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The institute aims to transform bright youngsters into technological entrepreneurs and innovative leaders of tomorrow, consistent with the Franciscan vision of integrity, peace, and love.

Established in 1999, St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT) is a part of the charitable trust, ‘The Society of Franciscan Brothers’. The trust/society was founded in 1901 with Mumbai as its international headquarters. The society started with school and orphanage at Borivali location in 1908 to serve the needs of the underprivileged and focuses on the mission of using education as a tool in transforming their lives. The society has expanded its footprints across India by setting up Schools, Junior Colleges, Industrial Training Institutes (ITIS), Hotel Management School, Management School, and many more.

Focus on Students’ Development

The institute is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which ensures that quality benchmarks are being followed meticulously. SFIT’s undergraduate programs have also been accredited thrice by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in the last nine years. SFIT lays emphasis on student-centric teaching-learning processes, while maintaining excellence and consistency of results. It has been ranked in the top five colleges in the University of Mumbai examinations throughout the last two decades. The college’s high placement records speak for its tremendous popularity in the Mumbai region. The dedicated and experienced faculty members impart high quality education through lectures, tutorials, practical, and project-based learning. It further accommodates for spacious air-conditioned labs and classroom facilities with integrated audio-visual teaching aid for lectures and presentations. These provide a conducive environment for students to understand the complex engineering concepts.

Frequent parent-teacher interaction ensures involvement of parents and feedback from these interaction help in continuous improvement, which is the core philosophy of the institute. The student-oriented teaching-learning process, research culture, industry interaction, excellent results, placement, and internship records make SFIT one of the best engineering colleges in Mumbai.

Proficient Alumni

The bright alumni of the institute have completed their post-graduations from some of the leading universities like Columbia University, North Carolina State University, University of California, and so on. They are currently working in India and abroad with reputed companies and research institutes. SFIT’s active alumni association guides the students in career planning and conducts guest lectures on latest technology. The alumni also play an important role in placement activities, industry–institute collaborations, and so on. Some of the noteworthy alumni of the institute include, Atharva Tere, Adobe, USA; Manmeet Bhavsar, Amazon, USA; Vikram Bhatt, Sony PlayStation, USA; Priyank Cerejo, FedEx, USA; Prashant Patali, Microsoft, USA, and so on.

Beyond Regular Teachings

The college provides the students with opportunities to thrive beyond the regular curriculum. It focuses on project-based learning process right from the first year of the engineering course through PRAYAS, an innovative project competition exclusively for the first year engineering students. Similarly, it also conducts PRAGATI, a national level project competition, which acts as a platform for promoting entrepreneurship. The Research and Development Cell of SFIT creates an inquisitive environment, which helps students seek knowledge through “Industry Related Projects” and “Pure Academic Research”. Moreover, R & D lecture series are organized in the institute by faculty members and students. Sanshodhan, an in-house research publication, provides a platform for both teachers and students to showcase their research work.

Noteworthy Collaborations

The college has joined hands with various institutions to ensure overall academic and career development of the students. It has formed international collaborations with universities like Harrisburg University for internships. This provides students the much-needed exposure. Every year, students are provided with the opportunity to pursue one-month internship programs in various foreign universities of high repute.

Achieving Landmarks

Throughout its journey of rendering excellent academic and career development opportunities, SFIT has achieved many momentous milestones. Some of the remarkable accomplishments of the institute include:

  • The institute is permanently affiliated to University of Mumbai
  • It has consistently produced top rankers among the University of Mumbai
  • It has organized IEEE sponsored international conferences
  • It has maintained a consistent high placement percentage record since 2003
  • SFIT has conducted industry projects with MNCs like Mot McDonald
  • It has undertaken MODROB projects approved by AICTE  

Career Development Landscape

SFIT aims to build a pathway towards excellent career opportunities for students. It is renowned for the highest placement record of more than 350 job offers in 2018-19. Many MNCs and national companies such as DBS, Siemens, Tata Consultancy Services,L&T Infotech,Wipro,Cognizant,Capgemini,Reliance Industries,Tata Communications. Accenture, Deolite, HSBC, and so on have close association with SFIT and hire the best candidates from this institute regularly. The highest salary package offered in the institution for the 2019 batch students is 15 lakhs per annum (LPA).

English language training in the college facilitates young minds to take up challenging global positions in research and industrial sectors. The language lab facility and the guidance of highly qualified facilitators enhance the soft skills and interpersonal skills of the students in SFIT. Moreover, the college has a tie-up with IDP Education, an international educational organization offering students guidance for higher educations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada. IDP is also responsible for conducting the IELTS examination which is a pre-requisite of M.S admissions.

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