Sree Narayana College: A Premier Center of Higher Education Bestowing Utmost Amenities
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To impart quality education for our nation’s socio-economic, cultural, political, moral, intellectual and emotional development

Established in 1948, Sree Narayana College, Kollam is one of the earliest and the greatest centers of higher education in the whole state of Kerala. Affiliated to the University of Kerala, the college is managed by the Sree Narayana Trusts, Kollam. Bearing in letter and spirit the name of Sree Narayana Guru (1854-1928), the great saint-philosopher, social reformer, and mystic poet, the college was started by S.N.D.P. Yogam. Along with him, the able and inspiring leader R. Sankar (1909-1972) took it forward with 505 students at the intermediate level. The consecutive year, it was upgraded to a degree college and in 1957 it attained membership in the prestigious club of postgraduate colleges. The college offers 17 undergraduate, 14 postgraduate and a P.G. Diploma Programmes. Out of which, eight of the postgraduate departments are approved research centers as well.

The institution further provides facilities (both infrastructure and faculty) for conducting contact classes of the correspondence courses under the University of Kerala and counseling of IGNOU study programmes coordinated by the IGNOU study center. Since its inception, the institute has not only spearheaded the upliftment of the socially and educationally backward sections of our society but has also created a glorious history of outstanding academic activities, thus making itself the leader of the institutions of higher education in the state.

An Overview of PG and Research Department of Zoology

  • Qualified, Experienced, and Research oriented teachers.
  • All the faculties are Ph.D. holders with a track record in paper/book publication
  • Research Department
  • Remedial classes and special classes are regularly conducted
  • Representation of faculty in university bodies
  • Museum of Stuffed and Preserved Animals
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • ICT based teaching and learning methods
  • G. Diploma in Biomedical Sciences under UGC innovative programme

The courses offered B.Sc. Zoology (Started in 1949), M.Sc. Zoology (Started in 1964), Ph.D., and, B.Sc. in Industrial Fish & Fisheries started in 1997. During 2014 one year PG Diploma in Biomedical Sciences (PGDMS) under innovative programme (UGC 11th plan) was introduced.

The Insightful Leader

A diligent personality, Sri. R. Sankar is the Founder of Sree Narayana College. He was also the former Chief Minister of Kerala and is an eminent scholar, philanthropist, administrator, educationist, who took up the sublime mission of the upliftment of marginalized sections of the society without malice to anyone. His determined-self and principled work ethical approach has in turn helped us to disseminate knowledge by providing quality and need-based education to all. This college has striven to enlighten the subaltern on their inner strength to subdue odds and to illuminate the privileged about the oneness of humanity. This balanced vision has enabled the weaker sections of society to redeem themselves from the narrow confines of caste segregation.

An Iconic Figure in the World

Dr. Sainudeen Pattazhy, famous Indian Environmentalist, Associate professor, and Head of the Department of Zoology has played an important role in bringing Sree Narayana College and Department of Zoology at the global level. He embodies several personalities- environmental scientist, science manager, educator, author, and communicator– all rolled into one. There are few Indian scientists who have done so much in so many different fields, and have done it with such fervor. Due to the efforts, NASA named a minor planet after his name called 5178 Pattazhy planet in 2008. He is the first Keralite, who got planet name and became a part of the world history. Later, he became popular as one who could explain science in layman’s language. His appearance in the television and newspaper made him almost a public icon. He developed his own unique style of explaining environmental issues and science.

Upliftment of Biological Research

Scientific researcher is a noble role that can offer oneself the satisfaction or even self-actualization to discover, develop and share knowledge with others that can bring benefits to human mankind.

Sree Narayana College hosts a series of facilities which include the scientific environment, the scientific nets, the equipment’s (labs), the assistants, the computers and software, libraries, inside culture and knowledge, and many more. It is very expensive to build and alongside keeping it for generations as well as maintaining a permanent improvement, beside the serious teaching contribution which makes it possible to a university to stay alive within reasonable costs. To promote scientific research in the academic environment, the education fraternity should provide fund for the researchers. In addition to that, databases should be available to researchers.

Technological Advancements in Biology

The mission of the Department of Zoology is to elucidate the mechanisms of many biological functions in terms of basic science and produce people who contribute to the betterment of the human future. By using an integrated approach that encompasses biochemistry, genetics, physiology, molecular biology, cell biology and organic chemistry, the faculty at the institute studies bacterial and eukaryotic organisms, and mammalian cell systems.

The department pursuits in educational programmes and research are vast due to which they help in providing a new insight into biotechnology related to gene engineering and cell engineering. It also promotes originality that is closely related to the solution of the problems bearing on human being.

Activities for the Alumni

The S.N. College Alumni Association is actively initiating several programmes of student support and progress such as

(a) Sponsoring scholarships and cash awards

(b) Improving infrastructure facilities

(c) Organizing seminars

(d) Encouraging extra-curricular activities of the students and

(e) Career guidance and personal counseling.

SNCAA has several overseas chapters in countries like the U.S., Malaysia, and the U.A.E. It has an office on the college campus and a Newsletter “Souhridam” is being published by it.

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