Vellore Institute of Technology: Setting Global Benchmarks with a Holistic Approach
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Educating students from all over India, including those from the local and rural areas, and from other countries, so they become enlightened individuals, improving the living standards of their families, industry and society.

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) campus is spread across a vast area of over 250 acres providing excellent infrastructure and ambience. The learners at VIT can find that the institute houses 14 schools which offers a variety of courses such as B.Tech., M.Tech.,M.Sc., and Ph.D., programmes in various disciplines of  science, technology, engineering and humanities.

The School of Bio Sciences and Technology (SBST) is equipped with high-end instruments including Scanning electron microscope, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra, Transmission electron microscope, High performance liquid chromatography, Gas chromatography, Nano and Micron Particle sizer, Flow cytometry and many more. Also, the research centres are exclusively dedicated to advanced research in Biosciences, where students from around the globe come to seek knowledge.

VIT was the first educational institution in India to receive international accreditation for its programmes and the ‘A’ Grade accreditation obtained from NAAC. It is a thriving, multi-cultural institution with students from all over India and from 50 countries. For faculty, the academic agreements with 160 universities worldwide have helped VIT in becoming a truly international institution. It is an umbrella organization of over 500 private institutions.

A Persistent Leader

A diligent personality, Dr. Govindasamy Viswanathan is the Founder and Chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). He has a rich experience of three long decades in the field of Educational Administration. Since the beginning, he was instrumental in academics, allowing him to achieve a master’s degree in Economics followed by law. Further, he went ahead to complete the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2003.

His principled work, ethical approach, and determined-self have gained him much recognition in offering world class education. He was conferred honorary doctorate by the West Virginia University, USA (2009), for his exemplary contributions to the fields of politics, education, and societal development.  He has been the recipient of various national and international awards.

He established Vellore Engineering College in 1984, which was the first engineering college in the district of Vellore. Owing to its excellence in education, this engineering college emerged as a University in 2001. It’s meticulous offering and utmost expertise has helped it to evolve as one of the finest institutions catering to the needs of about 39,000 students in the four campuses of Vellore, Chennai, Bhopal (MP), and Amaravati (AP).

The Universal Higher Education Trust established by Dr. Viswanathan has helped the underprivileged students of Vellore District to pursue their studies in the desired higher education institutions. He is the President of Education Promotion Society for India that aims to support aspirants of education in almost every field.

Active Participation in Biology Research

VIT follows fully flexible credit system for students encouraging them to choose subjects as per their choice and interest. The students are encouraged and given opportunities to publish their scientific findings in journals of international repute. The “J component” which forms an important part of all the undergraduate and post-graduate programmes would afford additional impetus for the students to pursue research and publish. Besides these, the School of Biosciences and Technology has a Students’ Association of Bio-Engineering, Science and Technology wing for students, which organises events such as debates, quizzes, group discussions, invited talks, and competitive events. It offers added exposure to students to the latest happenings in the field of biosciences. Significantly, Bio-summit is such an event hosted by the SBST to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Uplifting with Technology

Technology serves as the nodal point for information and assistance to all the students in VIT. Incorporation of smart boards with complete digital features is one of the most advanced technologies one will find in all classrooms. The attendance of students, examinations procedures, and assignments are all digitalized. The provision for video-conferencing offers an impeccable facility for the students to listen to the scientists of eminence both from within India and abroad. An added permanent facility for students includes recording the lectures of the faculty members. The university’s library offers access to most of the journals from various publishers and e-journals via online system.

Exciting Career Opportunities and Exposures

VIT offers on campus placement for undergraduate and post-graduate students. The placement and training centre (PAT) plays an integral role in creating an illustrious placement record for the institute. Allowing smooth functioning of the placement activities in the campus, the centre, further facilitates training activities of the students with the best of both national and international companies. They also promote career counselling by organizing guidance lectures by top echelon corporate personnel and most importantly, by the immediately placed senior students. The placements offered to the students are from leading and reputed companies and assures that each student has more than one placement.

Remarkable Alumnae

VIT offers great openings to entrepreneurs to establish new ideas for the welfare of the society.  The institute’s several alumni have become successful entrepreneurs and are flourishing in their respective domain. Several Biotechnology graduates have joined multinational companies around the globe and many continue to pursue higher education in leading national and international institutes. The Ph.D., scholars from SBST are doing post-doctoral in leading universities.

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