Suraasa: Providing Complete Teacher Lifecycle Management
Ankit Khanna Founder Suraasa
Ankit Khanna Founder Suraasa

The company aims to become a world leader in teacher education and trusted partner in skill development of teachers and to provide schools an opportunity to connect with and hire highly skilled educators

India has the second-highest number of school teachers in the world, second only to China. However, imparting quality pre-service and in-service education to teachers in India still faces many challenges.

The pre-service teacher education, which includes the Bachelors in Education and Masters in Education, lags behind because of the curriculum that is outdated by at least 20 years. Further, this outdated curriculum is expected to enable teachers to teach students who will be employable 10-20 years from now. If calculated right, this huge disparity translates into an education lag of about 20-40 years.

This is where Suraasa comes into the picture; to change things for in-service and pre-service teachers. The company provides robust training courses in line with international standards of teacher education. Equipped with such high-standard education, the teachers are enabled to teach, equipped with the latest educational standards both inside and outside India.

The Go-Getter Founders

The erudite and dynamic founders, Rishabh Khanna and Ankit Khanna created Suraasa with a sharp focus on research in the teacher education domain. Rishabh is a cognitive scientist and has completed numerous research projects specifically working towards teacher satisfaction index, need of a modern teacher, and gaps in teacher education & finding solutions to problems in school education in the 21st Century. As a teacher trainer, Rishabh has conducted more than 500 teacher and educational leadership development training programs in India and in the UAE.

Ankit Khanna is a data scientist and a technology enthusiast. His work is focused on creating technology for enabling better learning for teachers, crafting quantitative learning models, and creating platforms for teachers to connect with peers and employers globally to support the K-12 education ecosystem.

Meet the Flagship Platform- Suraasa

The idea of Suraasa, which basically means Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge in the Hindu Scriptures), was conceived during the parent company’s (Les Transformations Learning Pvt. Ltd.) collaboration with CBSE in 2014-16. It was the time when the founders realized that technology is essential to deliver value at the national and international levels.

Suraasa offers teacher-friendly technology that aims to help teachers with 21st Century Teaching Skills for 21st Century Learners. With availability through web-based and mobile app, it acts as a personal guide to teachers and helps them set their goals, and identify skill gaps. It also recommends teacher training courses. Every teacher onboard gets a personalized experience according to his or her learning needs. Teachers can either learn by themselves online or through curated courses and also virtual classrooms. They can choose to learn in a physical classroom setup as well. They get to take regular evaluations and assessments, along with maintaining their teaching portfolios.

Suraasa is accredited by the UK Awarding Organization ‘Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE)’ to provide teacher education at UK Level 5 (for Assistant Teachers), UK Level 6 (for Teachers), and UK Level 7 qualification (for School Leaders) is in the pipeline. Suraasa is set up as Pedagogical Transformations in Dubai and is approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai to provide teaching qualifications and Mandatory Professional Development Programs for teachers in Dubai, UAE.

As far as applications are concerned, Suraasa provides insights while monitoring teaching, enabling better results for students, and improving the parent-school partnership. This is achieved by empowering the most important stakeholder in the K-12 education segment, i.e. The Teacher.

Suraasa’s core ideology is to deliver quality education and services to all its clients i.e. teachers and school educators responsible for K-12 education. Teachers associated with Suraasa have secured International qualifications and certifications that have helped them secure prestigious jobs in India and Dubai. Not to mention, teachers get jobs before completing the qualification.

According to the makers, every hard-working teacher aspires to grow and needs direction for their goals. So, Suraasa also acts as a platform for collaborating and exchanging best teaching practices. Further, for employment, the platform offers a job portal for teachers across the globe, connecting them with the best schools.

Why Suraasa?


Upon successful course completion, a credit score is added to the certificate. This lets teachers prove their accomplishments to colleagues and to the world.

Becoming a Master with Training Modules

The excellent modules bridge the gap between where the teachers currently are and where they want to be. Each module is a series of images, texts, and videos that catch interest and teach techniques to bring about a significant positive change in the teaching process and the education system.

Continuous Learning

Keeping the teacher’s dedicated role of continuous learning in mind, the modules contain activities, success stories and case studies to keep them motivated and at the forefront of everyday learning.

Strong Profile

Teachers can build and maintain their professional profile on Suraasa. As soon as teachers complete a module, it gets registered on their profile. Further, their colleagues and schools can go through their profile and know about what they are working on to be at the forefront of the change.

Splashing the Colors of Success

To date, Suraasa has up-skilled more than 200,000 learners across the globe in the K-12 education segment. While imparting quality training to teachers, the firm has surely reached many milestones. In 2014, Suraasa (as Les Transformations) collaborated with CBSE for capacity building throughout India. The Indian Education Congress deemed the company as the ‘Best Teacher Education Company’ for three consecutive years, from 2015-2017.

In the year 2018, Suraasa (as Pedagogical Transformations) partnered with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai to provide Mandatory Professional Development to teachers across Dubai. Another milestone for the firm was the accreditation by ATHE, UK (Awards in Training and Higher Education) for skilling and certifying teachers with UK Level 5, 6 and 7 Qualifications.

Being in Line with Technology

Suraasa aims at incorporating technology into the teaching methodology to make Teacher Education highly effective. Through this platform, teachers get unlimited access to quality education anytime, anywhere.

“So, our focus is not tech but primarily technology-enabled education. A lot of our efforts go into creating the highest level of quality content and creating channels for teachers to be able to find us; and for us to be able to reach out to people who are the correct target audience for our services,” concluded Mr. Khanna.

Words of Trust

“In the journey of education stream, there are occasions when one comes across certain fascinating and remarkable moments. It was one such moment that touched our lives. The style of presentation, the anecdotes used, the information imparted to teachers will stay with us and help us forever”

“The training conducted by Suraasa was excellent & helped our teachers to gain a different perspective about a Student-Teacher Relationship. We look forward to many other trainings like this in the future.”

“Lovely representation of concepts and easy to understand lectures for teachers. Highly recommended.”

“It’s a wonderful app…I suggest all the teachers must have this app…and make your teaching effective.

“I was really amazed by the quality of content. Enjoying my classroom teaching even better now. Thanks.”

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