technology has captured almost every field, may it be our day to day life, education, social life or even traditions and beliefs apart from mainstream fields like engineering, medicine, administration law and management. The presence of advanced technology in the education has transformed the way we teach and learn to a great extent.With the help of technology , transfer of knowledge and information has become easy convenient and effective. Internet is a huge source of knowledge and information in every field and is a store house of the same. With high speed internet anyone can access any type of information on a click of a button. ICT is a form of technology widely used in the dissipation of knowledge and successful implementation of this with various teaching aids has led to a positive impact on education. It has led to the promotion of active learning including learner engagement in contrast to memorization based or rote learning. These tools help a great deal in the circulation and analysis of information obtained by examining students’ performance and helps percolate the same to the students and their parents. It has eased distant learning making class room learning and old fashioned concept. Distant learning has helped students learn at their own pace any time of the day at any place.

Creative learning through ICT haspromoted creation of new knowledge resources helping students to come up with novel concepts based on earlier research. Integrative learning approach has led to eliminating separation between theory and practicals. Students can learn through examples or demonstrations shown to them in the classroom with aid of visual tools. Digital cameras, projectors, training softwares, power point presentations, 3D tools, models help grasp concepts easily. Since learning is process which involves three major organs, eyes, ears and the brain, visual explanations through audiovisuals have made learning joyful improving the imaginative power of learners. Technology has led to globalization helping students of different states and countries meet their counterparts through video conferencing without leaving classrooms. Online seminars and webinars allow learners and learned come on a common platform to exchange knowledge. Distant learning has been a boon for many online courses offered by foreign universities wherein students enroll online and peruse course with relocating thus overcoming geographical limitations.In Pharmacy education, databases, simulatory models, analytical and statistical softwares have accelerated research many folds.

Online data management and patient reports have facilitate doctors and pharmacists from distant places to discuss issues and put forward opinions for betterment of patients.Reporting ADR’s and checking of drug safety information data has become effortless due to various interfaces available online in the form of apps and websites. Technology has not only helped us grow in the technical field but also in the field of administration through enterprise resource planning (ERP) .Handling and managing student information, collecting fees and filing exam forms has become effective, error free and simple due to advent of technology. Applying for scholarships, concessions and stipends has now become online and paperless omitting middlemen and corruption.

As every coin has two sides, technology also has affected negatively on productivity of human beings to a major extent. Writing skills of students have affected to a great extent making them dependent on digital communication and forgetting writing skills. With newer softwares and hacking tools incidences of cheating and frauds have increased many folds. Technology is money driven and cost of technology is high. In the field of education, dependence of students over technology is seen greatly, affecting their imaginative power. Students rely more on internet for ideas and incidences of copying ideas is more than getting inspired from ideas. Footfall in the libraries has got affected as students seem to prefer internet over actual referencing. Health issues related to eyes, obesity and emotional dependence is increasing in younger generation. However, counting the benefits of technology, rewards of technology are far greater than shortcomings, thus making technology a valuable tool in the field of education.

About the Author

Dr. Ashwini. R. Madgulkar
(M.Pharm, Ph.D)
Principal, AISSMS College of Pharmacy, Pune.

She holds an extensive experience of 27 years. She has been awarded by Rajnibhai V. Patel PharmInnova Award for Best M Pharm Thesis Guide in Pharmaceutical Sciences then Indian Rheumatologist Associations for the best research paper and Best Principal of the year by APTI (Maharashtra). Till date, she has received grants worth Rs 30 Lakhs from AICTE & SPPU. She has guided more than 40 M. Pharm students and presently guiding 4 Ph.D. students. She has been an ExChairman, Board of Studies in Pharmaceutics, Subject Expert on Research and Recognition Committee for the subject of Pharmaceutics under the Faculty of Science and Technology of Savitribai Phule Pune University

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