Soar Aviation– A Forerunner in Aviation Training Services

“The institution aims to provide accessible and affordable flight training to aspiring career pilots.”

Since its inception in 2011, Soar Aviation has evolved from a start-up to a medium-sized business.

During the start-up phase, Soar Aviation managed with only a handful of people who wore multiple hats; on any given day, they could tackle everything from marketing and customer service through to finance and admin.

One of the major milestones for the company was signing a partnership with Box Hill Institute. The partnership gave them leverage to grow and continue what they set out to do – make flight training more accessible in a superior learning environment.

Exceptional Courses for Career Development of Students 

A pioneer in the region, Soar Aviation provides a wide range of aviation services from ab initio trainee pilot training to more advanced aviation courses which extend the skills of already commercially qualified pilots and instructors. The institute offers (in conjunction with their partnership with Box Hill Institute)

  • Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) AVI50215 – This course is offered Full-time and Part-time to students and allows them to fast-track their career in Aviation by being able to complete the course within 2 years – half the amount of time of any Aviation University degree.
  • Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor) AVI50516 – Soar Aviation’s Flight Instructor Rating is a 20-week course available to students who have completed their Commercial Pilot Licence. Upon graduation, students complete the course with 44 hours flying and their CASA certified Flight Instructor Rating.
  • Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) AVI50415 – It is a 16-week course available to students who have completed their Commercial Pilot Licence. Upon graduation students finish the course with 40 flying hours, 20 hours simulator flying and a Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating. Successful students are then put forward to be interviewed by Charter company, Katherine Aviation located in the Northern Territory.

They also offer private flying lessons for students who wish to have even more flexibility in their flight training.

About the CEO

Neel Khokhani, CEO of Soar Aviation is a visionary in the field. He identified an untapped market with exponential potential, which has seen him to have huge success at the young age of 28. Soar Aviation’s success is directly related to Neel’s innovative, very deliberate market positioning of flight training which appeals to the ‘career-changer’ rather than the ‘school-leaver’. As CEO, Neel makes sure they never lose sight of who their customers are – they make it their business to cater to the right customers, understand their exact needs and identify the facilitators that will fulfil those needs.

Major Associations and Accreditations

Soar Aviation has aligned its courses with award-winning Australian TAFE, Box Hill Institute. The partnership has given students access to highly experienced instructors and state-of-the-art equipment/workspaces. Through this collaboration, they have also partnered with Katherine Aviation as a graduate pathway for their Instrument Rating students. This industry connection offers real job prospects and further strengthens the institution’s outcome-driven approach to flight training.

Scholarship Facilities

In late 2017, Soar announced the availability of the Soar Aviation Student Success Scholarship. This scholarship offers eligible students the opportunity to complete the Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) while also obtaining their Multi-engine Endorsement. Earlier this year, they presented the first round of successful students their scholarships and the result could not be more positive. For the institute’s earlier clusters of students, they also offered them a Loyalty Scholarship. By giving students the opportunities to obtain these scholarships they are increasing their chances of employability by not only adding but enhancing their skills.

Career Opportunities

The students are informed of their career progression upon entering the course. They speak to their dedicated Student Recruitment team of their options so they are aware of all the possibilities that their courses will allow them to follow.

They also recognize that obtaining the first job as a pilot is always the hardest, so they have created career pathways for their successful students. Students who successfully graduate from their Advanced Aviation courses (Flight Instructor or Instrument Rating) are offered:

  • 100 hours paid work experience with Soar Aviation (Flight Instructor Rating)
  • The opportunity to work with Charter and tourism company Katherine Aviation who operate out of the Northern Territory. They also offer successful students upon graduation pathway upon to help them gain employment within the industry.

“Words of Trust”

“Soar has welcomed me with open arms from the beginning, pushed me and gave me opportunities that just aren’t available to a lot of people. One day I will be a captain and I know Soar can get me there!” – Carmelo Alvaro, Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) AVI50215

“Since the beginning of course, Soar has made me completely comfortable in this massive milestone I have begun which is a major help. All Soar staff have been great teachers and given great support.” – Mark Somen, Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) AVI50215

“Instructor rating at soar aviation got me back to flying after two years of break. Professional senior instructors trained me to become a mature, responsible pilot and a person.” – Danny Oh, Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor) AVI50516

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