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The university takes a lead in better management, of an entire gamut of natural resources.

Remote Sensing Applications Centre was established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow in May 1982.  It was formally inaugurated as an autonomous organization while becoming the first of such an organization in the state. The centre is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1960 and is involved in developing new technology to help with remote sensing. The institute aims at utilizing upcoming technologies of aerial and satellite Remote Sensing in varied natural resources management programmes. The centre is also ensuring regular institutional interaction with multiple user departments for efficient and sector wise utilization of the technology. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has ensured the completion of major projects along with providing vital information to other areas. Dr. A.L.Haldar is the present acting director of the centre.

An Ideal Centre for Learning

The institute implements latest technology along with outstanding infrastructure to ensure a lasting educational experience. The center has a computer and image processing lab which helps the students gather information about the geospatial domain. This allows the office to be involved in innovative endeavors while executing, inferring, archiving and retrieving crucial information. This is thoroughly extracted using the remote sensing satellites and ancillary spatial and non – spatial data. A small soil and water analysis laboratory is available to meet the concerns of ongoing projects. Some basic and advanced equipments have been implemented which take note of significant parameters such as the soil’s pH levels, EC, texture, micronutrients, soluble cations along with determining the pesticide residue in it.

Additionally, the library has a vast collection of books and journals related to the field of Remote Sensing, GIS and various other application areas. They are available in multiple formats such as print and journals which provide the necessary information to the members comprising of scientists, researchers and students as well as staff members. The collection in the library adds up to over 8591 books apart from various dictionaries, atlases, multimedia CDs and the kind. The centre also offers its students multiple reprographic facilities such as a heavy duty photocopier and printer, thermal binding machine, plastic lamination machine etc.

An Insight into Academic Programmes and Events

The activities at RSAC – UP are usually under the domains of various natural resources such as water, earth, soil, agriculture, horticulture as well as environment and ecology. The center has also expanded its studies into various other disciplines such as Geographical Information System, Global Positioning System, LiDAR and Bathymetric surveys. In order to get trained and skilled manpower in this field, has led to the formation of the School of Geo –Informatics in 2013 which is located within the premises of RSAC – UP. It provides students with a 2 years M.Tech course in Remote Sensing and GIS which is affiliated to DR. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University and is approved by AICTE, Govt of India along with an intake of 18 students per year.  This is also well equipped with the state of art infrastructural facilities as well as modern tools used for the benefit of the students’ education. The institute also organizes various events such as Yoga day-22nd June, Remote Sensing day- 12th August, Teachers day-5th Sept, Engineers day-15th Sept and Swakshata Diwas. The School of Geoinformatics also provides opportunities to those students interested in cricket and badminton tournaments which enhances the arena of extra curriculars in students.

Defining an Adept Personality

Dr. Sudhakar Shukla is the present Head of School of Geoinformatics RSAC – UP who has secured his M-Tech from the prestigious IIT – Roorkee. He possesses a PGDEE as well as a Ph.D degree.  His current responsibilities are directed towards the Surface Water Resources Division and the School of Geoinformatics. He is also proficient in applying satellite Remote and GIS techniques for surface and ground water management, geo – environmental assessment and also for disaster management at the state level. Shukla has also worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Geology, University of Lucknow .In his work experience of 28 years he has written and published 50 research papers.

Alumni and Achievements

For its extraordinary contribution to the field of Remote Sensing Technology, the School of Geoinformatics – RSAC was awarded the Excellence Remote Sensing Applications Institute in U.P’. This award was conferred upon it at the 3rd Uttar Pradesh Technical Education Summit – 2015 on the 5th of September. Apart from its accolades the institute has also produced some outstanding alumni, notably; few of them are listed below

  • Rahul Bajpai from the batch of 2013-2015: has worked as the lecturer at the Maharana Pratap Engineering College and is currently the Assistant Manager Technology at Genesys International in Lucknow.

Sachchidanand from the batch of 2016 – 2018: was a topper in the M-Tech course and has worked in R.P Singh & Co as a Civil Engineer. He is at present a Junior Research Fellow in the Civil Engineering Department at Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee.

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